The German band SYMPHORCE recently released it's new album 'Twice second', a strong Power Metal album that combines the US and European Metalstyles. I had an interview with the band...

First of all, congratulations for the release of your 4th CD!
Thx a lot, hope you like it

Please tell us all about your new CD...
„Twice Second“ was recorded in september this year in the house of music studios again with the helping hand of Achim Köhler (primal fear, brainstorm) There will be a european limited digi pack edition which contains a great bonustrack called „under the curse“ which was by the way the first track i have written for „Twice Second“ right after the production of „phorcefulahead“. There will also be the making of „Twice Seond“ as MPEG File on it.

What makes this album so special and different from the earlier releases?
Well, we really grew up as band, We werenīt able to play Songs like „whatever hate provides“ 2 years ago. I think „Twice Second“ shows a huge developement of each musician. Andy didnīt sang huge multiple harmony vocals in the choruses like in the past which in my opinine just sounds more directly, authentic and live.

I could clearly hear that the new CD sound bigger, rawer than the more polished earlier albums, don't you think people will say that BRAINSTORM and SYMPHORCE are more or less the same kinda band, both playing the same kind of Power Metal with the same singer?
Well we loved our old stuff, and we are still proud of it, but after the release of phorcefulahead we got the feeling that ther could be some harder/heavier stuff on it. You know when symphorce performs on stage we all got this Power in our ass which needs us to play harder stuff haha.. No we just love bands like nevermore and soilwork a lot because they are so damn heavy.. and we just wanted to get more heavieness into Symphorce than in the past. But i donīt think that you canīt hear that it is still Symphorce Regarding to the second part of your Question: Brainstorm is a good powermetal band too, but if you canīt Hear the Difference in both bands music you maybe should more listen to the music than to the singer, than you will find the Difference between both bands ;-) No, just kidding... Brainstorm just got the same roots as Symphorce an of decided to play Powermetal too but i
strongly think both bands got an own Identity. We just got the same singer – thatīs it.

Are there any stories behind the songs on your new CD?
I tell you two stories – one is true and one is a fairy tale. You can decide by yourself which one is true..
Story One: I had tears in my eyes as i heard the final mix of „tears“ in the studio. Story Two: The Chorus of Fallen was recorded during e a parachute jump to get more vibe in the song.

Which bands influenced you?
Every band you hear may influence you, even if you donīt know it directly. I personally love a lot of different styles and bands. I appreciate the work of Nevermore, Soilwork, Dream Theater, Kingsīx, Galactic Cowboys, Rush and a couple of other bands a lot !

How does the future look like for SYMPHORCE? Touring plans? More CDs?
Yes we will go on Tour with Grave Diger and Wyzard in January which will be Te first „real“ Symphorce Tour ever, so you could imagine that we just canīt wait to Enter the stage and kick some ass. I already have got some ideas for the next album too. But at first Andy really needs a Break. He recorded 10 albums in 10 years and never gave himself a break. So i donīt think that we will enter the studio next year. Maybe in 2005. But I am always full of ideas and Will record a lot of trax during that time. So when andy is going to be active again he could be Sure that we got enough songs for 2 albums in the back.

Thanks for answering the questions, anything to add for yourself?
Well you phorceheads out there – watch out for SYMPHORCEīs Twice Second – in Stores 12.01.04!
visit us at and share your opinion about the new album with us! We love u all and hope to see you sometimes somewhere !