By Nicky Baldrian

The White Alice Project are an exciting new band from New Jersey USA who have just released a very good high quality cdr demo, a demo that also features none other than Danny Danzi. So I hooked up with band members Wayne Davies and M.G, to a get a little more info on this new fresh and exciting band.

Tell me about White Alice and when you put the band together?

Wayne Davies-The name, I got that out of The World Book Encyclopedia. I was reading through it killing some time when I came across this one paragraph. The government built a communications system around the Arctic Circle in the late 50's, part of the Distant Early Warning System, and it's name was the White Alice Project. I decided right then and there that that was going to be the name of my band.

Having my own project has been a long time coming. When I was finally able to get some type of group together, I did. That was the early summer of '98. MG and I have been working hard since then
on the Demo.

Have you been involved in any musical work prior to White Alice?

Wayne Davies:-Yes, after high school i was in a series of local bands, playing mostly metal, mostly covers. This was in Pennsylavania, not a real hot spot for a metal band doing covers and some originals. That band, I think it was called Kraze, went by the wayside right about when grunge came around. From there, I kind of hung it up, the band thing, and began writing on my own with a four track and a drum machine.

M.G:-I have been in many bands in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area including Servon, The Heist, Nobody's Prodigy, and Allied Swirl. I have recorded demos with all of them with the exception of Swirl. I have been involved in singing ever since grade school and have also studied at the
Trenton Conservatory of Music here in New Jersey.

Who are your influences guys?

Wayne Davies-I know Black Sabbath, from Never Say Die back to the first album were very big with me. Judas Priest, when I first heard Unleashed In The East, I was hooked. I listened to a lot of KISS, Blackfoot, Rush, Rainbow and damn near anything else I could get my hands on. In all honesty, I was into so many different kinds of bands and styles, I could go on for a while. So just about everyone had an influence on what I do today and how I do it.

M.G: -My influences are quite diverse. I am heavily influenced by classic rock from the 60s and 70s as well as R&B from the 40s and 50s. I am an avid Beatles fan with a particular interest in John Lennon's solo work. I also enjoy listening to classical and opera. I particularly enjoy listening
to, and am provided with inspiration by the works of the world renowned tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.

Can you describe to our readers the style of music White Alice plays?

Wayne:-White Alice is Hard Rock and Metal with other styles mixed in. Kind of along the lines of mid 70's Sabbath, although not really as dark.


What are the bands next moves?

Wayne:- New material is being written as we speak. We've been fortunate to have had so much interest in the group, and with the material, we will hopefully generate enough interest to land a deal. Things have been great so far, but there is always room for improvement. I guess in a nutshell, our next move is unequivocally forward.


What is your musical dream?

Wayne:-To write the best album possible that folks will enjoy. With that comes all the perks that being a successful writer and musician can expect to receive. If the music isn't good, the dream can't exist.

And finally how did you hook up with Danny Danzi?

Wayne:-The studio I work at, needed paper towels. The owner of the studio used to do a lot of business with Danny's parent's company. So, the owners wife order's paper towels and garbage bags. This dude comes in asks for me, and we get to talking. I find out he just got picked up by Z Records, so we start exchanging stories. I tell him about my stuff, he tell's me about his. We talk about mastering, a service he needed because he didn't like what the folk's at the record company did. So we agreed to do it at TMP. All said, we hit it off really well and....

To think all this started over paper towels and garbage bags. But if it wasn't for those things, I never would have met Danny. He has been a "big brother" to me through all this. I am really, really lucky