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Sad to see now each and every label jumping on the MP3 wagon and making their releases only available for promotion as MP3 in the so-called ‘I-pool’ for us, the reviewers. One way or the other, that leaves us concentrating more and more in the future on the independent scene who do not work this way, but prefer the old fashioned way, which was also the original intention when our magazine started way back in 1994. Nevertheless, we’ll still dig into all the label releases through this part of the NEW REVIEWS pages which will be featured on our NEWS PAGE from now on, with some short summary of the releases done by labels, such as FRONTIERS RECORDS, LION MUSIC, LIMB MUSIC and AFM RECORDS. On the other hand, most of these releases are discussed by so many other webzines and magazines worldwide, so a short review will only be more effective than the lengthy reviews we did in the past when we received real promo CDs. Nevertheless, as you can see, there is still some in-depth look at the finest releases. F.y.i., we do not review the releases of MASSACRE RECORDS and NAPALM RECORDS like we did in the past, as we simply do not have access to their I-POOL anymore, which is a shame of course, but it seems like certain labels are making it harder and harder to promote their own releases, as they seem to think by self-promotion it will sell no matter what, plus the fact that many of their releases will leak anyway or the amount of preview mp3s is enough for a music fan to decide wether or not to buy an album. Anyway, an honest review will never hurt and as you can read on our reviewspages, you will definitely discover something new you otherwise would not have known about. But first let’s have a look through the releases of some melodic rock/metal/prog labels that offered their mp3s for review…

First we’ll go through the FRONTIERS RECORDS releases of the past few months, because of course this label brought us the most interesting releases. Hopefully some will make it onto PICTURE DISC vinyl soon, like happened with the amazing W.E.T. and GIANT earlier this year. ASIA delivers a new studio-album titled ‘Omega’ and a live record titled ‘Spirit of the night – live in Cambridge 09’. The new album is a lot better than their comeback/reunion record of a few years ago. The songs are more energetic and uptempo, something the early ASIA was best known for. “Finger on the trigger”, “Listen children” and “I believe” do relive the old ASIA sound, bombastic pompy AOR. Furthermore they do sound like KAYAK a lot nowadays, which of course ain’t bad either. Concluded, not a classic, but perhaps WETTON’s finest work since his solo effort ‘Battle lines’ and that was a long time ago! The live release is ok for what it is, showing they made the real classics 28 years ago…

FRONTIERS goes a little Glamrock with the new albums of CRASHDIET and VINCE NEIL. The Swedish CRASHDIET deliver good high quality 80s Glamrock meets Melodic Hardrock on their new CD ‘Generation wild’, with many catchy tunes that 25 years ago would have hit the USA big time! Definitely a highly recommended album if you want to hear a mix between MOTLEY CRUE and DEF LEPPARD! Once a Glamrock God, nowadays a sad affair of reliving his 80s successes, VINCE NEIL’s new solo-CD is as weak as you want it to be. He still can not sing and doing all these covers surely doesn’t make it more interesting. His solo-debut CD from 17 years ago was his last interesting effort, because what he now delivers is absolutely rubbish…

HAREM SCAREM ended so suddenly a few years ago, which of course was one of the worst breakups in Melodic Hardrock history. Lead singer HARRY HESS continues making music of course and his first baby is the project FIRST SIGNAL, which musically is pure Melodic Rock/AOR like a mix between the very first HAREM SCAREM classic and W.E.T. It’s all very much done by the numbers, so no surprises and perhaps for some a bit too safe, especially when compared to the last couple of HAREM SCAREM albums, but why complain if we can enjoy 11 catchy Melodic Rock tunes.

The live-albums from PRIMAL FEAR, JOHN WAITE, TESLA and EXTREME are for the fans of each of these acts of course very interesting to check out, all sounding crystal clear to the typical FRONTIERS standards.

Not many weak releases as usual on FRONTIERS RECORDS, because also the debut CDs of ISSA and MICHAEL KISKE AND AMANDA SOMMERVILLE are filled with high quality catchy Melodic Rock. Perhaps sounding very cliché here and there, there are a bunch of songs included here that with some good marketing could easily become HUGE hits in both Europe and the USA. ISSA comes out of Norway and she is a beautiful singer who delivers a typical 80s catchy AOR/Melodic Poprock (ERIKA) meets current 00s catchy Modern Melodic Poprock (KELLY CLARCKSON) with her first CD ‘Sign of angels’. Most of the catchy tunes do give you the impression ‘where did I hear that before’, so it is all very cliché sounding from start to finish, but in the end we’re all enjoying and singing along to tunes like “I’m alive”, “River of love” (damn, I love such catchy tunes) and “Angels crying”. The songwriters and musicians are coming out of the major league of the huge Scandinavian/German Hardrock/Metalscene, including members of bands like MASTERPLAN, HELLOWEEN, SAINT DEAMON, HAMMERFALL, CRASH THE SYSTEM, CANDLEMASS and even DIMMU BORGIR!!! The first album of lead singers MICHAEL KISKE (ex-HELLOWEEN) and AMANDA SOMMERVILLE was actually put together by MAT SINNER (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR) and MAGNUS KARLSSON (STARBREAKER, LAST TRIBE, PLACE VENDOME), who once again deliver a high quality Melodic Rockalbum. Just like ISSA, also very standardized sounding material, but all done very well and with such amazing vocalwork of both Michael and Amanda very enjoyable to listen to from start to finish. After a few spins, it becomes clear that this MICHAEL KISKE AND AMANDA SOMMERVILLE album will stand the test of time, because songs like “Nothing left to say”, “Silence”, “Don’t walk away” and “If I had a wish” are top of the bill for any Melodic Rockfan, so be sure not to miss this release!

Both STAN BUSH and KEVIN CHALFANT return with new album releases and both deliver the high class stuff they always deliver. Both singers are the most friendly people in the music business and they belong to the best singers in AOR history, releasing countless AOR Classics in the past and never changing their style of music, because also their new albums are pure AOR with some songs that can be consider to-become classics. STAN BUSH releases ‘Dream the dream’, which is another typical STAN BUSH sounding AOR/Melodic Rockalbum with such fantastic songs like “I’m still here”, “Don’t give up on love” and “Love is the road”, while KEVIN CHALFANT comes with a new TWO FIRES album titled ‘Burning bright’ (follow-up to the 2nd album ‘Ignition’ from 8 years ago!) that thanks to the amazing vocalwork of Kevin himself is lifted up way above any AOR release of the past few years. He’s without a doubt the most gifted singer in AOR history, with an incredible voice that is truly an instrument on it’s own. The songs are typical AOR/Melodic Rock, with as highlights “Shattered with you”, “Lost in the song”, “Answer to my prayer”, (could have been on the 707 classic album ‘Megaforce’, very catchy hook there!), ”Relentless” and the beautiful THE STORMish AOR ballad “Some things are better left unsaid” (AOR ballad of the year 2010 for sure and perhaps one of the best songs recorded in 2010!). If only the production had been done by a major producer in a major studio, this could have been the best AOR album since the PRIDE OF LIONS debut in the 2000s, because I feel the production lacks a bit, which is a shame, because the songs are top-notch AOR with of course Kevin’s superb vocalwork and some great JOURNEYish melodic guitarwork by Michael “Ralph” Gardner who is a great substitute for JOSH RAMOS, who did not participate in this new TWO FIRES album. These 2 albums (STAN BUSH and TWO FIRES) together with the KISKE/SOMMERVILLE and new TERRY BROCK (review below) records belong to the best releases of FRONTIERS from the past 3 / 4 months.

Also new albums of TERRA NOVA, STRANGEWAYS, Y&T, VANDENPLAS and PRETTY MAIDS have been released. The new STRANGEWAYS record ‘Perfect world’ is a real surprise, because it marks the return to their classic AOR sound, partly thanks to singer TERRY BROCK, who by the way also delivers a new solo-CD titled ‘Diamond blue’. That solo-CD is more interesting than the new STRANGEWAYS, which simply can not compete with the band’s late 80s AOR Classics. Please keep in mind that the new STRANGEWAYS is not bad at all, very high quality musicianship is displayed on that disc that will perhaps get better with more repeats, nevertheless the solo-record sounds stronger at first sight (more straight-ahead AOR), although nothing new is brought on that disc. Think you’ll get the picture here, play it safe with the new TERRY BROCK solo record that includes the pure AOR a la MITCH MALLOY/STAN BUSH (some really awesome catchy pure AOR here with songs like “Jessie’s gone”, “Broken”, the amazing “Soldier falls” (a classic AOR touch here for sure) and “The rain”) or when you’re looking for a little more moodier calmer AOR perhaps go for the new STRANGEWAYS, but please be aware that both records can not compete with the old STRANGEWAYS records or even GIANT’s latest effort which also saw TERRY BROCK singing on, except for a few tracks on the new STRANGEWAYS album such as “Time” and “One more day” that do reveal the classic late 80s sound of JOURNEYesque STRANGEWAYS.

TERRA NOVA delivered a Melodic Rock classic 15 years ago, became big stars in Japan and on and off released a new record the following years. None of these albums, including the new CD ‘Come alive’ can be considered classics, but nevertheless also this new album offers nicely played AOR/Melodic Rock, with a lot of JOURNEY influences. The new Y&T album ‘Facemelter’ is good… very good… played very well… BUT it’s like DAVE MENIKETTI really wanted it so bad to relive the classic Y&T sound we missed so much, so he actually rewrote all his classics (especially “Midnight in Tokyo” and “Forever”) with some slight different arrangements and the result is this new Y&T album that sounds like a classic at first sight, but is in fact just a typical 1980s sounding Y&T album that during each and every song makes you think of a classic Y&T tune. For example “I’m coming home” is part 2 of “Midnight in Tokyo”. Nevertheless, Dave is still one the finest vocalists and guitarists… if only he and his band Y&T had been as big as MOTLEY CRUE and POISON back in 1985, he perhaps would have received much more recognition!

Both VANDENPLAS and PRETTY MAIDS delivered classics in the past, but their new albums are not reaching their past performance, although they are still of a high level. The sound/production is top-notch and fans of both bands will of course be delighted with this strong new albums. However it is perhaps the amount of new albums being released at the moment, but when listening to these new songs of these bands I’ll personally long back to their earlier releases, especially referring to PRETTY MAIDS, whom in the 1980s were at their peak with that classic ‘Future world’. VANDENPLAS on the other hand delivered their best works not that long ago and some more spins of their new record might make their new album more interesting, because what we can hear is definitely very well played Melodic Progmetal that has the possibility to become classic in the progmetal field in a few years (the new CD is pretty good, really). PRETTY MAIDS’ new record is definitely good for what it is, pure Melodic Heavy Rock, sometimes very catchy (“Little drops of heaven”), but if this is your first attempt at their music, then please go for ‘Future world’ first…

TRIUMPH released a greatest hits package on FRONTIERS RECORDS. Well, not really interesting, because if you have the whole catalogue of the band why bother this CD, even the fact it includes new remasters. Secondly, I miss so many of their real classics… well Melodic Rock Classics, because so many people hate their later 80s records, which for the AOR/Melodic Rockfan are the most interesting of course. ‘The sport of kings’ and ‘Surveillance’ are both ignored and that is a pity, because when playing TRIUMPH I usually grab these records first, because it had so many great tunes. Anyway, a new TRIUMPH record would be more interesting than this best of release.

The most surprising release on FRONTIERS RECORDS is of course the new UNRULY CHILD album ‘Worlds collide’ that brings us MARCIE FREE again. He disappeared during the mid 1990s when MARK became MARCIE, which was very ‘not-done’ in the Rock/Hardrockscene and also the whole Grunge thing killed the whole Melodic Rockscene, so it became quiet around this incredible singer who delivered some of the finest AOR in the past, especially on the SIGNAL, UNRULY CHILD and MARK FREE albums. Now more than 15 years later, (s)he has returned as singer on the new UNRULY CHILD album ‘Worlds collide’. The voice is still as good as it was so many years ago, which of course is very important. Musically UNRULY CHILD’s new record is not far removed from their classic Melodic Rock debut from the early 1990s. Perhaps this new album will not become a classic in the next 20 years or so, despite there’s some very strong material included here and there, such as “When we were young”, “When worlds collide” (the best song by far!), “Read my mind” and “Very first time”. Sadly, there are also a bunch of so-so groovy rockers (“Life death”) to be heard that put down the level a bit, but it’s good to see MARCIE back again. It’s also nice to see that some of the semi-ballads somehow have a BEATLES kinda influence. However, personally I am all up for a new solo-CD in the style of ‘Long way from love’ or SIGNAL’s ‘Loud and clear’, so a real AOR Classic, because the voice is still able to deliver the same class…

That’s the FRONTIERS RECORDS summary of the past few months. All their albums sound of course very good, production wise and also musically speaking picture perfect, but the real memorable releases have been done by STAN BUSH, TWO FIRES and KISKE SOMMERVILLE, but also TERRY BROCK is interesting for the AOR fans, while the other highlight was MARCIE FREE’s voice that still sounds amazing!

