There are many,many different sites on the internet that list various groups of pagans.

There are the Asatru,the Celts,
there are the Druids,the Fae,the Green Witch,
the Hearth or Kitchen Witch,and the Hedge Witch.
We Have the Native Americans,the Norse,the Santeria,
the Shaman,the VooDoo Witch Doctors,the Wiccans,
and the Traditional Witches.
Just to name a few!

There are also countless other groups as well as thousands
of us that follow the solitary path.
If by choice or by geographical or social reasons,
we study and practice alone or
in a small circle of very close friends or family.

As in any other religious quest for knowledge,
the more information you gather on the differences
or similarities of each group,the more educated your choice will be.

In Paganism as well as Christianity,
most traditions/denominations follow the same basic tenets,
however the particulars differ from group to group.

You would be wise to look into the meaning and practices
of some or most of the traditions and see
what sparks your intrest or comes closest to your own spirituality.

With the coming of the re-emergence of the craft {New-Age}
came the term "eclectic".
Some new practcioners assume this term allows them to
extract from each tradition that which will cover
his/her butt allowing them to do as they will.
Not so!

An example.....Just an example!!!
A person that calls themself an "Eclectic Wiccan"

.....Wiccans follow a rede which states
"An it harm none,Do what thou wilt"

Now this means harm to NONE!
Plant,the earth,an animal,or a human being,
and implies that working against anothers free will is in essence harm.
To do so invokes the "Law of Three"
which means that what ever you send forth
will return to you three fold.
Good or bad,it will come back to you.

And, there are those that include
in there practices,a belief systems that allow hexing and binding
in defense of self, family or other loved ones.
Thus covering their selves in the event of bad karma.

So, all in all,to be called eclectic,you may take from a tradition
what seems right and what corresponds to your basic path,
but all of your practices should blend into a similar pattern.

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