Willow Creek Herb Company


Current Wholesale Herb Price List: September/October 2006

Agrimony c/s 1oz.-$1.00 =

Ague Weed.c/s. 2/3oz.-$1.15=

All Spice ground 1oz.-$0.95=

Althea Flowers 1/2oz. -$0.80=

Althea Root 1oz. -$1.10=

Angel Wings 1oz. -$1.00=

Angelica Root c/s 1oz.-$1.40=

Angelica Root c/s 4 oz.- $5.40=

Anise Seed whole 2oz. -$1.70=

Anise Seed whole 1oz.-$0.90=

Anise Star whole.1oz.-$1.00 =

Archangel Root 1oz.-$1.40=

Archangel Root 4 oz.- $5.40=

Arrowroot Powder. 2 oz.-$0.80=

Astralagus Root Powder 1oz.-$1.15= OUT OF STOCK

Balm of Gilead Buds 1/2 oz-$1.50=

Basil c/s 1oz-$0.75=

Basil c/s 4oz-$2.15=

Bat's Head Root 1 whole-$1.99=

Bay Leaf.c/s 1/2 oz -$0.70=

Bergamont Orange Powder 1oz.-$1.35=

Black Cohosh 1oz.-$1.40=

Bladderwrack.c/s. 2oz-$1.95=

Bladderwrack.c/s. 1oz.-$1.00=

Boneset 2/3 oz-$1.15=

Burdock Root.1 oz..$1.00=

Calamus Root c/s 1oz-$1.00=

Calendula whole petals 1cup $0.95=

Catnip.c/s. 1oz..$1.00=

Cats Claw. c/s 1/2 oz.- $0.90 =

Caraway Seed whole 2 oz-$1.30=

Caraway Seed whole 1oz.-$0.70=

Cascara sagrada bark..c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Chamomile whole 2/3oz.-$.0.95=

Chamomile whole 4oz.-$3.35=

Cedar Green Tips c/s.1oz-$0.80=

Cedar Red Bark c/s 2/3oz-$0.70=

Celandine herb..c/s 1/2 oz.-$0.90=

Chaparral Leaf 1oz.-$0.95=

Cherry Wood(Wildcrafted) c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Chicory root c/s.2oz.-$1.55=

Chickory root c/s.1oz - $0.80=

Chickweed herb c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Cinnamon bark chips.1oz.-$0.80=

Cinnamon bark chips.4 oz.-$2.80=

Cinquefoil c/s 2/3 oz.-$1.35=

Citric Acid Granules..2 oz $0.80=

Clary Sage 1oz.-$3.20=

Cloth of Gold Sprigs 1/2 oz.-$0.80=

Cloves whole fancy grade 1/2oz.-$ 0.70=OUT OF STOCK

Club Moss whole 1/2 Cup- $0.95=

Coltsfoot Leaf.c/s.1/2 Oz..$0.85=

Comfrey leaves.c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Corn Silk..c/s 1oz.-$1.15=