LION MUSIC is also a label that releases quite a few CDs within a small period. This time about 10 albums to go through. The instrumental work comes from ALEX MASI, MICHAEL HARRIS and GEORGE BELLAS. The Progressive side of things however is more interesting, with especially the new album of the Dutch band DAY SIX being a very strong album. ‘The grand design’ mixes Progressive Rock and Progmetal and the band has succeeded to deliver their finest work so far. A real great piece of work that combines elements of SYMPHONY X, SEVENTH WONDER and DREAM THEATER, with a touch of Neo-Prog, well done! Also interesting Progmetal of a high level can be heard on the debut CD of the Hungarian band DREYELANDS. In fact, their first album is sounding quite sensational (especially songs like “Can’t hide away” and “Pretending”), very well constructed and ‘catchy’ Melodic Progressive Metal, easily up there with a band like SEVENTH WONDER, although vocally a little rawer here and there. It is clear that LION MUSIC has a good ear for high quality Melodic Progmetal bands, because they always release quality albums in this genre and soon we will be pleased with the new SEVENTH WONDER album that hopefully will be the best of them all. In the meantime, check out the very good new DAY SIX record and the sensational debut of DREYELANDS! Also the new CD of SECTION A, which is their 3rd CD, is filled with high quality Progressive Metal that combine superstrong vocals with tight melodies and some very aggressive guitarwork and a few Neo-Classical meets Power Metal riffs here and there. Progmetal the way it should sound, so be sure to also check out this Swedish band’s new album ‘Sacrifice’ as it will please you for sure from the beginning until the end (some really superb songs can be heard here, such as “Land of the desert sun”, “Days of sorrow”, “The city of falling” (terrific Melodic Power Metal, amazing haunting chorus a la DUNGEON meets FIFTH ANGEL) and “Heroes”). So, there you have it… 3 highly recommended new PROG/POWER METAL releases on LION MUSIC…

Italian keyboard mastermind MISTHERIA releases a new album, 6 years after his last effort ‘Messenger Of The Gods’. The new CD is titled ‘Dragon fire’ and it is a very strong album actually, Neo-Classical Melodic (Power) Metal is the name of the game here. ROYAL HUNT and ARTENSION are 2 clear comparisons and some of the songs are even reaching that high level, although therefore MISTHERIA has to thank the incredible list of guest singers and musicians for, because JOHN WEST, MARK BOALS, ROB ROCK, LANCE KING, NEIL ZAZA, GEORGE BELLAS, ROGER STAFFELBACH, JOHN MACALUSO and many others stepped in here and they all come from the major bands in the Neo-Classical Power Metal genre (MALMSTEEN, ROYAL HUNT, IMPELLITTERI, RING OF FIRE, ARTENSION, ARK, etc. etc.), so then it is not really strange when MISTHERIA’s new album sounds that good. Recommended to fans of mentioned acts!

More Melodic Hardrock orientated are the releases of the bands GRONHOLM and PANGEA. The 3-piece band GRONHOLM is coming out of Finland and on their debut CD there are guest appearances of guitarist TY TABOR (KING’S X) and keyboardplayer DEREK SHERINIAN (DREAM THEATER). Musically we can hear strong Melodic Hardrock that also reveal influences from other genres here and there, but always keeping an eye open for a good haunting melody, such as in the excellent “Fate and belief” and “You and me”. Quality stuff, just like the new album of PANGEA, which was a Danish band whom released 2 great Melodic Rockalbums during the mid 1990s. We reviewed these albums some 15 years ago, but after ‘Manchild’ in 1997, it became very quiet until now, because their 3rd album has been released in the shape of ‘Retrospectacular’. As it nothing has changed, the band continues to bring us high quality Melodic Hard Rock, with a typical Scandi touch… welcome back guys with your HAREM SCAREM meets TALISMANish Melodic Hardrock!

Female fronted Hardrock/Metal can be heard on the new CD of MASTERCASTLE. ‘Last desire’ is the follow-up to their 2009 release and just like that record, also this new CD is filled with high quality mostly uptempo tough powerful Melodic (Power) Metal that is graced with some excellent vocalwork of female singer GIORGIA GUEGLIO. Great new release of this upcoming Italian band! The other female fronted release is the new CD of LARS ERIC MATTSSON. This guitarist has been releasing records since the mid 1980s and the last few years he’s been accompanied by a female singer. ‘Tango’ is the title of the new CD and it sounds a bit experimental at times, but also melodic, proggy and rocking. Needs a few more listens to make up a good judgement, but as always Lars releases another quality album.

Concluded, a round-up of LION MUSIC’s releases learns that their finest and most recommended CDs that need to be checked are their Prog/Power Metal releases of especially DREYELANDS, DAY SIX and SECTION A. However, 2 of their releases from the past few months have also been seperately reviewed by us, as these discs were sent in their original hard copy CD format instead of the unfriendly digital MP3 format. So go look for ANTHRIEL and MINDSPLIT on the new reviews pages…

AFM RECORDS has a few very strong releases, but also a few less interesting. BIG BALL is nothing more than a weaker version of AIRBOURNE. Simple basic Hardrock and roll in the AC/DC style, but then a bit too cliché and standard to make any impression. JON OLIVIA’S PAIN releases ‘Festival’, which is interesting for the SAVATAGE fans of course. MAGICA’s new album ‘Dark diary’ is quality stuff, but on the other hand not really original, because the Symphonic Epic female fronted Gothic Power Metal trick has now been done so many times that making an impression will be hard. The bandnamed NEVERLAND has popped up quite a few times in the past, as we reviewed a Swiss and a Greek/Turkish band, besides the fact that in the early 90s there was an American band that had the same name. Anyway, AFM RECORDS now releases the 2nd album of the Greek/Turkish NEVERLAND, which is once again filled with good clean quality Melodic Sympho Power Metal. Vocally quite different than the usual bands in this genre, but somehow this band does it quite well and therefore ‘Ophidia’ is an interesting album for sure. However, the absolute highlight of the AFM RECORDS release schedule can be heard in the shape of the 2nd album of the Norwegian band TRIOSHERE. This female fronted band delivers an absolute masterpiece with their new record ‘The road less travelled’. This is unbelievably excellent stuff, a very melodic affair, but with the aggressiveness of pure Metal. They play a mix of Melodic Metal and Progressive Metal, with some haunting melodies. The band’s female singer (and bassist) Ida Haukland has an incredible vocal range and almost every song is a winner here. This is the way we wanna hear it… just listen to the superb “Human condition” and “Death of Jane Doe”, with it’s really fabulous choruses. Melodic choruses are very important in TRIOSPHERE’s music and I can easily inform you that mixed with lovely female vocals (once again have to add here that this is some of the best female vocals I have heard in a long time!) and biting Metal riffs, this album will appeal to many Rock and Metalfans out there. Definitely a band to watch out for this TRIOSPHERE!

LIMB MUSIC have released all SAVAGE GRACE albums on CD, fully remastered and with all kinds of liner notes. Very interesting of course to hear all their material on 2 CDs. The legendary US band existed the whole 1980s decade and were best known for their explicit sexy looking frontcovers and believe me, the original vinyl LP versions are almost impossible to find and when you do find one, well then you have to pay a lot of money for it, because they are rare. Anyway, the band was formed in 1981 and split up in 1992, but during those 11 years they released 4 albums that have now been put together on 2 CDs. Loaded with a bunch of typical 80s US Melodic Power Metal that sounded like a cross betweemn MAIDEN, AGENT STEEL and HEIR APPARENT, this band definitely left a mark on the US Metal scene with their music. Now we can all enjoy the band again, thanks to these re-issues.

Also on LIMB MUSIC is the new album of the Aussie Melodic Power Metalband BLACK MAJESTY. If you’re familiar with their earlier releases, you will absolutely love the new CD ‘In your honour’, although nothing new is brought here. However high quality music will always find it’s way to it’s fans and that is exactly the case here. We all know LIMB never releases weak albums and also with the release of the debut CD of the Italian band ANCIENT BARDS, we can enjoy another high quality release on the German label. This band’s first CD is titled ‘The Alliance Of The Kings’, featuring female vocals and musically sounding a lot like a cross between RHAPSODY and EPICA. So, it ain’t original, but happily done very well, so fans of EPICA, NIGHTWISH, RHAPSODY and that type of Epic Symphonic Power Metal might wanna check out this band asap!

And so we can finish our MP3 REVIEWS section, which was not bad at all, with some excellent releases of the acts (points mentioned behind name) TRIOSPHERE (9.2), SECTION A (8.9), DAY SIX (8.6), DREYELANDS (8.7), STAN BUSH (8.8), TWO FIRES (9.1), KISKE SOMMERVILLE (8.9) and TERRY BROCK (8.8), this month’s 8 must-have releases of the mp3 reviews-section, C-YA next time!

Thanks goes out to the 4 labels for making this column possible and if you want to hear see your label’s releases reviewed this way, then do please let us know, but if you want to see your album reviewed in full detail like on the NEW REVIEWS pages, then do sent an email to:  for further info…



There's a JASON BECKER movie coming up, more info at: 

For a recap on the two tribute CD




After the tragic passing of co-founding Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow in 2007, many figured that the band was over. But while going through the vaults of vintage video material for an upcoming documentary of the band's history, the spark was reignited once more for drummer Frankie Banali to kick QR back in gear. The easy part was filling the guitar and bass slots - as former members Chuck Wright (bass) and Alex Grossi (guitar) promptly signed on. However, having to fill DuBrow's large shoes was no small task.

A longtime fan of heavy metal, singer Mark Huff came to Banali's attention while fronting a California-based Van Halen tribute band (that focused on the "Sammy Hagar era"). A true Cinderella story, Huff auditioned via a cattle call audition, promptly blew Banali away, and got the gig. After getting the blessing from DuBrow's mother to carry on with Quiet Riot (and to celebrate her son's music), the group was ready to rock once more.

Quiet Riot hit mega-success with their first-ever US release in 1983, the classic 'Metal Health.' Spawning two hit singles that have gone on to become synonymous with heavy metal - "Cum On Feel the Noize" and "Metal Health" - the 'Metal Health' album went on to become the first-ever metal US debut to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard album charts, and resulted in a solid year of sold-out arena shows and non-stop MTV video airplay. However, it was the DuBrow-Banali-Wright-Grossi line-up that proved to be DuBrow's favorite touring line-up (and also, most stable).

Quiet Riot is currently firming up plans for a full U.S. tour - their first in three years. And with the aforementioned documentary on the horizon, and the band's music being used in hit films ('The Wrestler,' 'Tropic Thunder'), video games ('Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's'), and even musicals ('Rock of Ages') - as well as QR being name-checked in songs by Weezer and Ben Folds - Quiet Riot remains a major force in heavy metal. And soon, you will get a chance to bang your head once more to Quiet Riot, at a concert venue near you!




ALIEN - the original lineup! is back with a new single, Ready To Fly. Released on the 10th of Oct (10.10.10) by Manora Records.

The platinum selling Swedish AOR phenomena is back after some 22 years. An up to date production by Mårten Eriksson and Mats Lindfors, catching the classic Alien sound. Melodic rock at it's best!!

_ _ _

"Swedens best AOR band ever are back with original line-up playing songs from their self titled 1988 debut album... probably a 9,5 out of 10... Encore of this gig is a new song called Ready To Fly, a really good power ballad that fits well with the old material and according to me it shoul get some airplay since it's that good." - Planet AOR, review on ALIEN 2010 live premiere. _ _ _  



Christian AOR band SWEET CRYSTAL will release a new CD soon, review next time, more info at:  




Lana Turner was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer in December 09’. Lana has some of the most generous friends and family. They have donated very special items that are up for auction on our Ebay Store. Rock Stars and Sports Stars with the biggest hearts on the planet have donated items to help offset the cost of Lana’s treatments and related expenses. Please check out the store or donate directly and forward this info.

Music Memorabilia Ebay Store: 

Lana is Brit Turners's daughter from the band "BLACKBERRY SMOKE."



STRUTTER'ZINE-  Please check out about 100+ new CD reviews we just uploaded.

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UPDATED ON MAY 17 - 2009

STRUTTER'ZINE-  Please check out about 100+ new CD reviews we just uploaded. A lot of sensational stuff has been released lately, both from the ´major´ labels and independent-demo releases. From the demo department, we highly recommended the in April and May newly discovered AOR-Melodic Rock sensations from Sweden, namely STRIKER, ULTIMATE FATE, EYE, RYDELL AND QUICK, NAKED, ETERNAL, STINGRAY and TURBULENCE.


Re-issues included STINGRAY, CHARLEMAGNE, CHANNEL, I-TEN, GYNGER LYNN, CLARK KENT and STARCASTLE, but there's of course a lot more to read, such as the return of JOHNNY LIMA in the shape of his new album 'Living out loud', the amazing DAVID PRATER (FIREHOUSE) produced new album of Chilean Power Metalband SIX MAGICS, both independent releases and a whole string of great new Progrock releases! Enjoy!




STRUTTER'ZINE-  Please check out about 100 new CD reviews we just uploaded... Enjoy!



Good news from the guys of Europe:  -

"We have arrived at the end of this recording........Mr Lindell will now start mixing this fine collection of songs. It's a strange feeling not going back to the studio in Gothenburg more on this record. We are extremely proud of this cd. It's got kicks's thought's might just turn your world upside down. We're aiming for a May release. There will be touring this summer and autumn. But we wont be surprised if there will be major touring in 2010. Cause this might just be one of those albums that's got wings..... to travel to infinity and beyond. Thanks again for showing interest in this blog and our new CD. We're keeping the blog open. However there may not be many more posts at this particular stage. / Europe."




VALERY RECORDS is pleased to announce the release of a long awaited new record:

LIVING 4 the new album of ELEKTRADRIVE, band from Turin that has marked the history of rock in Italy with the two albums Due and Big City, awarding 5 k on Kerrang.

14 songs of mature and modern Hard Rock, a great work of unquestionable class alternating mighty tracks with wonderful ballads.
With 4 LIVING Elektradrive are coming back after more than ten years of silence with the four-fifths of the original line up and with a precious full length, result of more than three years of careful songwriting, choice of sounds and arrangements.

The tracks have a sound more fresh and modern than before, while keeping unchanged the trademarks of the band, which has always been characterized by beautiful melodic lines and vocal harmonies typical of the more refined melodic rock and AOR of the best 80s.
Guest on the track "Get Power from the sun with an unexpected flute insert, the master Mauro Pagani, former PFM.

As in the past, for the three previous works of the band, much attention was devoted to the theme of the lyrics that talk about urgent issues such as the collapse of the planet earth, the excessive power of corporations and the superficiality of modern society, without neglecting dreaming digressions on the beauty of nature and human emotions.
  4. LIVING 4
  7. PAIN
11. W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.



Eonian Records is proud to announce the release of its first four releases: Charlemagne “S/t,” High Noon “No Turning Back,” Gynger Lynn “S/t,” and Pistol Dawn “Conversation Piece.”  All four will be available worldwide on March 19th. 

