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Carbon Steel In Cookware - Perfect for Induction Cooktops

Please be aware that our KT17ULTRA - 7 ply set of waterless cookware is constructed of 304 surgical stainless steel and carbon steel. Understandably, it is more expensive to manufacture cookware which contains carbon steel than to manufacture cookware which does not contain the carbon steel. For this reason the KT17ULTRA is more expensive than our other sets.
The carbon steel was used in the construction of this set so that it could be used on an induction cooktop. The cookware used on this type of cooktop needs to be magnetic and have an absolutely flat bottom. The carbon steel causes the pots to be more magnetic. All of our sets have flat bottoms on the pots and pans.
With an induction cooktop stove, an electromagnet is placed underneath the cooking surface. When an alternating current runs through the electromagnet, a rapidly changing magnetic field is produced. An electric “eddy” current will be generated in large metal objects above this electromagnet, causing resistance heating. All of this is done in order for the heating to take place in the pot itself, not in a heating element underneath.
So, instead of conducting heat from the cooking surface to the cookware, induction heating utilizes the electromagnetism to actually create heat within the cooking pot itself.
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