Poetry By Willow Dancer

"According To Some"

According to some, there are angels about,
with fluttering wings of feathers, no doubt.
Not as once believed, for the religious devout
but for you and me too, we won't go without.

According to some, angels come to protect,
and others with scrolls, our deeds to collect.
Some stand right near us to help us reflect,
show how to love, to laugh and respect.

According to some, we each have our own,
that enter at birth and stay till we're grown.
Their always around us, we're never alone,
they fly us in dreams to places yet known.

According to some, our angel acts as a guide,
when finally our soul flies free to the other side.
Having seen it all, when we laughed, when we cried,
most important of all, they know sure that we tried.

Willow Dancer

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