This is a topic that has a thousand different answers.
Each tradition has a set of commonly used tools and or props.

What it comes down to is this:
Wheather or not you incorporate tools into your rituals
and spells is totally up to you.
If you choose to do so,they can be as simple
or as elaborate as is comfortable to you.

You must remember that simply having the trappings,
does not make you a Witch,just like not
having them lessens your power in any way.

This is a list of the more common tools
that are used in the craft.

The Altar:
This is your magickal work space.It can
be a big flat topped boulder in the
mountians,the stump of a fallen tree,a
counter top in your kitchen,a dresser
top or coffee table,or any other flat
surface that is large enough to
accomodate what you are working with.
Of course the more you use it the more
highly charged with your power it becomes.

The Athame:
A knife used to direct power.
Traditionally a double edged blade with
a black handle.
Now,I know a great many Witches that
use there finger to direct their energies
a butcher knife or no knife at all.

The Broom/Besome:
A handmade besome is used to ritually sweep clean
the area you intend to do magick in
A cleansing tool...

The Burin:
Depending on what tradition you listen to,
this can be anything from a white handled knife to a sharpened nail.
It is simply a tool used to ritually engrave
or mark names or sigils (symbols) on your tools or candles.

Probably the most used tool of the craft!
In some Traditions it is used to correspond to the elements.
The color of the candle used in spell crafting is significant
in that it relates to the purpose of the work your doing.

The Cauldron:
Simply,this is a metel or cast iron vessel
used to burn either incense or paper
and herbs used in ritual.

Some Witches wear robes,some work sky clad (naked)
some have special clothing of some sort
used exclusively for their magickal workings
And then there are those that live a life style that incorporates
magick into their day to day lives
so special clothing is not needed.

Another biggie in the craft.
Not only is the smoke of the burning incense
used to carry your request or intent up to the Gods/Goddesses
The aroma will help to direct your focus
and put you into a magickal frame of mind.

This is a five pointed star used by most pagans.
Symbolizing Earth,Air,Fire,Water and the top point representing Spirit.
Most Witches wear this symbol on their ritual jewelery
as well as have at least one
on a tile in the center of their altar.

Staffs and Wands:
Used as an extension of the owner.
A staff is used as a pointer
or in some cases is used to create a sacred circle
marked onto the ground.
A wand is used to point or direct your energies

Like I said before,these tools are used as an extension of you and your own intent and power.
It makes very little difference in your abilities as a Witch.
Magick is just as effective if you use
but one candle to focus your intent,
or if you have a huge ritual with all of the trappings.
As you become more familiar with the workings of the craft,
the tools that you do aquire will hold much more meaning to you.

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