Charlemagne “S/T” To Hollywood and back, these Sunset Strip veterans have owned the legendary stages of The Whiskey, The Troubadour, The Roxy Theater, Coconut Teaszer and the infamous Gazzarri's. This self-titled release is evidence that the Charlemagne of today has yet to slow down or stop kickin' ass. Covered by many and ignored by none, they were a part of history in the making, fuel for electricity that never waned and would impact our culture for years to come. Track Listing: 1. Secret Romeo 2. I Don't Wanna Lie 3. She's Only Young 4. So Far Away 5. Is It Ever Easy 6. I've Got You 7. Chance Is Calling 8. Last Chance 9. Wait and See 10. I'm Not That Easy 11. I Wish I Knew

High Noon “No Turning Back” East Coast meets West Coast in 1989 and sparked High Noon, creating an experience of "groove and soul" that hooked the Hollywood scene and rocked the world!  "No Turning Back" is THE chronological overview of High Noon, featuring straight ahead gut wrenching tracks produced by Michael Lardie of Great White and mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Dokken, & Extreme.)
Track Listing: 1. High Noon 2. Bad Moon Risin' 3. Rude Boy 4. Don't Come Running 5. Have My Heart 6. Skatin' On Thin Ice 7. When the Night Calls 8. Just Like a Woman 9. Who Do You Think You Are? 10. Around Midnight 11. Faith Hope and Love 12. Bed of Lies 13. Weight of the World 14. House of Glass

GYNGER LYNN “Self-Titled” Not just another "hair band," Gynger Lynn rose from the depths of basement rehearsals and took Chicago stages by storm for over a decade; becoming one of the hardest-working and most enduring rock legends the area has ever seen. Gynger Lynn lands hard on both feet here with their debut, self-titled release for Eonian Records. Gynger Lynn is armed with seductive ballads complete with haunting vocals and crying guitars while bringing it all home with their signature sound in "I Love the Lights," the hard-hitting screaming anthem for a generation of musicians.Track Listing: 1. Dirty 2. Reasons Why 3. One and Only 4. My, My Lisa 5. Why Is It Over 6. On My Way 7. Tell the World 8. In My Heart 9. Wanna Be Your Lover 10. I Love the Lights 11. Arms Around You 12. Faces 13. Love

PISTOL DAWN “Conversation Piece” Offering up their own brand of high-energy heavy metal sleaze with a wink and no apologies, these touring giants show us why they have shared stages the world over with the likes of Cheap Trick, Enuff Z'Nuff, Dangerous Toys and Lillian Axe. Featuring tracks produced by Chip Z'Nuff, 'Conversation Piece' is Pistol Dawn's confirmation in this new millennium.  From the raw-edged title track 'Conversation Piece,' to the harmonic intertwining of vocals and guitar showcased in 'Still Running Wild,' this compilation of "dirty power pop" songs captures and delivers Pistol Dawn at their loudest and proudest with just a peek at their tender side. Track Listing: 1. Conversation Piece 2. Message in a Bottle 3. Dreams Come True 4. Be My Girl 5. Hard Way 6. Gone Away 7. Stocks and Blonds 8. Still Running Wild 9. Talk of the Town 10. Wish Upon a Star

 Eonian Records

P.O. Box 36611

Indianapolis, IN 46236






STRUTTER'ZINE- Wow, we made it, 2008 is over and out. However, before we say goodbye to another glorious AOR/Melodic Rock and Prog/Power Metal year, check out about 100 new CD reviews we just uploaded, some interviews and also below our look back at 2008, with the annual charts of best albums, best songs, best singers, best bands, best labels, etc. etc.

Furthermore we would like to thank everyone whom we have been in touch with this past year. Hoping 2009 will be as good as 2008 or even better. We will be relocating and have bigger plans for the future (yes, including a HUGE new lay-out), but more on that as the year will progress. In the meantime...

ALL THE BEST FOR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I think these charts will perfectly reflect our thoughts on 2008, as it is divided into different subawards, in which we perfectly demonstrate what Strutter'zine is all about, finding the best created melodies in this Rock and Metalworld in a certain year. Please be aware these are our thoughts and should not be considered everyone's opinion, as like most charts/awards, they are always different from each other and that is a good thing, as we all need to have our own opinion, BUT I do hope this look-back-at-2008 according to us will give you a good look on our thoughts of this year, hope you enjoy reading and write if you have any comments, your opinion is always welcome. Also please note the amount of releases is incredible, so of course a lot of albums might have have been missed by us and some might even be discovered years later (even some of the greatest albums of all times were praised many years after the original release), so who knows... but these charts below are at this moment in time (the 1st of January 2009) reflecting our thoughts of the memorable year 2008 was...


These are the 10 CDs you must own!

1 Journey Revelations
2 Work Of Art Artwork
3 H.E.A.T. H.E.A.T.
4 Seventh Wonder Mercy falls
5 Sturm Und Drang Rock'N Roll children
6 Brother Firetribe Heart full of fire
7 Jimi Jamison Crossroads moment
8 Saint Deamon Shadows lost from the brave
9 Revolution Renaissance New era
10 It Bites Tall ships
11 From The Inside Visions
12 Harmony Chapter 2: Aftermath
13 Eclipse Are you ready to rock
14 Seventh Avenue Terium
15 Thy Majestie Dawn
16 Theocracy Mirror of souls
17 The Rasmus Black roses
18 Kayak Coming up for air
19 Khymera The greatest wonder
20 Scar Symmetry Holographic universe
21 Talon Fallen angels
22 Into Eternity The incurable tragedy
23 Marcello Vestry Marcello Vestry
24 Leverage Blind fire
25 Morning Moments of truth
26 Suspyre When time fades...
27 Secret Sphere Sweet blood theory
28 House Of Lords Come to my kingdom
29 Firewind The premonition
30 Ari Koivunen Becoming
31 Airbourne Runnin' wild
32 Bob Catley Immortal
33 Hardreams The road goes on
34 China Blue Twilight of destiny
35 Edguy Tinnitus sanctus
36 Uriah Heep Wake the sleeper world
37 Michael Bormann Capture the moment
38 Disturbed Indestructible
39 Eden's Curse The Second Coming
40 Voodoo Circle Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle
41 Shinedown The sound of madness
42 Rick Springfield Venus in overdrive
43 Ayreon 01011001
44 Missing Hours Missing Hours
45 Liquid Sky Identity
46 Lanfear X to the power of ten
47 Shadowman Ghost in the mirror
48 Frost Experiments in mass appeal
49 Martin Orford The old road
50 Enforcer Into the night


The most disappointing releases/performances of 2008
By far, TNT again!
TNT (again!) 1
Metallica (what else is new!) 2
Guns'N'Roses (unbelievable, the hype of really... absolutely nothing... 3
Harem Scarem (their final album 'Hope' was sadly their weakest effort) 4
Asia (OK, some good songs, but overall quite dull, too many ballads and their concert was also not really convincing) 5
Motley Crue/Vince Neil (Motley releasing a very weak new CD and Vince Neil cancelling a solo European Tour 1 week before the start!) 6
Whitesnake (very average new CD and a horrible performance of David vocally during the Arrow Rock Festival) 7
Kiss (The Arrow Rock performance was actually a bit boring, KISS becomes a circus act you don't want to see anymore, how sad...) 8


Best Singers      
Mainly based on the vocal performance on a record  
male   female  
Tommy Karevik (SEVENTH WONDER) 1 Cindy Oudshoorn (KAYAK) 1
Steve Overland (FM, OVERLAND, SHADOWMAN) 2 Saskia van Heugten (MORNING) 2
Jimi Jamison (SURVIVOR, COBRA) 3 Tinna Karlsdotter (ALL ENDS) 3
Jan-Thore Grefstad (SAINT DEAMON) 5 Korry Schadwell (THE MYSTERY) 5
Pekka Ansio Heino (BROTHER FIRETRIBE/LEVERAGE) 6 Hecate Taglietti (LIQUID SKY) 6
Kenny Leckremo (H.E.A.T.) 7 Heidi Bergbacka (MOONMADNESS) 7
Henrik Båth (HARMONY) 8 Toni Loyas (LIPSTICK MAGAZINE) 8
Arnel Pineda (JOURNEY) 9 Kim Seviour (TOUCH STONE) 9
Lars Safsund (WORK OF ART) 10 Adrienn Antal (MATTSSON) 10
Christian Alvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY) 10    


Most promising releases scheduled for 2009    
2009 looks very exciting with the following 15 album of the year contenders! Let's look at this list in 12 months time! (Not in a particular order!)
Gotthard 1  
Places Of Power 2  
Stryper 3  
Wig Wam 4  
The Poodles 5  
Delain 6  
Saga 7  
Harlan Cage 8  
Fortune 9  
Revolution Renaissance 10  
Stan Bush 11  
Mecca 12  
Fair Warning 13  
Saint Deamon 14  
Bloodbound 15  


Once again ROCK CANDY RECORDS remain to be the best re-issue label out there, with 3 out of the 5 best re-issues released on the UK label, here's hoping 2009 will deliver more of their great re-issues...
Atlantic - Power 1
Michael Bolton - Everybody's crazy 2
Autograph - Sign in please 3
Dreamer - We've got the power 4
Moritz - City streets 5


Almost impossible to do, first of all, FRONTIERS RECORDS being each year the only label in the world to release high quality sensational albums the whole year round, with a tight schedule, excellent press information, etc. etc. so by far the best label out there. The rest... each label has done very good releases, no matter what they are called, all doing good jobs, so hard to mention a number 2, let's just put them all on that spot!
Frontiers Records 1
The rest… 2


Not based on quantity, but on quality releases, the chart reflects in which country the most sensational material was created...
Sweden 2
Finland 3
Germany 4
UK 5
Canada 6
Italy 7
Holland 8
Australia 9
Spain 10
Denmark 11
Norway 12
Brazil 13
France 14
Japan 15


Band of the year award  
This chart is not only based on how good an album the particular band (or act) released in 2008 is, but also on other aspects, such as a comeback, a new singer, a new band, their media exposure etc. etc.
Band of the year is definitely JOURNEY, another fantastic comeback with another great new singer, ARNEL PINEDA, found through YOUTUBE by NEAL SCHON, delivering a superb CD/DVD package, selling 1/2 million records in the USA and finishing off a big Tour. Unexpected as in the early stages of the year nothing was certain about this new singer with JOURNEY, due to lack of any Rock experience, but all went down well and they turned out to be the winner of 2009!
Journey 1
H.E.A.T. 2
Seventh Wonder 3
It Bites 4
The Rasmus 5
Kayak 6
Uriah Heep 7
Jimi Jamison 8
Work Of Art 9
Saint Deamon 10
Thy Majestie 11
Scar Symmetry 12
Rick Springfield 13
Firewind 14
From The Inside 15
Secret Sphere 16
Morning 17
Seventh Avenue 18
Brother Firetribe 19
Eclipse 20
Theocracy 21
Talon 22
Sturm Und Drang 23
Shinedown 24
Revolution Renaissance 25


Concert of the year award
Seeing KAYAK in my small town of Krimpen aan den IJssel in the early weeks of 2008, a sensational performance by one of the best Dutch bands ever and introducing new songs from their then unreleased new CD. A memorable concert in a very small setting, perhaps one of the smallest theaters in The Netherlands. The opposite was the ARROW ROCK FESTIVAL in Nijmegen in the early summer of 2008, with REO SPEEDWAGON starting the day and 10,000+ people waiting to get into the park, seeing KEVIN CRONIN giving his best on a huge TV screen and only 2 hours later JOURNEY with new singer ARNEL PINEDA, a stunning performance where a lot of people actually came for to see. The most memorable gig however was a surprise performance in Alphen aan den Rijn by none-other than JIMI JAMISON (SURVIVOR) and JOE LYNN TURNER (MALMSTEEN, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE) with members of a band called ORLEANS. By far a gig I will never forget, because on that special night (announced 1 week earlier) a whole bunch of CLASSIC tunes of mainly SURVIVOR and RAINBOW were sung by the original lead singers, 2 of the greatest vocalists of all times, backed up perfectly by this 70s band called ORLEANS (of whom I had never heard something of prior to the gig!). But there were loads more great gigs of course, however these 3 were unforgettable...


Newcomer of the year award  
H.E.A.T. from Sweden were the best new act and actually they should already be huge all over Europe right now as they are so energetic and catchy...  
H.E.A.T. 1
Kissin' Dynamite 2
All Ends 3
Black Tide 4
Old Man Shattered         5


DVD of the year award  
Hard to choose this year as below 6 were all very enjoyable...
Toto - Falling in between Live 1
Dream Evil - Gold Medal in Metal 2
Journey - Revelations 3
Rush - Snakes and arrows Live 4
Kayak - The 35th year anniversary DVD 5
Within Temptation - Black symphony 6



