Poetry By Willow Dancer

"I Alone"

Crystal sand runs through the shadows of my life
wrapping me in a cloak of watercolored dreams.
The grasses beneath me glimmer as emeralds in the sun
and warm brown earth holds my roots and warms my soul.

Only I and no other knows what light has burned within
and the wonder of the depth and peace I've known.
The rhythm of the gentle rain is but a sweet lullaby
and the seasons spent but yet they shall return.

I have no answers other than those that cling to me
and assure my mind that I have chosen well.
I walk not the road worn deep by weary travelers
compassion, love and kindness lights my path.

For in my heart I can sing the song of sparrows
and grasp brushes to paint colors on the wind.
Fields of clover and wild flowers are the nectar
that fuels my will and nudges my spirit to soar.

Willow Dancer
10 - 31 - 02

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