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This is the section of my site where I rate selected SuperSoakers™ models (Note * When I refer to a round I mean when the SuperSoaker™ is pumped until it is hard to pump (usualy when a screching sound is heard))

CPS 2700

The CPS 2700 is known as The Weapon of Terror. The CPS 2700 has the second largest water capacity of all the curent SuperSoakers™.I expected the gun to have a humounges range and a small amount of water but I found just the oposite. The water projected from this weapon can soak your enemies with one round*.The 2.5x nozel seems to last forever and will give your enemies a good soaking if used right, The 2.5x nozel when pumped to a full round lasts about 7 seconds. The 5x nozel is perfect for a all out melee, when everyone is shooting everyone the 5x nozel is a good nozel to have, The 5x nozel lasts about 4 seconds. If your big and strong and like to pump or your on a suprise attack mission then the 10x nozel is a good nozel to have selected. The amopunt of water projected from this nozel is amazing. I have soaked people on numerouis ocasions with this nozel.I find it interesting that each nozel number doubles when it goes up. One of the complaints about this gun is the hard to turn nozeldial, I have a hard time turning the dial. The other complaint is the small hole in the filling tank but besides that the CPS 2700 is a good gun to have. Overall the CPS is a good gun for a bigger person, someone strong enough to run with a 15lbs SuperSoaker™, The CPS 2700 can do some major soaking.

CPS 1700

The CPS 1700 is a good solid gun. Perfect for little guys who cant handle the large CPS 2700 and big enough to soak your enemies. The CPS 1700 puts out alot of water for a small amount of time. The easy to turn nozel dial makes it easy to switch to the 10x nozel to the 5x nozel and back. The only complaints about the CPS 1700 are the small filling hole, the wide misty shots it gives and the odd pumping sequence that it goes in, its hard to explain but it pumps wierd. Overall this is a good machine for the medium size SuperSoaker fans.

XP 310

The XP 310 is a powerfull if not the most powerfull XP. The range on the gun almost equals te range on my CPS 2700. The 4 differnt nozels are lame as no visible diference is shown exept when switching from the smallest to largest.My little 6 year old bro owns the XP 310 and he has no problem using it. The only complaint is the pathetic XP system, I am so used to a CPS system it drives me nuts as I wait for the 310 to quit splurting. Overall the XP is a good backup gun or a good gun for the little SuperSoaker fans out there or good as a teamates gun. A good deal for $12

Learn more about these SuperSoakers™ in the specifications.