1 Revolution Renaissance - I did it my way
2 Saint Deamon - My heart
3 Journey - Never walk away
4 Journey - After all these years
5 Kayak - Undecided
6 Saint Deamon - My Judas
7 Marcello Vestry - Fireworks
8 Dreamtide - I don’t wanna wait
9 Thy Majestie - Out the edge
10 The Rasmus - Livin' in a world without you
11 Seventh Wonder - A day away
12 From The Inside - 21st Century
13 Work Of Art - Once In A Lifetime
14 Brother Firetribe - Wildest dreams
15 Work Of Art - Whenever U Sleep
16 Secret Sphere - From a dream to a nightmare
17 H.E.A.T. - Feel it again
18 Bonfire - Refugee of fate
19 Harmony - Kingdom
20 Scar Symmetry - Morphogenesis
21 Jimi Jamison - Behind the music
22 Work Of Art - Her Only Lie
23 Disturbed - The night
24 Seventh Avenue - Two masters
25 Degreed - Catch The Feeling
26 Silence - Time keeps running
31 Eclipse - To mend a broken heart
32 Missing Hours - Machine
33 Kayak - Selfmade castle
35 Theocracy - Bethlehem
36 Khymera - The Greatest Wonder
37 Into Eternity - Tides of blood
39 Brother Firetribe - Game They Call Love
41 Sturm Und Drang - Fly away
42 Khymera - Love Will Find You
43 Revolution Renaissance - Last night on earth
44 Asia - Never Again
46 Overland - Like a river
48 Brother Firetribe - Runaways
49 H.E.A.T. - Straight For The Heart
50 It Bites - Ghosts
51 Bob Catley - Dreamers unite
52 House Of Lords - The dream
54 Cinder Road - Should've known better
55 Steve Lukather - Ever changing times
57 Michael Bormann - Live your life
58 Saint Deamon - In Shadows Lost From The Brave
60 Last Autumn's Dream - War of your worlds
61 Hardreams - Apologies
63 David Roberts - Before I go
64 Reinxeed - Great Hall of ReinXeed
65 Shadowman - Fire and ice
67 All Ends - Still believe
68 Rick Springfield - What's Victoria Secret
70 Nickelback - Gotta be somebody
71 Ari Koivunen - Sign of our times
72 H.E.A.T. - Keep on dreaming
76 Kissin' Dynamite - Out in the rain
77 Into Eternity - Spent years of regret
78 Stanfour - It's not over
79 Talon - Burn
81 Leverage - Shadow In The Rain 
82 Scar Symmetry - Timewave Zero
83 Sturm Und Drang - Life
84 Keldian - The last frontier
86 Morning - Let’s escape
87 Black Tide - Warriors of time
88 Redline - Twistin' the knife
89 Uriah Heep - Tears Of The World
90 Royal Hunt - The first rock
91 Everlife - I could get used to this
92 Firewind - Into the fire
93 H.A.R.D. - Stay
95 Ari Koivunen - Sweet madness
96 Robert Berry - Young hearts
97 Lovex - Take a shot
98 Cinder Road - Sorry
99 Hope - Baby don't cry
100 Khymera - No sacrifice
101 Faith Circus - Tried and true
103 Airbourne - Too much, too young, too fast
104 Seventh Avenue - Priests and servants
105 Crystal Eyes - The devil inside
108 Shadowman - Road to nowhere
109 Leverage - Mister Universe
113 Jeff Scott Soto - Our song
114 Power Quest - Cemetary Gates
115 Shinedown - Devour
116 Reinxeed - Legacy
117 Hardreams - Rebel heart
118 House Of Lords - I need to fly
119 Dirty Penny - Runnin' wild
120 Elevener - This heart of mine
121 Stormwarrior - Heading northe of The holy cross
122 Fantasy Child - The fire burns
123 Myland - Heat of emotion
126 Frozen Rain - Never be a fool again
127 Pyramaze - Ghost light
128 China Blue - Changing ways
130 Powerworld - Creatures
131 Martin Orford - Take it to the sun
132 Honeymoon Suite - She ain’t alright
133 Fantasy Child - Whatever it takes
134 Silent Call - My way, my time
136 Voodoo Circle - Heaven Can Wait
138 The Mystery - Angel
140 Lost Weekend - Back street living
141 Rick Springfield - One Passenger
143 Marcello Vestry - Without you
145 From The Inside - Making waves
146 Moonmadness - Torn
148 The Mystery - Fire keeps on burning
149 Avantasia - Lost in space
150 Metal Scent - Visions
152 Secret Sphere - Bring on
153 Borealis - Lost Voices
154 Crash Moderns - Everybody hates me
155 Liquid Sky - Ghost in the shell
156 Dignity - Arrogance and rapture
157 Grand PM - Red black
159 Suspyre - Siren (One last breath)
160 1RKO - One more time
161 Royal Hunt - Exit wound
162 Dreamtide - Keep from falling
164 Alibi - Just another day
165 Michael Bormann - When push comes to shove
167 SIN - Junia's eyes 
168 Kayak - Alienation
169 Heaven Rain - Beauty Of You
171 Chicago - The pull
173 Orphan project - Angels desire
175 AC/DC - Anything goes
177 Old Man Shattered - All For Nothing
178 David Cook - Declaration
179 Whitesnake - All For Love
182 Shinedown - Sin with a grin
183 Rise Against - Collapse (Post-Amerika)
184 Serenity - Sheltered (by the obscure)
185 Dirty Penny - Midnight Ride
186 Dark Empire - No sign of life
187 Lanfear - The art of being alone
188 Simple Plan - Take my hand
189 Ivory Tower - Warning
190 Neondaze - Live 4 Tonight
191 Cain's Dinasty - Come to me
193 Saints Of The Underground - Tomorrow Never Comes
196 From The Inside - Listen to your heart
197 Acid Black Cherry - 20th Century Boys
198 Skyrion - Born for metal
199 Gypsy Rose - Nothing really matters
201 Hello Operator - Satellites
202 In This Moment - Forever
203 Symphonity - Searching you
204 Random Eyes - You are the reason
205 Crown Of Glory - Pathfinder
206 Scandinavian Metal Praise - Great in power
207 Hinder - Loaded and alone
208 Crash Street Kids - Do you still believe in Rock and Roll
211 Frequency - New world era
212 Mayors Destiny - Cross your heart
213 Shinedown - If you only knew
214 Ankor - Frio adios
215 Keldian - Reaper
216 Seventh Avenue - Hands of the king
217 Six Minute Century - Under the moonlight
219 Malpractice - Fragments
220 Hanging Doll - Sweet retribution
221 Stake Out - Five and dime
222 Sacred Dawn - Asmodeus
223 Ari Koivunen - Give me a reason
225 Eclipse - Breaking my heart again
226 Orden Organ - Something pretending
228 The Claymore - The angels assassination
229 Dark Sky - Chase your dreams
231 Sarah Brightman - Fleurs du mal
233 Soul Secret - Tears of Kalliroe
234 Onmyouza - Shuten Doji
235 Mass - Stevie
236 Down And Above - Hopesablaze
237 Heidevolk - Wodan heerst
238 Lord Divine - By myself
239 Sphinx - Maldita Ilusión
240 Redrum - Heart to heart
242 Syzzy Roxx - Gamblin' With Love
243 Orden Ogan - To new shores of sadness
244 Bittencourt Project - Holding Back The Fire
245 Julian Drive - Unplug
248 Dyve - Dreams
249 Darksun - Libera Me
252 Kiuas - Of sacrifice loss and reward
253 Cryonic Temple - Standing tall
255 Renegade Five - Power in your veins
256 Shannon - Love in your eyes
258 Blessed By A Broken Heart - Ride
259 Girlschool - Legend
260 Lava Engine - Aquarius heart
261 Gus Monsanto - Last Mission
262 Celticia - Misshaped scenes
264 Reincarnatus - Love's calling - Alternative versions
265 Grand Prize - To see you
267 The Becoming - The one to hurt you
268 Silverlane - Wings of eternity
269 Signs Of One - Legend lives
274 Bullet - Dusk till dawn
275 Reamonn - Through The Eyes Of A Child



STRUTTER'ZINE -  First off, apologies for the lack of updates the past 2 months, but we are in the middle of a 'moving out and moving in' process, meaning we are relocating and that will take the next 6 months. However updates will still be done, but less frequently, although for 2009 the plans are that after we are settled in our new environment, more time will allow us to do more updates on the site and also plans for 2 books are currently being prepared. We are expecting to create 2 books into the next 5 years, but details on that will follow...
In the meantime, check the
reviewspages as we have updated with a lot of new reviews, stuff from the underground in the world of melodic rock, aor and prog/power metal! Also the interviewspage has been updated...



STRUTTER'ZINE -  Check the reviewspages as we have updated with a lot of new reviews, stuff from the underground in the world of melodic rock, aor and prog/power metal! 



JOURNEY -  New year, new singer, new album, new tour, well, JOURNEY seems to be heading into another new chapter and even signed a deal with WALMART in the USA for the new album. Europe has the FRONTIERS deal and below is all the info on the new JOURNEY release. In the meantime check out samples at:

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new chapter in the legendary career of multi-Platinum US rockers Journey - Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), Deen Castronovo (drums) and Arnel Pineda (vocals) – entitled “Revelation”.

The brand new record will come in a beautifully packaged two cd set which will include 11 new songs and 11 re-recorded classics and will be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on June 6th 2008.

“Revelation” is the first Journey album to feature the angelic voice of Philipino singer Arnel Pineda. Guitarist Neal Schon says about him “We feel reborn. I think there’s a lot of chemistry between the five of us. The new stuff sounds tremendous. Everyone’s so stoked about it. We feel very fortunate to have found Arnel”.

“Arnel brings a soulful and passionate voice to Journey”, continues keyboardist Jonathan Cain. “His personality is very well-suited to our music. He’s a sincere, authentic person with a great smile and a big heart. I think fans are really going to love him. With Arnel’s soaring tenor, Journey returns to our heritage sound.”

The first album with lead vocalist Arnel Pineda, “Revelation” is Journey running on no less than twelve cylinders, a fine-tuned offering that sounds every bit like a band hitting their stride. Schon and Cain penned all 11 of the new tracks on “Revelation”. There is no lack of chemistry in Journey, beginning with the songwriting core of Schon and Cain. “I felt strongly about moving forward and writing new material. It was time,” Schon states. Schon then put the call into Cain and started the song writing process which has now become the album, “Revelation”. “There’s an innate trust and respect for what we each do as we weave our way through this music,” says Cain. Schon adds, “In the alphabet, I might be a Z and Jonathan the A, that’s just how opposite we are musically sometimes. I write mostly rock and Jonathan writes most of the ballads, but when you combine the chemistry of us together, you’ll find that it is the nucleus and sound of what is and has been Journey. And now, with the right voice in place, we have all the right ingredients.”

“Never Walk Away” kicks “Revelation” off with the resilient air and upbeat optimism fans have come to expect from Journey, a melody-soaked and guitar-driven anthem sure to ignite the live circuit just as it lights up the new release. The heartwarming sentiment offered by “Like a Sunshower” gives a more poetic and reflective look at relationships. It’s an uncharacteristic ballad from the more hard rock-inclined Schon. There’s even an instrumental, “The Journey (Revelation)”, at the request of producer Kevin Shirley, who returns to the fold after working with the band on “Trial By Fire” (1996) and “Arrival” (2000), the band’s first instrumental since “Departure” (1980) and “Evolution” (1979). “This is a special song for me”, Schon says of the sprawling track, “it was extremely gratifying to express myself on my instrument in this way”. This is a great performance from everyone in the band and truly a majestic track.

But every member of Journey shines on the whole of “Revelation”. Lead singer Arnel Pineda does plenty of head turning of his own throughout the new recordings, as well as the 11 classic hits that the band re-recorded. Jonathan Cain’s keyboards elevate “After All These Years” to new emotional heights. “What I Needed” is a power ballad, driven by heavy guitars, reminiscent of the early Journey that so many bands have modeled themselves after. Deen Castronovo drums up a frenzy during the hard-driving rock song, “Wildest Dream.” The talented Castronovo also sings most of the high harmonies heard throughout the album, proving that not only is he an amazing drummer, but he’s a dynamic vocalist as well. Schon’s smoking guitars rip through this track with a cool, eastern flavor. Bassist Ross Valory is steady throughout, a stabilizing force through the albums more driven highs and heartfelt lows.

Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino comments: “Working again with Journey is more than an honour for us. I wish to thank all the parties that worked hard to make this release happen, including Gabe Reed Esq, Azoff Management and the band for the continued trust in our job”.

“Revelation” tracklisting will include the following songs:

Cd1: Never Walk Away; Like A Sunshower; Change For The Better; Wildest Dream; Faith In The Heartland; After All These Years; Where Did I Lose Your Love; What I Needed; What It Takes To Win; Turn Down The World Tonight; The Journey (Revelation).

Cd2: Only The Young; Don't Stop Believin'; Wheel In The Sky; Faithfully; Any Way You Want It; Who's Crying Now; Separate Ways (Worlds Apart); Lights; Open Arms; Be Good To Yourself; Stone In Love.

Journey will support the new album release in Europe with a highly anticipated tour which will include the following dates in June 2008:

6 La Riviera Madrid, Spain

10 Ewerk Koln, Germany

11 Schwarzwaldhalle Karlsruhe, Germany

13 Hessen State Fair, HombergEfze, Germany

14 Jako Arena Bamberg, Germany

15 Arrow Classic Festival, Holland

17 Hammersmith London, England

19 Apollo Manchester, England

20 Clyde Auditorium Glasgow, Scotland

22 Civic Theater Wolverhampton, England

23 Cardiff International Arena Cardiff, Wales

25 National Stadium Dublin, Ireland

27 Nottingham Arena Nottingham, England

28 Harewood House Harrogate, England

“Revelation” is the album to look for. The future looks bright once again.



THY MAJESTIE -  press release

We are proud to announce that the 4th Thy Majestie full lenght has been completed. Recording, mixing and mastering are now finally over. We are ENTHUSIASTIC of the final result. We think (and we don't say that only because it's usual to say these things after a new album) that this is the best album Thy Majestie have ever recorded

Catchy melodies, amazing guitars and keyboards solos (thanks to the guitar hero Simone Campione and the virtuoso Valerio Castorino) and a great, stunning, unbelievable vocal performance by Dario Cascio. "DAWN" is ready and will be released by Dark Balance Records in July the 2nd .

Thy Majestie will be headliners at FEAR DARK festivals in Holland in the end of May and we'll play at Stuttgard (Germany) in the 2nd of June

Claudio Diprima / Thy Majestie 




In addition to already-announced guests Tijs (OCEANS OF SADNESS) and Gus G (FIREWIND), Portuguese Metallers HEAVENWOOD announce that ANNIHILATOR's Jeff Waters will be a very special guest on the band's new album. Jeff will appear on what is described as "the band's most intense and metal song of their career", a track well-suited to Waters titled 'Bridge To Neverland'.

HEAVENWOOD's guitarist, Ricardo Dias says: "Jeff Waters has been building his own metal bridge for years and influencing so many guitarists/ bands, Heavenwood included. It is fair to say that we crafted the song "Bridge To Neverland", clearly as a result of our "Waters/Annihilator" influences. It is an honor for all of us in Heavenwood to have this man on our cd, along with Gus and Tijs.

ANNIHILATOR released its latest album, "Metal", in North America on January 15 via SPV. The CD's ten new tracks were recorded by Jeff Waters (guitar, bass and lead vocals on one song), drum legend Mike Mangini and Dave Padden (longtime vocalist and touring guitarist/vocalist). The album features killer performances by some of metal's finest players and ANNIHILATOR's good friends, like Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Danko Jones, Michael Amott and Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY), Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM), William Adler (LAMB OF GOD), Jeff Loomis, Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES), Steve "Lips" Kudlow, Anders Björler (THE HAUNTED), Jacob Lynam (LYNAM) and more.

Jeff Waters photo - 

Meanwhile, a new Heavenwood video report ( Heavenwood - Orebro, Sweden - April 2008 - Episode 2) filmed on the Fascination Street Studios with producer Jens Bogren on scene, can be viewed at: 

For more info about the band, please feel free to visit  or mail to





"Crystal Tears have joined forces with Ian Parry (Elegy, Consortium), who was invited to write the lyrics and vocal melody lines as a guest vocalist on the new CD!!! The band has also joined forces with R. D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Firewind, Chastain, Eldritch etc.), who will produce the album in Germany!!! Crystal Tears will enter the studio mid May, while Ian plans to start his vocal recordings at his own studio in the Netherlands shortly after."




