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Consider the Advantages of 304 Surgical Stainless Cookware

The cooking surface of our cookware is much thicker and spreads the heat better than many other home demonstration sets. Our pots are more than 4 times as thick as a high quality store-bought pot such as some copper bottoms, so you never have "hot-spots" on this cookware.

(Beginning on right and moving clockwise in the photo above.)

  • The handle brackets are welded so that no rivets or screws are inside the pans. Sockets are welded so that they won't turn, loosen or collect dirt. Stainless steel lock washers keep handles tight. Stainless steel flame guards, between handle and pot, protect all handles from the direct heat. Exquisitely styled cover knobs are designed for easy no-slip grasp and have a finger guard on top of the cover. These pans (without lids) are oven-safe up to 350 degrees. Never use under a broiler.

  • Our 304, also known as T304, surgical stainless steel surface inside and out is easy to clean and is healthier than other materials.

  • Extra heavy 7 or 9-ply construction spreads the heat evenly so there is never a "hot spot" on your pan.

  • Cooking with only 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of water will produce enough steam to cook your foods and still retain valuable nutrients. Plus, even this small amount of water will prevent burning.

  • Fully rounded edge on the pans protects from denting if dropped.

  • Weighted, self-sealing lids fit perfectly to lock in nutrients and flavor.

  • The steam control valve whistles when it's time to turn the heat down.

  • Finger guard under knobs.

    Hang-up Feature
    Each handle is molded with a very large eyelet that will permit
    hanging the utensils. You'll find this feature is very convenient.
    Not only will it save you cupboard space, but this beautiful,
    gleaming set of pots will add a decorative touch to your kitchen.

    Self Storing Lids
    Simply invert the cover, nest it in the proper pan and hang or
    stack your cookware.
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