Yes!!! Here is the new Melodic Rock sensation called ATTRACTION. These guys from New York can easily be described as the new sensation, because their super commercial late 80s US Melodic Rockstyle on their debut CD ‘Get up’n’shake’ is not only sounding superb, but is also up there with similar bands such as VALENTINE, HEAVENS EDGE, NETWORK, FIREHOUSE, SAVANNAH, RED DAWN, 80s DOKKEN, DANGER DANGER...

There are 10 songs on the album and also the production by JAMES CHRISTIAN (yes, THE vocalist of HOUSE OF LORDS and his own solo-CD) is really fantastic. Just listen to the opening tune “Get up’n’shake” and you know you have gone back to the late 80s, because this song is chock full of harmonies and is so damn cheerful, you just can’t ignore to sing-a-long. And also the following track “Save me now” is in this energetic uptempo melodic rockstyle that reminds me of HEAVENS EDGE and all the other mentioned bands.

Notable are the keyboards that have been added to the huge arena melodic rocksound of ATTRACTION, because they were done by Mr. Pomp JEFF CANNATA. The music of ATTRACTION though has nothing in common with CANNATA’s music and the keyboards are always pushed to the back. But in the song “More than you know” they are very much alive, because this song is a Classic Power AOR rockballad in the best late 80s tradition of bands like FIREHOUSE, DAMN YANKEES and the more recent VELOCITY and DANNY DANZI.

The harmonyvocals in this song as well as all the other songs are HUGE. Z RECORDS should sign this band, the perfect label for these guys! In fact, I think SAVANNAH will have
a big competitor with this ATTRACTION. This band can write super catchy melodic hookladen rocksongs that will not get out of your head after you heard it once. Back to the CD, the album picks up the uptempo rockstyle after the ballad “More than you know”.

In fact, the songs “Story book”, “Things were better” and “Summer days” are the best ones on this CD. These 3 songs songs are all catchy uptempo AOR/Melodic Rockers with beautiful melodic harmonyvocals, keyboards, sing-a-long choruses, memorable hooklines and this all packed in a superb 80s cheerful sound. I don’t think there are many bands that can beat the sound of ATTRACTION. Only bands like VELOCITY, DANNY DANZI and SAVANNAH come in mind, but maybe this ATTRACTION is even better than those acts and they are not even on any of the European Melodic Rocklabels.

The remaining 4 songs on the CD are not as good as the wonderful first 6 songs, but still enjoyable melodic rock. “Next time” is a nice DANGER DANGER styled uptempo melodic rocker, but has a simple chorus. “Gone but not forgotten” on the other hand is a great semi uptempo melodic AOR rocker. And actually only the two closing tracks are nothing special. “Lickity split” for example is nothing more than an average MHR song like old WARRANT. And the final track “Love in overdrive” is a short acapella tune that features rather interesting harmonyvocals.

My conclusion is very simple. Anyone that enjoys the cheesy late 80s huge arena melodic rocksound in which everything sounds perfect will enjoy this ATTRACTION. A total must if you’re into bands like DANGER DANGER, SAVANNAH, HEAVENS EDGE, VALENTINE, DAMN YANKEES, VELOCITY... You can’t get a better sounding melodic rockband than this ATTRACTION. Interview will follow shortly, for more info e-mail KIVEL RECORDS at:

You can also wait a few days, because after the weekend I will upload a CHRISTMAS CONTEST where you can win CDs of ATTRACTION and STONE ANGEL, two new AOR/Melodic Rock sensations sponsored by the label KIVEL RECORDS!

Rating: 9/10

LITTLE SISTER 'While no-one was looking' (GALLO RECORDS)

LITTLE SISTER is a band out of South Africa and they are very popular in their homecountry. A shame nobody outside of South Africa has ever heard of the band, because they sound very professional.

The band is pretty big in South Africa where they scored major hits. They released 4 albums and this CD titled ‘While no-one was looking’ is a fine collection of their greatest hits. The album contains 15 songs and musically the sound can easily be compared to HEART. Not only due to the fact that LITTLE SISTER consists of two female lead singers called Debbi and Jenni Lonmon who both almost sound identical to Ann and Nancy Wilson from HEART, but also their AOR/Melodic Rock is pretty close to the American all-time Female fronted AOR band.

