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Magickal Oils

Each of our oils are in house brewed by our own proficient practitioners!
Tried and true recipes that we have used for years.
Our oils are brewed using traditional herbs, plants, extracts, stones,
resin, and natural spring water along with a secret ingredient or two to bring
about the magick you desire.

3 Kings Holy Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Used for anointing, blessing, cleansing, purifying, protection,
and raising the energy of self or home. Helps to bring in light
and peace. Use to ask for any favors or requests....$4.25
Road Opener Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Spirit Banishing Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Black Cat VooDoo Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
One of the luckiest of all blends.It is favored by gamblers.
Also used to gain love and to help keep away
negative entities and circumstance.....$4.25
High John The Conqueror Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
A magical oil which can be used to gain strength and confidence.
This versatile oil is excellent in helping with legal matters.
Powerful problem solver in money matters, court cases,
and other difficult situation...$4.25
Money In The Bank Money Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Fast Cash Money Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Double Strength Abundance Money Oil
2 Dram Glass Bottle
Shut Up (Tapa Boca) Oil
2 Dram
Stop gossip, slander, trouble makers and backstabbers in their tracks.
This is not a perfume oil. Contains Chili & Pepper


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