Last names announced for guests on new Gaia Epicus album!

Here is the final names for the guest musicians appearing on "Damnation". Renato Tribuzy (Tribuzy) will do some vocals on one song of the new album. Renato is a great singer and he has worked with stars such as Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Matt Sinner (Sinner), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween),Roy Z, Roland Grapow and more. Tribuzy released their debut album "Execution" in 2005 via Locomotive Records, in 2007 the band released the live album “ Execution Live Reunion” Via MTM Records and the live DVD “Execution Live Reunion” via Locomotive Records in 2008.

And then we have Dominique Leurquin (Rhapsody of fire, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest) who will play a guitar solo on one song. Dominique is a great guitarist and has been a LIVE guitarist for Rhapsody of fire since the year 2000, and he also plays on their albums. He has been a member of Luca Turilli's solo band since 2006.

There will also be some guitar solos done by Lasse Jensen (Oceans of time), and some keyboard solos done by Fabrizio S Muratori (NhorizoN).

Gaia Epicus is extremely honoured to have all these fantastic people on the album!

Guest line-up for the album:

Roland Grapow from the band Masterplan, ex-Helloween Dominique Leurquin from the bands Rhapsody of fire-live, Luca Turilli's Dreamquest Renato Tribuzy from the band Tribuzy Andreas Olsson from the bands Narnia, Divinefire, Rob Rock, Stormwind Michael Troy from the band Yngwie Malmsteen-live Jonas Hörnqvist from the band Treasure Land Lasse Jensen from the band Oceans of time Fabrizio S Muratori from the band NhorizoN

More news at




Erik Norlander's "Neurosaur" Included in MTV Fashion Show Models walk the runway to "Neurosaur" in MTV's "If I Were King"

April 10, 2008

El Dorado Hills, CA - Models walked the runway to keyboard virtuoso Erik Norlander's song "Neurosaur" in the new Bad Boy Films MTV show "If I Were King" which premiered April 9th. The documentary celebrates the 10th anniversary of Diddy's Sean John fashion line. It offers a private look at one of the most public figures in entertainment. The premiere episode will be rebroadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 2PM ET.

"Neurosaur" songwriter Erik Norlander comments, "I was really impressed with how well my song suited Diddy's event. The cathedral - like hall in which the runway segment was staged -- giant hanging chandeliers and all -- certainly called for a weighty, epic soundtrack with some strong gothic and classical overtones. I am happy to have provided it with "Neurosaur". The show's producers have really shown some great vision, both optically and sonically."

"Neurosaur" was originally released in 1997 on Erik Norlander's debut solo CD "Threshold" and then re-released and remastered on the "Threshold Special Edition" 2CD reissue in 2007 on Norlander's Think Tank Media label, distributed by ProgRock Records / Ryko Distribution. Norlander's strong compositional vision, state-of-the-art production sensibility, command of vintage technology and masterful keyboard technique permanently burned "Threshold" into progressive rock history. Virtuoso keyboardist Erik Norlander was joined by drummer / percussionist Greg Ellis (The Matrix films, Vas) and bassist Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane) to create a prog rock power trio whose depth and range matched past greats such as ELP, Rush and Cream. In 2007, Erik re-released the astounding 2CD version of "Threshold" complete with 10 bonus tracks and a high-resolution Quicktime video of Erik performing his legendary "Trantor Station" live at the California ProgWest progressive music festival on his famous modular Moog synthesizer. In addition, the Special Edition package includes an ultra-deluxe 20-page full-color CD booklet with extensive liner notes by Erik, rock keyboard icon Keith Emerson, the participating musicians and numerous others contributors associated with the album. "Neurosaur" also appears on Erik Norlander's two live releases, the "Stars Rain Down" CD (2004) and "Live in St. Petersburg" DVD (2006).

For more information about Erik Norlander, please visit  and . For more info about "If I Were King", please visit

Disclaimer: Erik Norlander, Think Tank Media, and Serge Entertainment PR are in no way affiliated with Bad Boy Entertainment or Bad Boy Films.



::: AOR & Metal Heaven - June 2008 releases & some news :::

::: DARK SKY - new studio album "Empty Faces" due on AOR Heaven on June 27th, 2008 :::

DARK SKY had been founded as a school band in the very early 80’s in the South German city of Rottweil. The release of their 3rd studio album "Living & Dying" (2005) marked the first output for their current label AOR Heaven.

After playing lots of concerts during 2005 and 2006 the band started to pre-produce songs for the new album “Empty Faces”. It was again producer Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS) who made sure that “Empty Faces” was provided with the required power. The recordings were finished in February 2008. Track list: 1. Hands Up, 2. Empty Faces, 3. Slave Of Time, 4. Send Them To Hell, 5. Chase Your Dreams, 6. Maniac, 7. Saints Beneath The Sky, 8. Pleasure & Pain, 9. Believe It, 10. Meaning Of Life, 11. Final Day (Hidden Track)

Vocals: Frank Breuninger; Guitars: Steffen Doll; Drums: Uwe Mayer; Bass: Winny Zurek ; Keyboards: Claudio Nobile 


::: "That's Live" - German Hard Rockers SOUL DOCTOR return with their first ever live release!"

After the successful and highly acclaimed release of their latest, in total 4th, studio recording entitled “Blood Runs Cold”, the time was right for SOUL DOCTOR, the energetic Hard Rock band from Berlin, Germany to release their first ever live album.

The band around singer Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne is a powerful live piece which the band impressively confirms on the “That’s Live” opus. Recorded during the years 2005-2007, the disc contains 13 songs which originally had come from all four studio albums.

„That’s Live“ will be released in Europe as limited, exclusive double CD package. Whilst CD 1 contains the live recordings, CD 2 offers for bonus tracks from the archives of the Germans, i.e. „Revolution“ (different version), „Laugh In The Face Of Danger“ (different version), „Justine“ (acoustic version) und „The Ocean“ (acoustic version). Additionally incuded in the limited edition of the his release will be a numbered tour pass as goodie for the fans. This pass also is a part of a competition where one lucky number will win a original Epiphone acoustic guitar signed by the band! The album will be released on Metal Heaven on June 27th, 2008.

Live songs on CD 1 (not final running order): Blood Runs Cold, Under Your Skin, Good Time's Slippin' Away, Temptation, See You In Heaven, Eatin' On Me, Laugh In The Face Of Danger, Get It On, Goodbye, Unspoken Words, What Do U Want, Soul Doctor, Just Can't Get Over You  & 


::: SANDALINAS - 2 gigs with TESTAMENT in Spain! :::

Please spread around the following dates:

24.06.2008 E-Madrid, Heineken 25.06.2008 E-Barcelona, Apolo TSO and former Savatage guitar player Chris Caffery will join SANDALINAS on stage during these shows. 

New album: "Fly To The Sun" - out now on Metal Heaven.


::: Fires Of Babylon @ Myspace :::

FIRES OF BABYLON set up some soundclips on their myspace site at: 

Check them out there! The band's debut self-titled album will be released on April 25th on Metal Heaven.



MoonMadness debut album ”All In Between” out in May!

MoonMadness releases their debut album ”All In Between” in Finland on May 7th. On this the MoonMads marry together something old with something new in uninhibited manner. The result is material of which not exists any excess supply; timeless hard rock with some sharp defined vintage flavours!

“Shot Through The Wing”, the single from the album will be available from download stores on March 26th. The video of the same song is now on the MoonMadness Myspace!

MoonMadness started already around the Millennium, so what will be soon available has been prepared with time and affection. “Stroke of Midnight”, the opening track of the album, was released already as a single last year and made the Finnish top-20.

MoonMadness has toured around Finnish rock clubs for couple of years and has supported names as Yngwie Malmsteen and Sonata Arctica on the way. As “All In Between” is released in May the band hits the road, this time highlighted with a performance at Sauna Open Air festival in hometown Tampere in June.

MoonMadness: Heidi Bergbacka - Vocals Otto Hallamaa – Guitar Juha Leppäharju - Bass Antto Nikolai Tuomainen - Drums Turkka Vuorinen - Keyboards




URIAH HEEP -  "WAKE THE SLEEPER - THE NEW URIAH HEEP ALBUM, TO BE RELEASED June 2th 2008. Here is the cover artwork!

30 million album selling British rock legends return with first new studio album in ten years….

Announce Release Of New Studio Album Album: “Wake The Sleeper” Release Date: 2nd June 2008

Universal Music are delighted to announce the release of a new studio album from British rock legends Uriah Heep in June 2008.

“Wake The Sleeper” will be Uriah Heep’s first studio album in almost ten years (the first since 1998’s “Sonic Origami”) and is set to herald an exciting new phase for the band. The album see’s Uriah Heep back to their very best and is set to become a future classic – sure to please their dedicated worldwide fan base and fans of progressive rock in general. Recorded in 2007 the album was produced by Mike Paxman (Status Quo, Judie Tzuke).

In the words of Mick Box, “We are delighted to be reunited with a major label in Universal music. “Wake The Sleeper” is an album we are incredibly proud of, and one that we hope the fans will see as one of Uriah Heep’s best. We can’t wait to get back out on the road to showcase the new songs.”

The live arena has been vital to the longevity of Uriah Heep. So in addition to album sales of over 30 million worldwide the band have toured in 52 countries and established themselves as consummate live performers. The band has a series of impressive firsts including being the first British rock band to play Russia in December 1987.

This is the band's first album without their long-standing and original drummer, Lee Kerslake who sadly had to leave the band due to ill health in January 2007. Filling the drum stool for the very first time is the hugely well respected Russell Gilbrook (Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Van Morrison, John Farnham and Lonnie Donnegan). Current band line up is Mick Box – Guitar, Vocals Trevor Bolder – Bass, Vocals Phil Lanzon – Keyboards, Vocals Bernie Shaw - Lead Vocals and Russell Gilbrook – Drums, Vocals.

Full album tracklisting as follows:

1 – Wake The Sleeper 2 – Overload 3 – Tears Of the World 4 – Light Of A Thousand Stars 5 – Heavens Rain 6 – Book Of Lies 7 – What Kind Of God 8 – Ghost Of The Ocean 9 – Angels Walk With You 10 – Shadow 11 – War Child

Uriah Heep's progressive heavy metal made the British band one of the most popular hard rock groups of the early '70s. Formed by guitarist Mick Box and vocalist David Byron in the late '60s, Uriah Heep released their debut album “Very ‘eavy…Very ‘umble” in 1970. Since then the band have released 20 studio albums and played to millions of fans across the globe. Uriah Heep remain one of British rocks most consistent and long standing acts with album sales of over 30 million worldwide. “Wake The Sleeper” will be Uriah Heep’s 21st studio album…

Wake The Sleeper will also be released on Vinyl as a 12” Limited Edition in a stunning gatefold sleeve.

“Wake The Sleeper” is released through Universal Music on the 2nd June 2008. The album will also be available as a limited edition 12” vinyl. Cat no: CMEVD441






I think these charts will perfectly reflect our thoughts on 2007, as it is divided into different subawards, in which we perfectly demonstrate what Strutter'zine is all about, finding the best created melodies in this Rock and Metalworld in a certain year. Please be aware these are our thoughts and should not be considered everyone's opinion, as like most charts/awards, they are always different from each other and that is a good thing, as we all need to have our own opinion, BUT I do hope this look-back-at-2007 according to us will give you a good look on our thoughts of this year, hope you enjoy reading and write if you have any comments, your opinion is always welcome...


These are the 10 CDs you must own!

1 Nocturnal Rites The 8th sin
2 Pride Of Lions The roaring of dreams
3 Nightwish Dark passion play
4 Stan Bush In this life
5 Poodles, The Sweet trade
6 Gotthard Domino effect
7 Sturm Und Drang Learning to rock
8 Frederiksen Denander Baptism of fire
9 Loverboy Just getting started
10 Ride The Sky New protection
11 Mystic Prophecy Satanic curse
12 Koivunen, Ari Fuel for the fire
13 After Forever After Forever
14 Allen/Lande The revenge
15 Within Temptation The heart of everything
16 Bloodbound Book of the dead
17 Epica The divine conspiracy
18 Dream Theater Systematic chaos
19 Vision Divine The 25th hour
20 Symphony X Paradise lost
21 Sun Caged Artemesia
22 Stormzone Caught in the act
23 Helloween Gambling with the devil
24 Donnas, The Bitchin'
25 Dennis De Young One hundred years from now
26 Avalanch Muerte Y Vida
27 Nemesea In control
28 Rush Snakes and arrows
29 Threshold Dead reckoning
30 Lizzy Borden Appointment with death
31 Magica Hereafter
32 La Ventura A new beginning
33 Kamelot Ghost opera
34 Eden's Curse Eden's Curse
35 Dreamland Eye for an eye
36 Derdian New Era Part 2: War of the Gods
37 Dark Water Calling the earth to witness
38 Pink Cream 69 In10sity
39 Iced Earth Framing armageddon: Something wicked part 1
40 Heavenly Virus
41 Pagan's Mind God's equation
42 Primal Fear New religion
43 Turner, Joe Lynn Second hand life
44 White Wolf Victim of the spotlight
45 Zorn Project, Lec It began in the underground
46 Two Of A Kind Two Of A Kind
47 Vanishing Point The fourth season
48 Seven Tears In every frozen tear
49 Space Odyssey Tears of the sun
50 Silent Force Walk the earth
51 Readman, David David Readman
52 Krypteria Bloodangel's cry
53 Giant Leap, The Another day rising
54 Burn Global waming
55 Crash Diet The unattractive revolution
56 Evanescence The open door
57 Dreamscape 5th season
58 House Of Games Rise and shines
59 Los Angeles Los Angeles
60 Scorpions Humanity Hour 1
61 Thought Chamber Angular perceptions
62 Lord Ascendence
63 Goodbye Thrill Goodbye Thrill
64 Insania Stockholm Agony - Gift of life
65 Beck, Robin Livin' on a dream
66 At Vance VII
67 Casual Silence Lost in life
68 Anubis Gate Andromeda unchained
69 Machine Men Circus of fools
70 Thunderstone Evolution 4.0
71 Starcastle Song of times
72 Northern Kings Reborn
73 Letter 7 Salt of the earth
74 Eyes Of Eden Faith
75 Xystus Surreal
76 Dante Fox Under the seven skies
77 Circus Maximus Isolate
78 Excalion Waterlines
79 Evidence One The sky is the limit
80 Jaded Heart Sinister mind
81 Manowar Gods of war
82 Norway Rising up from the ashes
83 Alias Eye In focus
84 Airtime Liberty manifesto
85 Astral Doors New revelation
86 Codex, The The Codex
87 Domine Ancient spirit rising
88 Iron Savior Megatropolis
89 Knight Area Under a new sign
90 Kotipelto Serenity
91 Vertigo Take me back
92 Tempestt Bring 'em on
93 Masterplan MK2
94 Action Action
95 Kingfisher Sky Hallway of dreams
96 Twilightning Swinelords
97 Xandria Salome: The seventh veil
98 Poverty's No Crime Save my soul
99 Messiah's Kiss Dragonheart
100 Edenbridge The chronicles of Eden
101 Magnum Princess alice and the broken arrow
102 Wurdalak Desde el silencio
103 Labyrinth 6 days to nowhere
104 Civilization One Revolution rising
105 Indigo Dying Indigo Dying
106 Amaran's Pflight Voice in the light
107 Hartmann Home
108 Kyrie Eleison …In the arms of decadence
109 Shade One way line
110 Sacred Heart Shake
111 Riplets, The Rock
112 Pathostray Pathostray
113 Mind's Eye A gentleman's hurricane
114 Snow Snow
115 Freedom Call Dimensions
116 Poor Genetic Material Paradise out of time
117 Blind Ego Mirror
118 Marion Raven Set me free
119 Tarot Crows fly back
120 Road To Ruin Road To Ruin
121 Serenity Words untold and dreams unlived
122 Octavia Sperati Grace submerged
123 Glory Opera Quilibrium
124 Gaia Epicus Victory
125 Fraise A new beginning
126 Twilight Guardians Ghost reborn
127 Visions Of Atlantis Trinity
128 Delight Breaking ground
129 Lorihen Bajo la cruz
130 Nostradameus Pathway
131 Razorback Deadringer
132 Pedestrians Of Blue Crossing over
133 Pakarinen, Hanna Lovers
134 Symphorce Become death
135 Dorian Gray Burning
136 Shylock Devotion
137 Mehida Blood and water
138 Grace, Alana Break the silence
139 Poley, Ted Smile
140 Ironica Consequences
141 Myon Frame works