This best of is featuring some great AOR/Melodic Rocksongs, but also a couple of calmer Popsongs. But for the most part it is a very much enjoyable AOR album that is a big recommendation to the fans of HEART and VENUS AND MARS. Between the 15 songs are 3 new tracks. These 3 songs open this CD and are all pretty much in the 90s style. “You bring out the best in me” and “Broken heart” are two soft 90s inspired semi ballads and “Inside out” is a nice melodic poprocker like JAIME KYLE/PATTY SMYTH.

Then we can hear 11 songs that are all lifted from the band’s four released CDs. And almost all these songs are pure AOR, so it is pretty clear that LITTLE SISTER released 4 interesting albums before this best of. “Dear abbie”, “Now or never” and “Mystery of life” are calmer popsongs in the style of 70s HEART, but the remaining 8 songs on this best of-CD are all pure female fronted Classic 80s AOR/Melodic Rocksongs in the style of HEART, WITNESS, SARAYA...

4 tracks are taken from their debut ‘Ready and willing’ which was released in 1990. These songs are “Dear Abbie” (popsong), “No man shall fall” (fantastic midtempo AOR, pure 80s HEART), “Young hearts” (pure semi AOR ballad like VENUS AND MARS, HEART, ALIAS) and “Little sister” (uptempo melodic rocker).

From the band’s second album titled ‘More than meets the eye’ are 3 songs featured on this best of. “Peace on earth” (midtempo AOR like late HEART/ROBIN BECK), “That’s just the way it is” (good midtempo AOR, although it is a cover of THE REMBRANDTS song) and “Stay the night” (great semi AOR ballad with some very good vocals) are the songs of this second album which got released in 1991.

Their third album ‘Along the way’ was released in 1993 and this CD featured some famous people from the AOR business such as producer MICHAEL FLICKER (HEART producer) and DENNIS EAST (STINGRAY singer). This album is a superb AOR album that is a total must for every fan of female fronted AOR. A review of that `album appears below this review. On this best of-CD are 4 songs of that CD. The songs are “Mystery of life” (semi acoustic ballad), “Now or never” (acoustic ballad), “Love is a weapon” (one of the band’s biggest hits, a great midtempo AOR/Melodic Rocker that is in the LAOS, VIXEN, SARAYA style) and “Something happened to us” (Classic midtempo AOR like early TONE NORUM, HEART).

I believe in 1996 LITTLE SISTER released their 4th CD titled ‘The heart of the matter’. Strangely enough there aren’t any songs of that record on this best of-CD, but I don’t know what is wrong with that record. Anyway, maybe I can hear and review this album too soon. LITTLE SISTER has also performed on many benefit concerts as well as being featured in movies with their music. I guess you can say they were one of the country’s well-known bands and I believe STRUTTER’ZINE is the first AOR publication that is talking about this interesting band.

Now read the other review (below this one) I did of the band’s third album ‘Along the way’ which is even more a recommendation to ever fan of female fronted AOR than this best of-album. In the meantime don’t forget to check out their website at:

Rating: 8/10


The third album ‘Along the way’ of the South African sister duo LITTLE SISTER was released way back in 1993. A shame it didn’t get any attention of the AOR press back then, because this album really is a fantastic female fronted AOR rockalbum. But we all have to remember that back then the AOR scene was almost dead, so it was hard for an AOR record to get at least some attention. Now that everything is coming back again, I am sure many AOR fans will be interested in knowing about this album of LITTLE SISTER.

‘Along the way’ is a wonderful record that can easily be compared to the likes of SARAYA, HEART, VIXEN, LAOS, DANTE FOX and the first two TONE NORUM albums. This album is filled with first-class female fronted AOR/Melodic Rock from a very high level, no wonder LITTLE SISTER is one of the top bands in their homeland. Mike Flicker (HEART) and Dennis East produced the album 'Along the way'.

I was surprised to see the name DENNIS EAST popping up, because this guy sang in the AOR/Pomprockband STINGRAY in the late seventies and released two great LPs of which the debut contained some of the best AOR/Pomp ever written! I still remember the song “Lovesaver” of the debut album of STINGRAY, this song was so incredible catchy, probably one of the best songs ever written! Anyway, I have been wondering all my life whatever happened to Dennis East and now I see his name appearing on a record by a band called LITTLE SISTER. And this album is also very good, so this DENNIS EAST guy is kind of an AOR magician. I would love to interview the guy someday and ask him about the time with STINGRAY and whatever happened to them.