Cypress aka Nutsedge c/s 1/2oz.-$1.35=

Dandelion Leaf..c/s 1oz.-$1.35=

Dandelion Root c/s 2oz.-$2.65=

Dandelion Root 1oz.-$1.10=

Devils Claw.Root slices 1oz.-$2.00=

Devil's Claw..1/2 oz -$1.10=

Devil's Shoestring 1/2 oz -$1.35=

Dill Seed whole 1oz.-$0.80=

Dill Seed whole 2 oz.-$1.50=

Dill Seed whole 4 oz.-$2.75=

Dittany of Crete 1/2 oz.-$ 1.55=

Dittany Root Bark c/s 1/2oz.-$ 0.70=

Dragon's Teeth & Bones Powder 1/2 oz.-$1.50=

Dulse c/s 1/2 oz.-$1.10=

Dulse 1 oz.-$2.00=

Elder Berries whole 1oz.-$1.10=

Elder Flowers whole 1/2oz.-$1.15=

Eucalyptus cut 1oz.-$ 0.90=

Fennel Seed whole.Certified Kosher1oz.-$0.85=

Fennel Seed 2 oz .-$1.55=

Fenugreek Seed.whole. 1oz.-$ 0.60=

Fenugreek Seed.whole.2 oz.-$1.15=

Fenugreek Seed.whole.4 oz.-$2.20=

Fern Leaf c/s. 1cup- $1.00=

Fumitory Herb c/s 1/2oz.-$1.10=

Galangal Root cut 1oz.-$1.15=

Guar gum powder 1oz.-$0.95=

Ginger Root c/s 1oz.-$0.80=

Ginseng Root powder 1oz.-$0.95=OUT OF STOCK

Gingko Leaf 1oz.-$1.00=

Gota Kola c/s 1 oz.-$.0.95=

Geranium Leaf cut (Wildcrafted - Non edible)1/2 cup - $0.80=

Golden Rod.Cut 1oz.-$1.10=

Ground Ivy Cut 1oz.-$1.00=

Gum Arabic Powder 1oz.-$1.60=

Heather Flowers 1/2 oz.-$1.10=

Hellibore Root 1/2 oz.-$2.00=
(This herb is highly poisonous. do not eat or burn
Carry or scatter this herb only
Keep away from children)

Hawthorn Berries c/s 2oz.-$1.75=OUT OF STOCK

Hawthorn Berries c/s 1oz.-$0.90=OUT OF STOCK

Henna Red Powder 1 oz.-$0.95=

Hemlock Bark 1oz.-$2.40=

Hemp Seeds 1/2 oz.-$1.15=
(These seeds are sterile and will not sprout
Used as a substitute for baneful herbs and sex magick)

Henna Red Powder 1oz.-$0.90=

Hibiscus Flowers whole 1oz.-$1.00=

Hi John whole 1/2 oz.-$2.95

Hops Flowers whole 1cup.-$1.15=

Horehound c/s.1oz.-$1.10=

Hollyhocks whole 1/2cup.-$0.70=

Horsetail aka Shavegrass c/s 1oz.-$1.15=

Hyssop cut 1oz.-$0.95=

Indigo Leaves whole 1/2 oz.-$0.80=

Indigo Leaves 1 oz.-$1.55=

Jasmine Flower 1/2 cup.-$1.15=

Jasmine Flower 1 Cup.-$2.25=

Juniper Berries.whole - blue 1oz.-$1.15=

Juniper Berries Powder 1oz.-$.1.30=

Kava Kava Powder 1/2 oz.-$1.35= OUT OF STOCK

Kelp Granules 1oz.-$0.75=

Kelp Powder 1oz.-$0.75= OUT OF STOCK

Knotweed 1/2 oz.-$1.00=

Lavender 1 oz.-$1.90=

Lavender Flowers 1 oz.-$1.35=

Lemongrass c/s 1oz.-$0.90=

Lemongrass Powder 1 oz.-$0.95=

Lemon Balm.c/s 1oz.-$1.15=

Lemon Peel c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Lemon Peel Powder 1oz.-$1.05= 2 In Stock

Licorice root c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Lily Bulb Powder 1/2 oz.-$1.35=

Lo John c/s 1oz.-$1.15=

Lobelia Leaf c/s 1 oz.-$1.50= 2 In Stock

Loveage Root c/s 1oz.-$1.35=

Madder Root 1/2 oz.-$1.00=

Marjoram Leaf c/s 1oz.-$ 0.70=

Mandrake (non edible) c/s 1oz.-$1.50=

Marshmallow Root c/s 1oz.-$1.35=

Master of the Woods Powder 1 oz.-$1.20=

Meadow Sweet c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Milk Thistle Seed whole 1oz.-$0.80=

Mistletoe(non edible) c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Morning Glory Seeds 1 oz.-$1.70=

Motherwort c/s 1oz.-$1.20=

Mugwort c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Mullein c/s 1 cup.-$0.95=

Musk Seeds 1oz.-$1.00=

. Mustard Seed whole-yellow 1oz.-$0.60

Mustard Seed whole-yellow 2 oz.-$1.15=

Nettle c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Nutmeg whole 2/3 oz.-$1.35=

