Medical terminology applied to medicinal usage of herbs can be confusing.Some of the terms have been explained here.

Alterative : Any herb that alters a state of health, either one way or another.

Anodyne : Pain killing herb.

Anti-Nauseant : Prevents the feeling of nausea.

Antiseptic : Any herb which prevents the formation of pus, and tissue degeneration.

Bitter : An herb with a bitter flavor (not necessarily unpleasant)

Cardiac : Herbs with heart affecting properties.

Depurative : Purifies the blood.

Emolient : Herbs with skin soothing properties.

Febrifuge : Lowers high temperatures.

Hepatic : Aids the liver and gall-bladder functions.

Irritant : Produces pain or irritations/itchiness on contact.

Laxative : Induces bowel movements.

Nervine : Calms nervous disorders.

Pectoral : Aids in a remedy for chest infections.

Simple : Remedy made from only one herbal ingredient.

Tonic : Any herbal remedy that has restorative powers.


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