Anyway, back to this LITTLE SISTER record which starts rather dull with the song “Mystery of life”, a poppish song like WILSON PHILLIPS. But from the next track on till the end of the CD it is pure AOR in the best 80s tradition of bands like HEART, WITNESS, SARAYA... “Something happened to us (along the way)” is a wonderful midtempo AOR track that is totally 80s HEART. “Love is a weapon” is one of the band’s major hits in South Africa. This song is a great Melodic AOR Rocker that is sounding very much like SARAYA.

Next track “Never say never” is totally awesome pure AOR! The song is midtempo AOR with lovely hooklines, brilliant vocals of the girls and a classy 80s AOR chorus. This fantastic song sounds huge and comes close in style to 80s HEART, DANTE FOX and WITNESS. Following track “Whenever I need somebody” is a good AOR rocker that is a little in the style of the first two albums of TONE NORUM. “Love’s a bitch” follows and is another good uptempo AOR rocker that sounds like a cross between WITNESS and DARBY MILLS.

Next up is “Verge of love” which is good midtempo melodic rock a la SARAYA. Then comes “Never know a good thing till it’s gone”, a slowtempo semi AOR ballad like HEART, although the sound of the song does also has a lot of resemblance with ALLANAH MYLES’ major hit “Black velvet”. Anyway, this is a great song, just like the rest of the CD.

After so many wonderful pure AOR/Melodic Rocksongs, the CD gets a little weaker towards the end of the CD with songs like “When the sun goes down”, “Perfect thing” and “Wrong way round”. These songs are nice rockers, but nothing special if compared to the other AOR oriented songs of the CD. The album finishes off with an unplugged version of the opening tune “Mystery of life” which is the only real weak song on the album. If you skip the first track, then you get a truly superb AOR/Melodic Rockalbum that is a must for fans of acts like WITNESS, DEVAY, SARAYA, 80s HEART, VIXEN...

For all info on LITTLE SISTER, visit their website at: You can buy the albums of LITTLE SISTER online at One World. Please visit their site at:: and search for Little Sister or go to the LITTLE SISTER website and click through from each albums page.

Rating: 9/10



English band formed around Guitarist/Vocalist Mark Smallman. The band’s debut CD ‘Who cares?’ contains 12 songs and musically they play an interesting mixture of AOR, Melodic Rock, Symphonic Rock and some Bluesy influences. At times the band reminds me a lot of ASIA and also PRAYING MANTIS comes in mind.

The first two songs, “Who cares?” and “My kind of lovin’” are pretty good uptempo melodic rockers that sound very 80s and a lot like ASIA and PRAYING MANTIS. These two opening songs are quite pompous and symphonic, partly due to the keyboards that are upfront over here. But this style isn’t continued on the whole CD, because songs like “Cool of the day” and “The whole night through” are very bluesy sounding ballads like GARY MOORE. The variety of styles is spread throughout the CD and ranges from bluesy Melodic Hard Rock in the 70s style like BTO (“The beast of bodmin moor” and “Lisa”) to Symphonic AOR rock a la ASIA (“Wait”, “Is it true”, “Reach out” and “Don’t go”).

Of course I prefer the AOR oriented songs and therefore my favourite songs are “Don’t go” (great keys, pure AOR), “Reach out” (semi melodic rockballad like PRAYING MANTIS), the ASIA sounding “Wait” and the first two songs. Tracks like these are very much recommended to the fans of 80s typed British AOR/Melodic Rock with a symphonic touch. yet there are also some Bluesy songs on this record and I guess we can say there is something for everyone on this album. Go check it out for yourself at:

Rating: 8/10


GEORGE PEGULA is a guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist who did some notable work for ACE FREHLEY in the past. Now he is working on a solo career and this CDR he sent me is his first effort. There are 7 songs on it and musically it is hard to describe, because there are many influences to be heard. There is AOR, Pop, Poprock, melodic rock and some groovy influences throughout the CDR. Opener “A very good year” is a bit average raw semi ballad. But next track “Marilyn” is much better, a good melodic rocker.

When I checked the liner notes on this song, I saw the name Jerry Hludzik (DAKOTA) who produced the song for George. Although the song sounds pretty nice, there is no resemblance to DAKOTA here. “Satellites” is a nice uptempo poprocker that has some quirky influences, kinda like MARTIN BRILEY. Following song “Drive” is a bit weak groovy song that falls out of place a little between the rockier material on this CDR.

