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Triquetra Altar/Tarot Cloth
This heavy black cloth makes for a fantastic decoration on your altar or wall,
and makes for a lovely wrap for your tarot deck as well. Hanging 24" by 24", it
presents at its center a silver triquetra with a golden border of Celtic Knots.
All set against a black border, this makes this 100% cotton
cloth a fantastic decorative piece.
$13.95 each
Triple Moon Pentagram Altar/Tarot Cloth
This charming cloth, is perfect for the medium sized table or altar
and great for wrapping your tarot deck A silver triple moon symbol of the Goddess
with a pentacle and golden Celtic border boldly jump off of the black background,
instantly catching ones eye. The edges of this cloth are tasseled, extending
beyond its overall width of 24".
$13.95 each
Greenman Altar/Tarot Cloth
This altar cloths depicts the greenman in his verdant foliate form.
A delightful muted green in color, the celtic knotwork and oak leaves designs
on its surface take on greater significance as you place your altar item in
harmony with its swirling markings. Total dimensions of this altar cloth
are 36" in both length and width.
$13.95 each
Ouija-Board Altar Cloth
Intended to help you bring your success with pendulum work, divination,
and dowsing to new levels, this 100% cotton altar cloth has been brilliantly
worked into an image very similar to a Ouija-Board. Hover your pendulum over
its surface or otherwise use it as a base for your divination and its
markings of "yes," "no," and other such answers can help bring you into a
realm of true communication with the energies and spirits all around you.
This Ouija-Board Altar cloth is approximately 24" by 30" in size.
$19.95 each
Purple Triquetra Altar/Tarot Cloth
This purple altar cloth features an elegant triquetra design at its center,
with the borders adorned with Celtic Knotwork. Made of 100% rayon, with
tassels decorating the edges, it hangs 36" by 36" and is perfect for your
altar, as a decoration for your wall, or in wrapping your tarot deck.
$10.95 each


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