The herbs used for these methods of preparation are generally dried
and can be either store bought, or some you have grown/collected yourself and dried.

Remember that herbal therapies, or any form of alternative therapies,
are not meant to take the place of your doctors advise or regular care.


Tea :

A teaspoon or slightly more of herb matter per eight ounces of boiled water.
The water is poured over the herb in a cup or tea pot, and steeped for several
minutes. After about fifteen minutes or so, many herbs will become bitter, so I
suggest five to ten minutes. Can be used as a wash, or consumed as a hot or cold
drink. Sweeten with honey if necessary.

Infusions :

Approximately two pints of water poured over an ounce of herb matter, and
steeped for up to eight hours. These can be used in bath water, as skin washes,
or when blended evenly with more hot water, consumed as tea.

Decoctions :

Seeds, roots, rhizomes and denser barks are used in decoctions. There are
prepared by directly boiling up to one ounce of the plant material in the
water, and then simmering for a period of time. Used much the same as infusions.

Tinctures :

One part herb matter to four parts either 60 proof alcohol or apple cider
vinegar. Let sit for four to six weeks, shake occaisionally. Strain, and store
in dark glass bottles. Use by droppers in water. Tinctures will keep almost
indefinitely if stored properly.

Capsules :

If an herb has too strong a taste to be consumed as a liquid, or eaten, you can
powder the dried herb, and make capsules. Size 00 gel capsules are
perfect for this purpose. Make sure to wipe each after filling. Store in a dark container.

Salves :

Add the herb material to a beeswax or lard base.

Compress :

Wet cloth soaked in a tisane and applied to the skin.

Poultice :

Herb material (previously steeped or at least moistened)
wrapped in a cloth and applied to the skin.


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