After the average rocker “Save my life”, we get to hear the best song of the whole CD, namely “I can’t live without you”, a good AOR ballad with some piano-keys and a great guitarsolo. George should have made more songs in this AOR style. Anyway, the closing track is “For what it’s worth”, an acoustic ballad with some nice harmonyvocals. More info on George’s music at:

Rating: 7/10

SOLDIER 'Songs of the faithful' (INDEPENDENT)

Here’s an interesting Christian AOR/Melodic Rockband for you. SOLDIER comes out of Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA and released this CD titled ‘Songs of the faithful’ some years ago. The release is still pretty much worthwhile purchasing if you’re into Classy 80s Christian AOR/Melodic Rock in the style of bands such as WHITE HEART and LIAISON.

There are 12 songs on the CD and some of the songs sound a little epic, but in general this is a fine melodic rockalbum. Opener “Life is a gift” is lighter AOR a la WHITE HEART. The following track “No one told you” is an epic sounding semi melodic rockballad.
Things really get going on the next track “One true God”. This is a very good uptempo AOR rocker that is really in the Classic 80s style and reminds me of SURE CONVICTION. Certainly one of my favourite songs on the CD. Next up is “Reflections on the water” is a nice melodic rockballad with some progressive vocals.

Then we get to hear another great uptempo AOR rocker titled “Shine on” which is again in the SURE CONVICTION style. This song as well as the earlier mentioned “One true
God” are not only the best songs of SOLDIER, but also show that this band sounds at their best when they let go everything and just rock away! The second part of the CD is a bit calmer and there are some comparisons to PETRA (“War on our knees”) as well as some AOR influences (“Adam’s faith” and “Never lose your faith”), so no need to be ashamed for.

In fact, I think if you like WHITE HEART, LIAISON and that type of lighter Christian AOR you will like this CD of SOLDIER. There are CD's and Cassettes available for sale and interested parties can contact SOLDIER at or call
401.333.3462 (USA).

Rating: 7,5/10


The band SOLDIER also sent me a CD that contained 6 live demo cuts from their upcoming release ‘Onward’. Musically not much has changed and so again we get to hear nice AOR/Melodic Rock. I believe the band is a little less focused on the Christian lyrics than their debut. the first two tracks are my favourites. “Sin” is a nice uptempo AOR rocker that sounds a bit like RETURN TO ZERO.

And “Picture you in heaven” is a good semi melodic rocker. the other 4 songs are nice songs, but never really sensational. I hope there are some more uptempo AOR rockers (in the style of their songs “One true God” and “Shine on” from their debut) on this upcoming release ‘Onward’. Then I really look forward to that release. There are CD's and Cassettes available for sale and interested parties can contact SOLDIER at or call 401.333.3462 (USA).

Rating: 7/10

STRANGE WORLD 'Melodic rock from outer space'


This German band was kind enough to sent me a CDR with 4 songs they recorded live. The band is working on a real CD release to be ready sometime next year. In the meantime this CDR sounds very promising. The 4 tracks on the CDR sound a little different than it would have sounded on a studio CD, but I could really hear this band is having fun playing their music. STRANGE WORLD is playing Melodic Rock in a typical German style.

You can compare the sound to bands like JADED HEART, BONFIRE, WILD FRONTIER... although the band is not as good as them at this moment. There are two ballads and two rockers on the CDR. The ballads and rockers are comparable to BONFIRE, JADED HEART, WILD FRONTIER and WHITE LION.

I must admit that I prefer the uptempo melodic rockers. I think a future CD release will clearly show if this band can compete with the likes of BONFIRE, CASANOVA and JADED HEART. For more info, visit their site at: or e-mail them at:

Rating: 7,5/10


ROBERT JANSEN comes out of Canada, but with a last name like Jansen he’s gotta be Dutch from origin. His music is a little bit strange, because I was told the guy was influenced by JOURNEY and 38 SPECIAL, but I don’t hear much of that on his CD ‘My oasis’. The more I listen to the CD, the more influences and musical twist I notice. ROBERT JANSEN is playing a mixture between Pop, 80s quirky Poprock and westcoast AOR and there are even references to 60s music!

