I Want To Be A Witch

I recieve several letters a week from people of all ages
that want to know more about Witchcraft and or Wicca.

Some have asked me...
"How do I become a Witch?"

The answer is quite detailed for an e-mail response,
so I'll answer it here.

Let me begin by saying that there are probably
tens of thousands of Witches in the U.S. alone.
Not to mention Australia and all other parts of the world.

Most of us come from a background of Christian
religious training Or no training at all.
Yes,there are a few that have come into the craft
through family tradition,but they are the exception.

The way that most of us came to the craft
was when we began to question our religious teachers
and recieved answers that had no basis or just didn't sound feasable.
We began searching for answers and that leads to reading,
in reading and talking to others with questions,
you broaden your knowledge and look
toward other avenues for your answers.

It is my/our belief,that if you are supposed
to be a witch,you will be drawn to it/us.

We do not scout school campuses trying
to recruit followers,nor do we preach or minister our beliefs
trying to say that ours is the "true" or "only" way.

As with anything else,there are things magick can and cannot do.

If you jump into it with unrealistic expectations,
or selfish and prideful motives,
you're in for a huge disappointment.
Magick can help you,but it will not solve all of your problems.
If you always have the same complaints,
and put out no physical energy to change,
you cannot expect to achieve it with magick.

Practical magick is concerned with the craft
of living in harmony with nature.

Each of us have been given mind and body
and are under a certian obligation to make use of both.
Mind and body work together,
and magick is the extension of this interaction into dimensions
beyond the limits normally concieved.

So,the answer is Yes..you can be a witch!

Some will say that only a witch can make a witch.
Others will tell you that you can do it on your own.
One of the joys of our religion is that you are free,
even encouraged sometimes to take what seems to
fit your belief system and leave the rest.

Unless of course you prescribe to a particular Tradition

What it takes to be a witch is only four things.

Sound simple?............NOT!!!

What you need is:
1. Study
2. Thought
3. Practice
4. Experimentation

Some say you need to join a teaching coven,
others say to be solitary is better.
Some say learn from books,others say find a teacher.

This is the first step in making decisions based on what seem right for you.
Remember,your choices of today are not carved in stone.
If you want a teacher and find you have
chosen the wrong one,you are free to change.

If you start out alone and decide
that a coven atmosphere sounds more comfortable,thats fine too.

What you must always remember is,
read the books and figure that each
new author is a new teacher.
You will run into alot of conflicting information.

One rule of thumb is to listen to
your own intuition,and use what works best for you.

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