October 2007The Most Magickal Time Of The Year!

Samhain marks the last of the harvest festivals; a time when the the herds of old were culled for the winter's meat. Great bonfires would light the sky during the celebrations, and people of all ages carried eerily-carved gourds to protect themselves against the "little people" who were said to roam this night.

Samhain is a cross-quarter sabbat; a night when the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest. It is a time to honor those who've died during the old year just leaving, as well as all ancestral spirits. Many of today's pagans continue the old tradition of "feeding the dead" by setting a place of honor for them at the Samhain feast table. In addition, many will load a large plate with a sample of all the feast foods, and leave it on the porch for the enjoyment (and boons) of all the spirits who might walk this night.

As it was with the Celts, Samhain is the Wiccan New Year. Divinations for the dawning year are done this night, as well as rituals and spells to be rid of bad habits and undesirable situations. This is our day to throw out the old which holds us back, and ring in the new with hope and joy.

Samhain is also known as Hallowmas, All Hallow's Eve, and Halloween. Dieties celebrated especially for this Sabbat are the Crone Goddesses and the Sacrificial Gods. Symbols of the sabbat include the cauldron, mask, bonfire, and the jack-o'-lantern. And the colors most associated with Samhain are black, orange & purple.

Light a candle in a shape, color or scent (or all three) that fits the season
As you light it, say:

I light this candle
in honor of All Hallows nights,
a time when the human world
can touch the world of magic.
So at this time,
may we also find wonder
in the mysteries of the universe,
even as we rediscover
the enchantments of childhood.
So may our lives be
filled with magic:
magic in our homes,
and magic in our hearts.

You may also want to write out some resolutions, and burn them in the candle flame. Put the candle in a jack-o-lantern when you are through.

I Think I'll Be A Witch - A Poem By Willow Dancer

I think I'll be a witch this year
much like every year gone by,
I'll call upon my trusty broom
and together we will fly.

Over the fields of pumpkins
with it's hay man proud and tall,
as a symbol of the season
he stands guardian over fall.

We'll soar high above the rooftops
dropping sugar coated treats,
to the children clad in make believe
spilling out into the street.

To a circle in the darkest woods
where our sacred oath is set,
I'll fly against the harvest moon
leaving just my silhouette.

Yes, I think I'll be a witch this year
just like I've always ever been,
no pointy hat or makeup
just the one that dwells within.

Copyright 2007 Willow Dancer

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