You can best compare this guy to artists like MARTIN BRILEY, DWIGHT BAILEY, NCK GILDER, DONNIE IRIS and that type of quirky poprock which was pretty popular in the early 80s. I think the best songs are “A little bit crazy” (calmer semi westcoast
AOR ballad with harmonyvocals a la REO SPEEDWAGON), “I miss my friend” (same as “A little bit crazy”), “I waited for you” (fine early 80s uptempo quirky poprocker like MARTIN BRILEY) and “3 years” (nice melodic rocker with heavy guitars, kinda like LYNN ALLEN). If you like any of the mentioned artists, try ROBERT JANSEN at:

Rating: 6,5/10


This band out of New Jersey is playing rootsy groovy but melodic rock’n’roll. I can compare this band to BLUE MOON JUNCTION, because they sound almost identical to each other. DEEP ROOTS is a Christian band that draw their inspirations from the 70s HEART sound with lead vocals that are more akin to a SASS JORDAN. Although this female fronted rockband sounds a little different than what we usual review, I still think they play interesting music which sounds pretty nice and will attract some of our readers.

There are 11 songs on their debut album. The best songs are the rockers “Calling out”, “Make it alright”, “Hold on” (best song of the whole album, great 70s HEART typed chorus) and “Fall”. These four rockers are showing DEEP ROOTS at their best. The rest of the CD is a little calmer. “Through the fire” being a nice calmer ballad like old HEART and JAIME KYLE and a song like “Open your eyes” a very jazzy pop song. But this CD of DEEP ROOTS has it’s moments and I can easily recommend it to fans of bands like BLUE MOON JUNCTION, SHAKING FAMILY... More info on their website at:

Rating: 7/10


Phew, there an awful lot of good records out there at the moments, and the funny thing is that alot of these good albums are coming from female artists.Following in the wake of Monica Marie, Venus And Mars, Ellyn Fleming, Robin Brock, Clear Blue, Damsel, Rock Of Ages, Max etc..comes another new talent with a kick of fire in her belly. Her name is Lenore and she is based in Toronto,Canada, a town that has a varied and vast amount of musical pedigree coming out of it these days.

Lenore has the looks and the music to go right to the top,this record is basically built around uptempo songs built around an acoustic guitar. Sometimes the music has a slight country feel, but Lenore has an amazing voice that makes the songs shine. She's as smooth as silk, and delivers the songs with her own style asnd identity which is more important than anything, she turns her songs into magic, songs like "Doin' It", "Rock And Roll", "A Day At A Time","Love In The Morning" and "Brave Goodybye", all have simple stories to tell,but my favorite song is the brilliant "This Song" which has a great chorus a'la Heart and has mega dancefloor appeal.

Yes I like this album,if you would like to contact Lenore then you can email her at the following addy: or go to her website at:

Rating: 7,5/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian)


Some of you may remember American quintet The Light who released a pretty bombastic keyboard driven pompy rock album back at the tale end of 1996. Back then influences towards the sound of Rush, Yes and Saga were clearly recogonisable and on this new four track demo you pretty much get the same kind of material.

The nice thing about The Light as that they are very talented and cleary enjoy what they are doing. The first to tracks on this cd are "Make Believe" and "Spectre And Shadows", the two songs are full of majestic progressive and delicate melodies that twist and change in many beautiful musical directions. David Downum's voice has never sounded so unique and beautiful and he carries off these songs as if he was singing lullabye's to a sleeping child.The band should sell these poetic songs to Bob Catley and Gary Hughes, both tracks have a calming medievil cinematic feel. There are some nice piano melodies during the beautiful
"Spectre And Shadows", this song is passionate and very beaufull.

We get a suprise with the next two tracks, they are sung by a female vocalist, and she does a brilliant job, sounding very similar to Lana Lane, Jane Sibbery and Hannah Stobart (The Wishing Tree). The songs she sings on are reworkings of the first two tracks "Make Believe" and "Spectre And Shadows", she adds a unique taste to the songs and turn them into timeless classsic rock tunes. I would love to hear this gal do a duet with David because that would be awesome hearing the two swapping lines.

With these two singers and above all the songs The Light should have no problems in being picked up by a label again. I just hope that when their new album emerges they use both singers, that's my only advise, but hey who needs my advice. This band no what they are doing, and they do it with majestic passion. E-mail:

Rating: 9/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian)

BOB CATLEY 'Legends'



Hoorah for Bob Catley. This is a classy album filled full of poetic justice courtsey of the magic pen from Merlin Hughes oopps sorry Gary Hughes. But this is without a doubt Bob's show, as he sings each song with the same passion that he has sung every song he has ever sung since the formation of Magnum all those years ago.