The 10 most disappointing releases

By far, TNT, with an absolute horrible release that disappointed as much as their late 1990s records. NIGHT RANGER for it's extremely modern release that had nothing to do with classic NIGHT RANGER, LION'S SHARE for their change of singer, which resulted in a standard release, EVIDENCE ONE put out one of the best albums 2 years ago, but now released an average new release and furthermore standard albums of surprisingly the big Power Metal bands, with KAMELOT, VISION DIVINE, SONATA ARCTICA, LABYRINTH and MASTERPLAN as the 5 bands, which released in the past super sensational Classics in the Power Metal genre, but now all becoming a reflection of their own image with only a few really good songs aside from a lot of standard material, maybe the end of an era?!?!
Night Ranger 2
Lion's Share 3
Evidence One 4
Sonata Arctica 5
Crystal Ball 6
Hartmann 7
Labyrinth 8
Masterplan 9
Kamelot/Vision Divine 10


Best Singers      
Mainly based on the vocal performance on a record (or in the case of WORK OF ART on a demo)…  
male   female  
Jonny Lindkvist (Nocturnal Rites) 1 Floor Jansen (After Forever) 1
Bjørn Jansson (Ride The Sky) 2 Anette Olzon (Nightwish) 2
Rusell Allen (Allen/Lande, Symphony X) 3 Simone Simons (Epica) 3
Lars Safsund (Work Of Art) 4 Ji-In Cho (Krypteria) 4
Jorn Lande (Allen/Lande, Jorn, Ken Hensley) 5 Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) 5
David Readman (Pink Cream 69 + solo) 6 Manda Ophuis (Nemesea) 6
Dennis De Young (solo, ex-Styx) 7 Robin Beck 7
Stan Bush 8 Carla Douw (La Ventura) 8
Michael Bormann (Redline, Bloodbound) 9 Marion Raven 9
Fergie Frederiksen (Frederiksen/Denander) 10 Sue Willetts (Dante Fox) 10


Most promising releases scheduled for 2008    
2008 looks very exciting with the following 15 album of the year contenders! Let's look at this list in 12 months time!
Brother Firetribe 1  
Work Of Art 2  
House Of Lords 3  
Avantasia 4  
Leverage 5  
Dream Evil 6  
Land Of Tales 7  
Kayak 8  
Asia 9  
Mecca 10  
Saint Deamon 11  
Khymera 12  
Journey 13  
Whitesnake 14  
Wig Wam 15  


A very bad year for re-issues, although it was the year when one of the greatest albums of all times was re-issued (Preview), ROCK CANDY RECORDS establishing themselves as the best re-issue label, RETROSPECT RECORDS to follow next year!?!?
Preview - Preview 1
MTB/Michael Thomson Band - MTB/Michael Thomson Band 2
Alliance (1982) - Alliance (1982) 3
Hughes/Thrall - Hughes/Thrall 4
Balance - In for the count 5


Almost impossible to do, first of all, FRONTIERS RECORDS being each year the only label in the world to release high quality sensational albums the whole year round, with a tight schedule, excellent press information, etc. etc. so by far the best label out there. The only other label that comes close is NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, due to some of Metal's best releases and amazing packaging of these releases. The rest... each label has done very good releases, no matter what they are called, all doing good jobs, so hard to mention a number 3, let's just put them all on that spot!
Frontiers Records 1
Nuclear Blast Records 2
The rest… 3


Not based on quantity, but on quality releases, the chart reflects in which country the most sensational material was created...
Sweden 1
Finland 2
Germany 4
Holland 5
Canada 6
Switzerland 7
UK 8
Brazil 9
Norway 10
Australia 11
Italy 12
Spain 13
Denmark 14
Argentina 15


This chart is not only based on how good an album the particular band released in 2007 is, but also on other aspects, such as a comeback, a new singer, a new band, their media exposure etc. etc.
In the case of Nightwish a fantastic comeback with a great singer, Sturm Und Drang being the youngest band with one of Melodic Metal's finest releases this year, Ride The Sky being Uli Kusch' new baby and beating out the hell of Masterplan, Loverboy making their best album in almost 20 years, beating the hell out of their terrible 1990s studio-CD 'Six'. Then we have excellent new albums of The Poodles, Dream Theater, Epica, After Forever and of course album of the year, Nocturnal Rites. The reason why some of these bands scored lower here than on the album chart of the year is the fact that they just released an album and there was nothing more, no further impact or whatsoever, just the record. Bands doing a large tour, media appearances, making videos, etc. etc. are making more impact for the band of the year award, so that's why bands like After Forever and Epica scored higher on this chart. Consider this a promotion problem of the band's label or management, although I must add here that budget is another aspect, because for example Pride Of Lions is not able to do a full tour like Nightwish is doing. Therefore this chart should be judged differently than our album chart of the year award...
Nightwish 1
Sturm Und Drang 2
Ride The Sky 3
Loverboy 4
The Poodles 5
Dream Theater 6
Epica 7
Gotthard 8
Pride Of Lions 9
Nemesea 10
Nocturnal Rites 11
After Forever 12
Within Temptation 13
Eden's Curse 14
Primal Fear 15
Symphony X 16
Scorpions 17
Rush 18
Circus Maximus 19
Machine Men 20
Kamelot 21
Bloodbound 22
Nostradameus 23
Two Of A Kind 24
Dreamland 25
At Vance 26
Insania 27
Norway 28
Lord 29
Sun Caged 30
Mystic Prophecy 31
Helloween 32
Pink Cream 69 33
Crashdiet 34
Glory Opera 35
Excalion 36
Into Eternity 37
Tempestt 38
Cryptic Vision 39
Vision Divine 40
Thunderstone 41
Xandria 42
Axenstar 44
Krypteria 45
Lost Weekend 46
Burn 47
Last Autumn's Dream 48
Kingfisher Sky 49
Xystus 50
Threshold 51
Heavenly 52
Dragonland 53
Civilization One 54
Final Frontier 55
The Donnas 56
Astral Doors 57
Celesty 58
La Ventura 59
Dante Fox 60
Silent Force 61
Domine 62
Delight 63
Pagan's Mind 64
Derdian 65
Avalanch 66
Manowar 67
Magica 68
HIM 69
Lizzy Borden 70
REO Speedwagon 71
Octavia Sperati 72


Demos/Independent Bands  
Demos are rare, Myspace took over and bands offer themselves on that site instead of recording and sending out a demo, but still the following 5 bands with a demo or an independent release made a huge impact on us, number 1 and 7 already being signed and releasing CDs on Frontiers Records next year...
Work Of Art 1
Fair Off 2
Dream 3
Dream Asylum 4
Kings Of Modesty 5
Neverday 6
Land Of Tales 7
CC Rock 8
Tri State Corner 9
Tempestt 10


Rush was technically speaking the finest concert in 2007, for me their first night in Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but still Journey with an already departed Jeff Scott Soto on vocals was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime event in one of the most beautiful theatres in the world, that being Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, sad to see a band reaching another low point in their career only a few months later. On the other hand, the band made 2007 look like 2006, when they also put on one of the greatest shows in The Netherlands, but reaching a low point shortly after, let's see what 2008 will bring, as they seem to have HUGE plans... again...


Newcomer of the year award  
No doubt about it, Sturm Und Drang was the best new band. Still 2007 did not bring us that much new bands, it was more new albums of established acts.  
Sturm Und Drang 1
Ride The Sky 2
Eden's Curse 3
Tempestt 4
Letter 7         5


DVD of the year award  
No discussion possible here because Y&T was the absolute best DVD of 2007!
Y&T - Live: One hot night (speachless…) 1
Manowar - Magic Circle Festival (the whole package, they did it again…) 2
Dakota (not visually and not as professional as any major label DVD, BUT amazing unique  performance!) 3
Bonfire (great show from a great band) 4
Zebra (perfect biography) 5



