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Non-Sudsy Magickal Wash is specifically designed
as a bath & floor wash. It can be added to warm water
for a magickal/spiritual cleansing of your home or
business. It can be added to
a personal bath to utilize
it's magickal properties,and can also be used to cleanse
your Altar, sacred space and tools of the craft. Skin Safe!

Raining Money Wash
Bring Money To Your Home Or Business
2 oz. - $4.99

Shield Of Protection Wash
Shield yourself from dark forces
2 oz. - $4.99

Spell Breaker Wash
Clean Away Negativity & Bad Wishes
2 oz. - $4.99

All About Love Wash
Brings affection, loyalty and fidelity from loved ones
Attracts Love Too!
2 oz. - $4.99

Peaceful Home Floor Wash
For bringing harmony and peace to your home.!
2 oz. - $4.99

Good Fortune Floor Wash
Good Fortune Wash is especially good for business.!
2 oz. - $4.99

Come To Me Floor Wash
Attract A Lover, Partner Or Relationship
2 oz. - $4.99

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