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HooDoo Salt Petre....Salt Peter - 1 Bottle
Comes with 3 recipes for use!
Traditionally used to maintain a romantic partner ,
the Saltpeter stimulates loyalty and strengthens the connections
between people also used in making self-lighting incense powders,
and has an equally long history of use in rites
of Purification and Protection.

Each $3.25
Rusted Coffin Nails - Pkg. of 3
Approx. 1.5"
Coffin nails are widely known for their ability to add to
the potency of your magic, particularly curses.
They can aid within your most powerful crafts.

Each $3.50
Coffin Nails - 3 Pieces
1.5 Inch... $3.25
Altar Sweep - Besom NOT Included
2 Ounce Bag Of Ritually Prepared "Magickal Altar Sweep"
(Sea Salt, Sacred White Sage, And Traditional Purifying & Cleansing
Herbs & Oils) Mixed with a liberal amount
of sparkle, shimmer and whimsy!
Willow Creek 4 Thieves Vinegar
Four Thieves Vinegar provides personal protection
from disease and magical attack, Also used to strengthen
you and weaken your enemies while you work to drive away
unwanted people or to make a family quarrel and fall out
among themselves. Sprinkle or dash it against an enemy's
doorsteps to make them go away or leave you alone!
2 oz. Plastic Bottle - $4.99

Red Dust aka Reddening
1 ounce
Stop a Trick cast at you.
Protect entrance ways
Road Opener Powder
1/2 ounce $3.55
Banishing Powder
1/2 ounce $3.55
F#!K Off Powder
1 ounce $3.35
Authentic Missouri Graveyard Dirt
1 ounce $3.35
Black Salt - 1 ounce $2.25
Black Arts Powder - 1 ounce $3.49
Crushed Egg Shell - 1 ounce $3.49
Spanish Moss - $2.25
Fixed Lucky Green Rice - 1 ounce $2.95
Love Attraction Fixed Rice - 2 ounce $4.95
Prosperity Fixed Rice - 2 ounce $4.95
Protection Fixed Rice - 2 ounce $4.95

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