1 Nocturnal Rites - Not Like You
2 Frederiksen Denander - Never Try To Love Again
3 Pride Of Lions - Love's eternal flame
4 Bloodbound - Turn To Stone
5 Gotthard - Now
6 Sturm Und Drang - The raven
7 Nocturnal Rites - Never Again
8 Loverboy - Back for more
9 Allen/Lande - Wake-up call
10 Thunderstone - 10.000 Ways
11 Stan Bush - I'll Never Fall
12 Machine Men - No talk without the giant
13 Epica - Never enough
14 Ride The Sky - A smile from heaven's eye
15 After Forever - Energize me
16 Mehida - Guilty
17 Dream Asylum - Just let me know
18 Shylock - U feel
19 Ari Koivunen - Hear my call
20 Gotthard - The oscar goes to you
21 Work Of Art - Why do I
22 Kamelot - Edenecho
23 Bloodbound - Into Eternity
24 Nemesea - Believe
25 Nostradameus - The untouchables
26 Dreamland - Eye For An Eye
27 After Forever - Envision
28 Nightwish - Cadence of her last breath
29 Eden's Curse - Fly away
30 Primal Fear - Fighting the darkness
31 Insania - Hope
32 Norway - Anything at all
33 Lord - Same old lines
34 Sturm Und Drang - Mortals
35 Pride Of Lions - Let Me Let You Go
36 Within Temptation - The howling
37 Ari Koivunen - Stormwind
38 Pride Of Lions - Language of the heart
39 Nightwish - For the Heart I Once Had
40 Dream Theater - The Ministry Of Lost Souls
41 Ari Koivunen - Stay true
42 Symphony X - Eve of seduction
43 Helloween - As long as I fall
44 Mystic Prophecy - Sacrifice Me
45 Pink Cream 69 - Out of this World
46 Crashdiet - Overnight
47 Allen/Lande - Under the waves
48 Sun Caged - Departing words
49 Within Temptation - Frozen
50 Glory Opera - Ants of fire
51 Excalion - Arriving as the Dark
52 Frederiksen Denander - Let Him Go
53 Circus Maximus - Arrival of love
54 David Readman - Don't let it slip away
55 Ride The Sky - The prince of darkness
56 Vision Divine - Eyes of a child
57 Symphony X - Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies)
58 Mehida - Grace
59 At Vance - Golden leaves
60 Dream - Never let go
61 The Poodles - Band of brother
62 Scorpions - Humanity
63 Krypteria - Somebody save me
64 The Poodles - Reach the sky
65 Burn - Dangerous Times
66 Last Autumn's Dream - After tomorrow's gone
67 Two Of A Kind - The Longest night
68 After Forever - Sweet enclosure
69 Fair Off - Not in paradise
70 Kingfisher Sky - Seven Feet
71 Dennis De Young - Rain
72 Tempestt - Enemy in you
73 Avantasia - Lost in space
74 Sturm Und Drang - Broken
75 Magica - No matter what
76 Frederiksen Denander - Written in stone
77 Los Angeles - When You Think Of Me
78 Kamelot - Silence of the darkness
79 Marion Raven - Falling away
80 Xandria - Save my life
81 Astral Doors - Freedom war
82 Octavia Sperati - Moonlit
83 Dante Fox - The Last Goodbye
84 Silent Force - My Independence Day
85 Gotthard - Master of Illusion
86 HIM - Bleed well
87 Threshold - Slipstream
88 Lec Zorn Project - Long time coming
89 Xystus - R.O.C.
90 Domine - Tempest calling
91 Within Temptation - Hand of sorrow
92 Delight - Divided
93 Scorpions - The game of life
94 Voices Of Rock - Slip away
95 Pagan's Mind - United alliance
96 Derdian - I Don't Wanna Die
97 Rush - Far cry
98 Avalanch - Hoy te he vuelto a recordar
99 Neverday - Broken hearts
100 Manowar - Blood brothers
101 Eden's Curse - Judgement day
102 Lizzy Borden - Tomorrow never comes
103 Heavenly - Spill Blood On Fire
104 La Ventura - Trefoil
105 REO Speedwagon - I Needed To Fall
106 Fair Off - U
107 Robin Beck - Love Me Like A Man
108 Thought Chamber - A legends avalon
109 Tri State Corner - Ela na this
110 Hanna Pakarinen - Kiss of life
111 Skansis - Dangermind
112 Bloodbound - The tempter
113 Epica - Living a lie
114 House Of Games - Evil in needle
115 The Donnas - Don't Wait Up for Me
116 Kresta - Fantasy
117 Iced Earth - Ten thousand strong
118 CC Rock - My special lady
119 Gamma Ray - When the world
120 Hartmann - Coming home to you
121 Dream Theater - Forsaken
122 Steel Seal - Anger storm
123 Ride The Sky - New Protection
124 Anubis Gate - The final overture
125 Darkwater - Tallest Tree
126 When The Empire Falls - The blood in your hands
127 Poverty's No Crime - Open your eyes
128 Dream - Cry
129 DGM - New life
130 Civilization One - Legends of the Past (Carry On)
131 Circus Maximus - Abyss
132 Hanna Pakarinen - Leave me alone
133 Uniklubi - Myrrky
134 White Wolf - America
135 The Codex - Beyond The Dark
136 Eyes of Eden - Star
137 Joe Lynn Turner - Blood red sky
138 David Readman - Without you
139 Vitalij Kuprij - Burning My Soul
140 Astra - You'll Be Forever Young
141 The Click Five - Addicted to me
142 Wetton Downes - Finger on the trigger
143 Land Of Tales - All the same
144 Ken Hensley - This is just the beginning
145 Two Of A Kind - Light in the Dark
146 Airtime - River runs deep
147 Kelly Clarkson - Never Again
148 Iron Savior - Cybernatic Queen
149 Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Obsession
150 The Giant Leap - Somebody else
151 Deadlock - Code Of Honor
152 Metalium - Spirits
153 Marion Raven - Break You
154 Gary Hughes - I Know It's Time
155 Allen Lande - Who can you trust
156 Primal Fear - Everytime it rains
157 Dark Water - Habit
158 Human Zoo - Over the horizon
159 The Ladder - Sea of love
160 Morian - Away from the sun
161 Alana Grace - Paranoid
162 Ana Johnsson - Catch me if you can
163 At Vance - Shiver
164 Iron Fire - Follow the sign
165 Hard Spirit - Every street of sorrow
166 Twilightning - Isolation Shell
167 Rush - Workin' them angels
168 Civilization One - The lost souls
169 Razorback - Deadringer
170 Lorihen - Vida eterna
171 Kelly Keaggy - When nobody's looking
172 Elli - Can't deny it
173 Messiah's Kiss - Northern_nights
174 Holy Hell - Last vision
175 Suspyre - April in the fall
176 Robby Valentine - Save Myself
177 Starcastle - Babylon
178 Ancara - Deny
179 Indigo Dying - Shattered life
180 Xandria - Vampire
181 Letter 7 - Salt of the Earth
182 The Donnas - When the show is over
183 Jeremy Camp - Tonight
184 Heavenly - The prince of the world
185 The Riplets - After Eight (the boy can dance)
186 After Eight - Now you can show
187 Dead Poetic - In coma
188 Essence Of Sorrow - Hollow
189 Strung Out - Calling
190 Cypher Seer - On chained down
191 Tarot - Crows fly back
192 Razorback - Dedringer
193 Brunorock - Julia
194 Nocturnal Rites - Call Out To The World
195 Vanishing Point - Behind the open door
196 Xystus - Mystified
197 Tempestt - Fallen moon
198 Threshold - Hollow
199 Allen/Lande - Obsession
200 Caamora - Shadows
201 Kyrie Eleison - Children of pain
202 Allen/Lande - Master of sorrow
203 Action - Don't leave me lonely
204 Seven Tears - Faded memory
205 Redrum - Heart to heart
206 Ironica - Make me whole again
207 Rock Ignition - Too tough to take
208 Rob Rock - Savior's call
209 Stone Lake - Cold blood
210 Night Ranger - Whatever Happened
211 Sun Caged - A fair trade
212 Sieges Even - Eyes Wide Open
213 Vertigo - Nobody's girl
214 Bad Religion - Grains of wrath
215 Nuclear Blast All Stars - Dirty wings
216 The Hooters - I'm alive
217 Pedestrians Of Blue - Promises
218 Bloodpit - Wise men don't cry
219 Jet Trail - Can you hear me calling
220 Nemesea - No more
221 Vindictiv - Dreams of a demon's head
222 Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind
223 Linehouse - Stormrider
224 Sirenia - My mind's eye
225 Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God
226 Aquaria - Iara
227 Ari Koivunen - Angels Are Calling
228 Rob Rock - Millernial reign
229 Blaze - See the light
230 David Bisbal - Silencio
231 Union Mac - Bring me in
232 Magnum - When we were younger


Final notes
Each year we are facing the problem if a certain release is released in 2006 or 2007 and this year it's the Harem Scarem release, which was released in late December 2006, so not included here and sadly also not last year due to late arrival of the disc.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed our yearly charts and we are already looking forward to 2008, as this looks to become yet another sensational year!




STRUTTER'ZINE- Wow, we made it, well almost, a few more days and 2007 is over and out. However, before we say goodbye to another glorious rock and metal year, check out about 100 new CD reviews I just uploaded, some interview and in a few days we will also present our look back at 2007, with the annual charts of best albums, best songs, best singers, best bands, best labels, etc. etc. look for this at the turn of the year, let's say the very first of January 2008! In the meantime...





STRUTTER'ZINE- 2 more new interviews have been uploaded, check them here. These interviews are with KEVIN CHALFANT, a very long interview in which the man tells us some very interesting notes and also BROTHER FIRETRIBE/LEVERAGE singer PEKKA HEINO about the 2008 albums both bands are gonna release...




STRUTTER'ZINE- First of all, 4 new interviews have been uploaded, check them out here. Coming up our yearly charts, looking back at 2007 and maybe an all-times TOP 200 SONGS and ALBUMS, let's see how far we can go here in the next few weeks. Working on a new reviewspage update and 2008 will be a rockin' year for sure, with our much praised WORK OF ART and LAND OF TALES both releasing their debut albums on FRONTIERS RECORDS...


KEVIN DUBROW- Of course this was the most shocking news last week, KEVIN DUBROW of QUIET RIOT sadly died. R.I.P. Kevin, may your music forever will remain in the hearts of all the Metalheads worldwide!



STRUTTER'ZINE- A bunch new reviews uploaded, check them out HERE





Shaman (formerly Shaaman), the revamped Brazilian band featuring extraordinary drummer Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra) and talented singer Thiago Bianchi (who recently replaced former Shaaman and Angra vocalist Andrè Matos) signed a deal with Scarlet Records. ‘Immortal’ is the confirmed title for the new effort and it will be released in November. Here’s the tracklist:

01. Renovatti

02. Inside Chains

03. Tribal by Blood

04. Immortal

05. One Life

06. In the Dark

07. Strenght

08. Freedom

09. Never Yield

10. The Yellow Brick Road

The songs ‘One Life’ and ‘In The Dark’ can be streamed on the following locations. You can also check out the photo shooting from the ‘In The Darkvideoclip recording sessions:

One Life’:

In The Dark’:





Frontiers Records is proud to welcome onboard TED POLEY for the release of his forthcoming solo album entitled “Smile” on October 19th 2007 !

Best known as lead vocalist for the legendary Melodic Rock masters DANGER DANGER, Ted has also fronted in the past few years such bands as BONEMACHINE, with whom he has recorded 2 successful studio and 1 live album, MELODICA with Austrian guitarist Gerhard Pichler. He started his solo career with the release of “Collateral Damage” in 2006.

My new cd Smile continues where Collateral Damage left off” explains Ted, “however it is much more evolved with amazing guitar work by JK Northrup. I am sure the guitar fans and players out there will be totally pleased. JK’s lead work is off the hook”.

Helping Ted on the album are the aforementioned JK Northrup (ex KING KOBRA and NORTHRUP / SHORTINO) on guitar and bass, Eric Ragno (Ramos, Takara) on keyboards and Dan Zoid on drums, with Vic Rivera appearing on guitars on “Smile” and “Will Ya”. Ted co-wrote most of the songs together with Tom and James Martin (Khymera, House of Lords).

I know everyone says that their new cd is their best but this one really is!” states Ted “I wanted to be myself but sound as great as possible, work with the best musicians and start out the best songs. I co-wrote a lot with some of my own personal favourite writers around the world. I am a very happy guy these days. I am still having the fun of remaining in DANGER DANGER and at the same time I am having fun, thus the title “Smile”. It reflects perfectly my current mood as well as my live show attitude. I am a very happy guy when I am doing music!” 

Tracklisting of “Smile” includes the following songs:

Waiting Line; Going Blind; Smile; What If She Knew; More Than Goodbye; Luv On Me; If You Can’t Change Your Heart (Then Let Me Blow Your Mind); Why Can’t We Pretend That It’s Over?; Life Keeps Me Spinning Round; Where It Ends; Will Ya; Reprise (If You Can’t Change Your Heart)

Don’t forget that TED POLEY will attend, as DANGER DANGER frontman, the UNITED FORCES OF ROCK Festival in Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart), Germany on September 30th 2007 !

 “Smile” will be in all fine record shops in Europe from October 19th. Don’t miss TED POLEY’s ultimate Melodic Rock masterpiece !


PRIMAL FEAR announced more tour dates in support of their awesome forthcoming album “New Religion”. Don’t miss this amazing band in their favourite environment!

PRIMAL FEAR “New Religion” TOUR 2007

06.10.2007  USA - Atlanta - Prog Power

13.10.2007  NL - Geleen – Hanehof

14.10.2007  CH - Zürich - Rohstofflager

15.10.2007  IT - Milan - Alcatraz

16.10.2007  IT - Rome - Alpheus

18.10.2007  ES - Sevilla - Sala Q

19.10.2007  ES - Bergara - Sala Jam

20.10.2007  ES - Madrid - Macumba

21.10.2007  ES - Barcelona - Apolo

23.10.2007  FR - Bordeaux - Barbey

09.11.2007  BE - Antwerpen - Hof Ter Lo

10.11.2007  D - Passau - VA Halle

11.11.2007  FR - Strassbourg – La Laterie

12.11.2007  FR - Paris - tba

14.11.2007  DK - Kopenhagen – The Rock

15.11.2007  SE - Gothenburg - Trädgarn

16.11.2007  SE - Stockholm - tba

17.11.2007  NO - Haugesund - Byscene

18.11.2007  NO - Oslo - John Dee

19.11.2007  SE - Linköping - Cloetta Center

21.11.2007  FI - Oulu – Theatre

22.11.2007  FI - Helsinki – Nosturi

24.11.2007  PO - tba - tba

25.11.2007  CZ - Brezolupy - Venue tba

03.12.2007  JP - Tokyo - Shibuya O-East

05.12.2007  JP - Nagoya - Bottom Line

06.12.2007  JP - Osaka - Club Quattro

11.12.2007  D - Hamburg - Markthalle

12.12.2007  D - Saarbrücken - Kulturfabrik

13.12.2007  D - Stuttgart - LKA

14.12.2007  D - Memmingen - Kaminwerk

15.12.2007  D - Düsseldorf - Phillipshalle

16.12.2007  D - Braunschweig - Meier Music Hall          

18.12.2007  D - Nürnberg - Hirsch

19.12.2007  D - Tuttlingen - Alte Festhalle

20.12.2007  D - München – Metropolis

21.12.2007  D - Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal



CIRCUS MAXIMUS new studio album “Isolate” entered the Norwegian official album charts on # 70 on the week of release and as # 33 among the Norwegian artists only! Congratulations to the guys !



Mike SLAMER and Terry BROCK worked out a videoclip for the song “Not In Love” taken off the SLAMER awesome debut album “Nowhere Land” released in September 2006 on Frontiers.

 Directed by Mike Slamer’s daughter Nicole (also responsible for the SEVENTH KEY dvd “Live In Atlanta”), the video can be watched following this YouTube link :


DOMAIN - DOMAIN proudly announces Nicolaj Ruhnow as the new frontman of the band.

Nicolaj, who filled the vocal position of the powermetal band IRONY and his solo-project NICK HELLFORT so far, will be heard first time at the yet untitled upcoming DOMAIN album, which will be released in spring 2008.



::: ROAD TO RUIN ready with self-titled debut album on October 26th! :::

This hot, new Swedish four piece is the brainchild of guitarist Lars Chriss (LION'S SHARE) and bassist/ keyboard player Sampo Axelsson (LION'S SHARE, GLENN HUGHES). "Road To Ruin" is a musical celebration of the band's influences coming from the classic rock era and carrying trademarks from artists such as Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin plus - especially when it comes to the guitar sound - Black Sabbath. The band is completed by Thomas Broman on drums (HUGHES/ TURNER, JOHN NORUM, ELECTRIC BOYS) and one of Sweden's highest profiled singers: Matti Alfonzetti (SKINTRADE, JAGGED EDGE), on vocals.

The track list goes as follows: 1. The Only One, 02. Pale Rider, 03. Face Of An Angel, 04.   Pleasure And Pain, 05.  For Your Soul, 06.  Walk The Line, 07.Thorn In My Side, 08. Crawling, 09. Until I See The Sun

Here come some sound clips in advance:

Road To Ruin - Face Of An Angel edit


Road To Ruin - The Only One edit


Road To Ruin - Walk The Line-edit & 


BILOXI - BILOXI III is due out soon. More info and samples at . The CD will be released in the coming weeks. There will be 14 tracks on it. The best of them are yet to be mixed according to MARK ALLEN LANOUE.


