The Italian band SHINING FURY is about to release it's debut CD, and although the musicstyle is typical Italo Power Metal in the style of LABYRINTH and RHAPSODY, their first record is definitely a high quality album which will be loved by fans of faster melodic symphonic Power Metal with catchy singable choruses... I had an interview with leader Allessandro...

First of all, please tell us all about your band SHINING FURY?
Well, Shining Fury born two years ago, after Ross played with Athena for "Twilight of Days" album; he wanted to create a band for fast and melodic metal and he found me (Alessandro, bass) and Tommy (guitar) as we played together in an Iron Maiden cover band called Strange Illusion and in Nightmarish (kind of prog band); with us, singer Francesco Neretti who played in Athena, too and in a Deep Purple cover band (Profondo Porpora) . After some times we recorded a 4-track promo and send it to some labels... Metal Blade offer was the best one and we began to built up material for our full-lenght. On writing we realized we need another guitar in the band for solos and harmonies and to make the sound heavier! So we get in the band Toniello and after the songs were redy we enter the studio, where a great friend of us played keyboards on the songs: Oleg Smirnoff (Eldritch, Death ss, Vision Divine). We recorded the album at FP Recording studios by Federico Pedichini (Freddy Delirio: Death ss, H.A.R.E.M.) and we spent 4 months to do it! But we're very happy of the result.

Please tell us all about your first CD...
I don't know in what kind of specific genre you can put the album, I can only say it's a metal one! There's great variety between the songs, for example between "Net Love" and "Snake's Game", or between "Speed of Life" and "Declaration of a Cheat". Maybe it's a consequence of our many influences (Blues, rock, funky). Anyway I think they will be real bone-crashers in a live act! Lyrics are about everyday life, no fantasy adventures or things like this, "Last Sunrise" is about a jet-fighter pilot who drop bombs on innocents, "Snake's Game" talks about the exploiting of children, and so on. We try to talk about real things, events that surround us every day but we don't (won't) see them.

You probably hear this question a lot, but are you related to Steve Lukather (drummer Ross), because you also did a cover of a TOTO song...
No, no relationship between Ross and Steve! We just did this cover 'cause we like it; It's a funny experiment and exciting to take a really "noble " song and turn it in a metal song!

Anyway, you played with many famous Italian bands through the years, please tell me more
Ross Lukather began to play with Death ss in 1990 and released the albums "Heavy Demons" and "Do What Thou Wilt", then he entered Labyrinth for the support tour of "Return to Heaven Denied" with Morby (who appears as guest in our album) and then Athena for "Twilight of Days" with Francesco Neretti. He's a very professional drummer, and obviously, mad as a monkey! Francesco had only the experience with Athena, and he had to carry a very great burden being the new singer after Fabio Lione!

Which bands influenced you?
Well, I don't have a band as model, I play what pass in my mind; surely the thousands of bands I've listened to give me the directories! Maybe in an unconscious way I play as a band do, but I prefer write songs my way. The bands I love more are Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull... it's difficult to have a model if you mix them!

How does the future look like for SHINING FURY? Touring plans? More CDs?
I hope to do a lot of tours and a lot of albums! Nothing is yet planned, but I really hope to do many gigs and play in front of thousands people!

Thanks for answering the questions, anything to add for yourself?
Thank you for the opportunity you give us, I hope you like the album, and see you soon!