Oak Moss (non edible) c/s 1cup.-$1.00=

Olive Leaf whole 1oz.-$1.70=

Orange Peel grated 2oz.-$1.95=

Orange Peel grated 1oz.-$1.00=

Orange Peel grated 4oz.-$3.75=

Orchids whole 1/2 cup.-$0.95=

Orchid whole 1 cup.-$1.75=

Orris Root c/s.1oz.-$1.30=

Orris Root c/s. 4oz.-$ 4.95=

Patchouli whole 1cup.-$1.35=

Pau d'Arco c/s 1oz.-$ 0.95=

Peach Leaf 1 oz.-$1.75=

Pellitory of the Wall c/s 1 oz.-$1.70=

Pennyroyal c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Peppermint c/s 1oz.-$0.90=

Peppermint c/s 4oz.-$3.50=

Periwinkle (non edible) c/s 1 cup.-$1.90=

Persimmon Leaf 1oz.-$1.95=

Pine Bark (White) c/s 1oz.-$1.10=

Pine Needle (White) cut 1/2 cut.-$0.95=OUT OF STOCK

Pipsissewa (Princess Pine) 1oz.-$2.30=

Plantain c/s 1oz.-$1.00=2 In Stock

Poke Root c/s 1 oz.-$1.60= 2 In Stock

Poppy Seed whole 1 oz.-$0.85=

Queen Elizabeth Root 1oz.-$1.30=

Queen of the Meadow c/s 1 oz.-$1.15=

Red Clover blossoms c/s 2/3 oz.-$1.00=

Pink Rose petals whole 1 cup.-$1.00=

Pink Rose powder 1oz.-$1.15=

Red Rose powder 1oz.-$1.15=

Red Rose petals whole 1oz.-$1.00

Rosehips whole 1oz.-$0.90=

Rosemary whole 1oz.-$0.75=

Rosemary powder 1 oz.-$1.15=

Rue Powder 1oz - $1.35 = OUT OF STOCK

Sage Green c/s 1 oz $1.10=

Sage Green powder 1 oz $0.95=

Sage Desert c/s 1/2 oz $1.00=

Sage Desert c/s 1 oz $2.00=

Sage White whole 1/2 oz $0.95=

Sarsaparilla Root 1 oz $1.20=

St. Johnswort c/s 1 oz $1.15=

Senna Leaf 1 oz $1.00=

Shavegrass 1 oz $1.15=

Skullcap 1 oz $1.90 = OUT OF STOCK

Solomons Seal 1/2 oz $1.15= 2 In Stock

Spearmint 1 oz $0.95=

Strawberry c/s 1 oz $1.20=

Sumac Berry whole 1 Cup $0.80=

Sunflower petals whole 1 Cup $1.75=

Sweet Woodruff powder 1 oz -$1.20=

Tansy c/s 1 oz $1.10= 2 In Stock

Tea Jasmine c/s 1 oz- $1.00=

Uva Ursi Mexican 1 oz-$1.30=

Valerian Root c/s 2oz.-$1.95=

Valerian Root c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Vetiver 1oz.-$1.10=

Vervain.Blue.c/s 1oz-$1.15= OUT OF STOCK

Witch Grass.c/s 1oz.-$1.00=

Witch Hazel Bark..1/2 oz-$0.95=

Witch Hazel Bark.1 oz..$1.75=

White Oak Bark.c/s 1oz-$0.95=

Willow Leaves (White)c/s 1 oz-$0.80 =

Wintergreen c/s 1oz-$0.80=

Wood Betony.1oz- $1.15=

Wormwood 1 oz - $1.10=

Yarrow Flowers c/s 1oz-$1.00=

Yarrow Herb with flowers..c/s.1 oz-$1.00=

Yarrow Flowers Powder..1 oz-$1.15=

Yerba Santa Leaf..1 oz..$1.90=

Yew Needles. whole 1/2 oz-$1.35=
(POISON..Do Not Eat Or Burn!)