7TH HEAVEN - 7th heaven just released a new "Medley CD" of a Pop Medley and a Rock Medley. The Pop Medley is 30 songs within 30 minutes and the Rock Medley is 22 at 22 minutes.
Song list for each is:

Hotel California (The Eagles)
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
Here I Go Again (Whitesnake)
Oh What A Night (Four Seasons)
Down Under (Men At Work)
Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners)
Walk This Way (Aerosmith)
More Than A Feeling (Boston)
With Or Without You (U2)
I Need You Tonight (INXS)
Don't You Forget About Me (Simple Minds)
Grease (Frankie Valli)
Saturday In The Park (Chicago)
Every Breath You Take (The Police)
Billy Jean (Michael Jackson)
1999 (Prince)
Jump (Van Halen)
Animal (Def Leppard)
You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi)
Photograph (Def Leppard)
Caught Up In You (38 Special)
Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)
Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)
Mony Mony (Tommy James/Billy Idol)
Anyway You Want It (Journey)
Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)
Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol)
Rock & Roll (Led Zeppelin)

Wanted Dead Or Alive (Bon Jovi)
Tom Sawyer (Rush)
Lovin Every Minute Of It (Loverboy)
Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard)
Back In Black (AC/DC)
Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
Shout At The Devil (Motley Crue)
The Zoo (Scorpions)
Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)
Rock Of Ages (Def Leppard)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)
Wildside (Motley Crue)
Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns & Roses)
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)
Ain't Talking About Love (Van Halen)
We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
Runaway (Bon Jovi)
Talk Dirty To Me (Poison)
Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Night Ranger)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

The CD is available on the band's website,
and includes FREE shipping worldwide!

You can hear both medley's on the bands website as well under the "Music" jukebox

Look for a new unplugged cd and a new original cd coming soon from 7th heaven.

Richie Hofherr


M&R RUSH - M&R Rush Releases New 11 Song CD

M&R Rush has released a new 11 song CD titled "Keep On Rockin". The new studio CD, which was recorded this winter and spring at the Rock House in Blue Island, Illinois, contains 9 new M&R Rush songs as well as songs by Journey and Free with Paul Rodgers. You can purchase your own copy of "Keep On Rockin" at the M&R Rush Store and at all M&R Rush shows.

Visit the TOUR section of the website for the complete list of 2007 tour dates. M&R Rush will be performing approximately fourteen shows between the months of June and October. So make your plans now to attend! All additional summer tour dates will be announced on the home page of the website and added to the TOUR section as soon as they are confirmed. It's going to be a rockin' summer 2007! See you soon!!



Magician posts samples of debut cd produced by members of Gamma Ray
- After the successful demo Brief Magic Story, which received great reviews by South American rock and metal magazines, the power metallers of MAGICIAN came back to studio to release the long-awaited debut. The new album was mixed and mastered at High Gain Studios in Hamburg/Germany by a "heavy metal dream team" formed by:
- Dirk Schlächte - Gamma Ray's guitarist.
- Arne Lakenmacher - Besides of working on Gamma Ray's Skeletons in the Closet, he also produced albums of great metal bands like Nevermore, Freedom Call, Primal Fear, Kreator, Sodom, Iron Savior and Destruction.
- Kai Hansen - Gamma Ray's vocalist and ex-member of Helloween and Iron Saviour - He worked in the beginning of the production of the album.
The result of their work can be checked in Magician's MySpace page, where the band posted one of the new songs, at



"Hi guys, finally you can watch
the first official PLATENS' video clicking on this page:
The song is  "Can feel it", second track of Between Two Horizons , my first solo album released for Frontiers Records in 2004.
In the meanwhile , the 3th of august I’ll play live with my new band RESET. The location is a pub of Licata in Sicily.
Our main purpose is to play Rock everywhere and everyplace we can do.
I spent too much time in the studio for Platens, Violet Sun and other projects, songs or compositions. So I’m little tired to stay closed in my den. This new band is the best thing I could do during this period. I wanna Rock right now!

The Line up is:
Dario Grillo: lead vocals
Orazio Fontes: Guitar
Daniele Castania: Bass
Enrico Di Bella: Drum

The Violet Sun’s debut album is still in progress and it seems to sound like a real fuckin’ BOMB just now. I must still do the final mix and mastering. So stay tuned for upcoming news



STRUTTER'ZINE- Not so much updates lately, but today a HUGE update, check the reviews and also the interviewspage! New reviews include some of the finest releases so far in 2007, such as STURM UND DRANG, ARI KOISUNEN, FREDERIKSEN DENANDER, ALLEN/LANDE, NOCTURNAL RITES, a bunch of Prog Metal, some excellent independent AOR stuff and the re-release of the MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND, better check out all the new reviews here






And here are our yearly charts...


1	Brother Firetribe		False metal	Finland
2	Bloodbound	Nosferatu			Sweden
3	Sunrise Avenue	On the way to wonderland	Finland
4	Mystic Prophecy	Savage souls			Germany
5	Circle 2 Circle		Burden of truth			USA
6	Delain			Lucidity				Holland
7	Destynation		Rising up			Sweden
8	Nexx			Another dawn			Spain
9	Dream Evil		United				Sweden
10	Ambition		Ambition			USA
11	Poodles, The		Metal will stand tall		Sweden
12	Sunstorm		Sunstorm			Germany/USA
13	Dionysus		Fairytales and reality		Germany
14	Wig Wam		Wig wamania			Norway
15	House Of Lords		World upside down		USA
16	Fair Warning		Brother's keeper			Germany
17	Talisman		7				Sweden
18	Survivor		Reach				USA
19	Inner Wish		Inner strength			Greece
20	Into Eternity		The scattering of ashes		Canada
21	Entwine			Fatal design			Finland
22	Zeno			Runway to the Gods		Germany
23	Bormann, Michael	Conspiracy			Germany
24	Slamer			Nowhere land			USA
25	Cryptic Vision		In a world			USA
26	Lovex			Divine insanity			Finland
27	Manigance		L'Ombre et la lumiere		France
28	Pyramaze		Legend of the bone carver	Denmark/USA
29	Dragonland		Astronomy			Sweden
30	Ignite			Our darkest days		USA


1	Brother Firetribe		One single breath		Finland
2	Wigwam		Bygone zone			Norway
3	Sunrise Avenue	Fairytale gone bad		Finland
4	Mystic Prophecy	In the darkness		Germany/Greece
5	Tierra Santa		Un grito en al aire		Spain
6	Destynation		Back from the dark		Sweden
7	Poets Of The Fall	Locking up the sun		Finland
8	Dream Evil		Blind evil			Sweden
9	Agnes			Danger in love			Finland
10	Survivor		Don't give up			USA
11	Mystic Prophecy	Into the fire			Germany
12	Bloodbound		Nosferatu			Sweden
13	Lovex			Guardian angel		Finland
14	Bloodbound		Fallen from grace		Sweden
15	Leverage		Sails				Finland
16	Kino			Telling me (to tell you)	UK
17	Tony O'Hara		High enough			Sweden/UK
18	Michael Bormann	Stand up			Germany
19	Bloodbound		Metal monster			Sweden
20	Talisman		Nowhere fast			Sweden/USA
21	Tony O'Hara		Escape into the sun		Sweden/UK
22	The Poodles		Metal will stand tall		Sweden
23	Avalon			Good things take time	Sweden/USA
24	Delain			Frozen				Holland
25	Inner Wish		Feel the magic		Greece
26	Ambition		Together			Sweden/USA
27	The Poodles		Night of passion		Sweden
28	Dionysus		Spirit				Germany
29	Jadis			I hear your voice		UK
30	Eyes Of Shiva		Profane minds			Brazil
31	Stride			Time				USA
32	Vertigo		All for you			USA
33	Gotthard		Cupid arrow			Switzerland
34	Derdian		Eternal light			Italy
35	House Of Lords	These are the times		USA
36	Sunstorm		Fame and fortune		Germany/USA
37	Philip Bardowell	Never too late for love	USA
38	Final Frontier		Dynamo			Canada
39	The Dogma		Queen of the damned		Italy
40	The Bratz		So good			Norway
41	Rox Diamond		Thinkin' bout love		USA
42	Rata Blanca		La otra cara de la moneda	Spain
43	Manigance		Sentinelle			France
44	Sunstorm		Love's gone wrong		Germany/USA
45	Lost Prophets		Can't stop, gotta date		UK
46	Crash Diet		Riot in everyone		Sweden
47	Philip Bardowell	I gotta believe			USA
48	Fair Warning		Don't keep me waiting	Germany
49	Altaria			Valley of rainbows		Finland
50	Blind Alley		Another day			Sweden
51	Khymera		Alone				Germany/USA
52	Zeelion		Shadows			Sweden
53	Khymera		Fields of fire			Germany/USA
54	Cheater		Tight spot			USA
55	Bo Bice		It's my life			USA
56	Altaria			Frozen hearts			Finland
57	Axel Rudi Pell		Mystica			Germany
58	Paul Stanley		Live to win			USA
59	Dragonland		Contact			Sweden
60	Entwine		Break me			Finland
61	Lunatica		Who you are			Austria
62	Mago De Oz		Haz me un sitio entre		Spain
63	Luca Turilli		Virus				Italy
64	Slamer			Runaway			USA
65	Manigance		Privilege			France
66	Street Talk		Oh Maddy			Sweden
67	Survivor		Fire makes steel		USA
68	The Poodles		Shadows			Sweden
69	Ambition		Hold on			Sweden/USA
70	Ignite			Slowdown			USA
71	Street Talk		If I could			Sweden
72	Highland Glory	Spirit of salvation		Norway
73	Stride			Face the day			USA
74	Gotthard		Stay for the night		Switzerland
75	Vertigo		In the blink of an eye		USA
76	Brother Firetribe	Love goes down		Finland
77	Nexx			Caught in a trap		Spain
78	Toto			Bottom of your soul		USA
79	Blind Guardian	Straight through the mirror	Germany
80	Mystic Prophecy	Master of sins			Germany
81	Scar Symmetry	Dreaming			Sweden
82	Bloodbound		Crucified			Sweden
83	Philip Bardowell	Heart of a hero		USA
84	Zeno			Fanfares of love		Germany
85	Alyson Avenue	I am your pleasuremaker	Sweden
86	Circle 2 Circle		Revelations			USA
87	Shining Star		From now on			USA/Brazil 
88	Sabaton		Nuclear attack			Germany
89	Clark			I don't need you		Sweden
90	Wigwam		Slave to your love		Norway
91	Mago De Oz		Manana empieza hoy		Spain
92	Circle 2 Circle		Sentenced			USA
93	Ambition		Hypocrites			Sweden
94	Krokus			Angel of my dreams		Switzerland
95	Spheric Universe Experience	So cold	France
96	House Of Lords	Ghost of time			USA
97	The Veronicas		4ever				Australia
98	Europe			Always the pretenders	Sweden
99	Inner Wish		Dreamer of the night		Greece
100	Frost			Milliontown			UK



RETROSPECT RECORDS- Be sure to check out the SPECIALS page, as we have a new LABEL SPECIAL. It is the first part of our special on RETROACTIVE RECORDS, which is a US label releasing nothing but rare 80s AOR/Melodic Rockalbums onto CD. First batch of reviews is online. Interviews and more info will follow in the coming months.



ELIS - Horrible news from the Liechtenstein Goth Rock/Metalband ELIS

With the utmost respect and deepest sorrow, we bid farewell to a brilliant artist, who will be greatly missed by all. - The Napalm Records Team

While the bands rehearsal on Friday the 7.7.06, Sabine suffered a cerebral haemorrhage on which she died a day later at the hospital!

On regard to the family and friends, we have decided to take the homepage from the net.

We need time now, to decide if and how we approach further and we will not answer any mails at the moment.

Sing with the angels Sabine! We will never forget you!

Chris, Max, Pete, Tom

If you want to leave a comment for the band please go to  and click the link to the guestbook.




Check the reviewspage, HUGE UPDATE, soon updates on other pages... Please bookmark a change of our website address to:



Napalm Records



 LEAVES EYES MCD  “Legend Land” 09.06.2006 (6 Brand-New Exclusive Tracks)

 LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE MCD/CD-Single  “Again it’s over” 09.06.2006

WIG WAM CD “Wig Wamania” 30.06.2006 – ONLY Germany, Austria, Switzerland!

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE CD “Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts”  07.07.2006

NAPALM RECORDS Compilation DVD+CD “The Realm Of Napalm Records” 28.07.2006

WELTENBRAND CD “The End Of The Wizard” 25.08.2006

 TYR CD  “Ragnarok” 22.09.2006

 DRACONIAN CD “The Burning Halo” 29.09.2006

AHAB CD “The Call Of The Wretched Sea” 29.09.2006

 ELIS CD “Griefshire” September 2006

ATROCITY CD-Single September 2006

DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS „Dusk And Void Become Alive“ Oktober 2006

ATROCITY CD “Werk 80 II” Oktober 2006

ENTHRONED CD November 2006


MIDNATTSOL CD Winter 2006/07




Check the reviews and interviewspages for HUGE updates. 6 new interviews have been uploaded as well as 100+ new reviews. Coming up definitely much more, also news page update, more interviews and some specials. Last but not least some ultra-rare mp3s will be uploaded in the coming months...



STRUTTER'ZINE - Besides the usual 100+ new reviews, a few new interviews and the latest snippets of news, below is the look back at 2005 according to STRUTTER'ZINE, check it out...

Best albums of 2005




1 Nocturnal Rites - Grand illusion (Sweden)

2 Allen/Lande - The battle (Sweden/USA/Norway)

3 Gotthard - Lipservice (Switzerland)

4 Masterplan - Aeronautics (Germany/Norway)

5 Kamelot - The black halo (USA)

6 Radioactive - Taken (Sweden)

7 Place Vendome - Place Vendome (Germany/USA)

8 Bardowell, Philip - In the cut (USA)

9 Kayak - Nostradamus - The fate of man (Holland)

10 Click Five, The - Greetings from imrie house (USA)

11 Khymera - A new promise (UK/Germany)

12 Final Frontier - High tension wire (Canada)

13 Dungeon - One step beyond (Australia)

14 Vision Divine - The perfect machine (Italy)

15 Arena - Pepper's ghost (UK)

16 Vanishing Point - Embrace the silence (Australia)

17 After Forever - Remagine (Holland)

18 Edge Of Forever - Let the demon rock'n'roll (USA/Italy)

19 Stride - Shine (USA)

20 Dream Theater - Octavarium (USA)


Best songs of 2005



Hunter's night


Nocturnal Rites

Our wasted days



Under the cross



Anytime, anywhere



In my dreams


Edge Of Forever

Shade of november


Azraels Bane

Chasing a memory



The haunting





Place Vendome

I will be waiting


Vanishing Point

Somebody save me


Final Frontier

Beauty and the beast


The Click Five

Catch your wave