This album is based upon many themes and tales, and looks back at many of history's events, so in a way this can be considered as a homeage to the last millemium. "The Pain" opens "Legends" on a high note,this song is based around the life of Elvis Presley, and features some nice keyboard sensations and backing vocals from Mr.Hughes, "Shelter From The Night" is a bloody great song based around the story of Bram Stoker's "Dracula", this song totally appeals to me,check out the chorus:

"All I need is shelter from the night

The Love I buried deep within her eyes had passed and gone

All I need is shelter from the light

The quest within for peace

A thousand years, with love to last eternity"

Classic Gary Hughes lyrics or what? Vinny Burns' guitar solo on this song sweeps along and help to keep things on top of each other, and Bob is in super form, this song will go down very well live.

"Carpe Diem" is based around William Shakespeare's "Henry V", what I find nice about this album is the production, it's very in your face and the way Bob's vocals take on the songs is sometimes unbelievable, especially on this song which is just pure vinatge Magnum. "Tender Is The Night" is the song I have been waiting to hear for ages, this is based around Marilyn
Monroe, actually the song is subtitled "The Ballad Of Marilyn Monroe", and it is so unusual to see a writer like Gary Hughes writing about such an historical icon. I mean this is not the normal routine for an artist with a rock heritage. I guess Bob must have had a helping hand in the writing of this song as he is a bit older and probably remembers alot more about her life than us youngsters, still this is a very beautiful song. I would love to hear Gary sing this as well, this fits Bob's voice to perfection, and listen to the way the chorus kicks in with the background vocals, it's very epical and breathtaking and would also make a choice single, which I must urge Now And Then to consider releasing.This is my favorite song so far, it's just so enigmatic and grandiose.

Next up is "Medusa" which is based on Homer's "lliad" and "Odyssey" and starts of quite progressive and heavy,perhaps one of the heaviest songs I have heard from Gary Hughes, almost touching Spocks Beard territories,this has some nice melodies and is an easily instant and likeable song, Bob's vocals are almost operetic in a Freddy Murcury sense."Hydra" is also based around "lliad" and "Odyssey" and open up with some majical keyboard luxurioties, listen to Bob sing on this epial track that is on par with "We Rule The Night" and many a Magnum tune.

"A Beautiful Night For Love" is as the title suggests, a beautiful song based around the book "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. This is very aorish, Bob's voice again takes the song into another dimension. "Too Late" is another song I was looking for that is based on "The Phantom Of The Opera" I was excpecting Bob to start singing like Michael Crawford, and do you know he almost does, he is very good on this song,"The Light" gets things going on aprogressive note again with some nice keyboard action and some great riffs from Vinny Burns, this according to the sleeve notes is the only song here not to be based upon a
story. It's a great concert song.

"Where The Heart Is" rounds things off on a balladic note based upon the story "The Master Of Balantray" by Robert Louis Stevenson.This song has a very dark and wintery feel.Overall a most impressive second solo effort from Mr.Catley that rounds off the year very nicely,and make you think about some of the last milleniums historical moments. Without a doubt Gary Hughes is the United Kingdom's finest songwriter. I'd be very interested to see what this guy does next on the new Ten album and future solo albums, surley he must be running out of ideas by now? As it stands this stands testimony to a gifted and very underrated vocalist,let's just hope that Bob Catley get more success. He certainly deserves it, but I wonder how the American's will react to this record, given that Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were too of the 20th centuries icons?

Rating: 8,5/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian)


This is a comedy rock album that is an ideal x-mas present for all you people who like your humour a bit on the lude n' crude side. Jeff Pike and Jerry McCollum are a musical duo who have their own weekly internet comedy/rock show that is quite popular. This CD is just histerical, they play some wacky cover songs of varied style, and mix in their own sexist sense of humour that will leave your eyes watering with laughter. It's so refreshing to hear something like this.

Gary Schutt did something similar on his "Spoofs Of Wrath" cd, which basically concentrated on the rock scene, but as I said this is a varied style of musical comedy that works really well, so go snatch this up and sit back with a couple of cans and listen to their versions of "The Brady Bunch" theme and "Scott The Bell Hop" (Jingle Bell Rock),and
crease your pants with laughter!! This is great stuff! To order your copy of Pelvic Associates and to peak into the crazy world of Jeff and Jerry, just visit their website at

Rating: 7/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian)


Guitarist Matt Laporte is from Florida and has a hard rock style similar to Joey Tafolla, Reb Beach, George Lynch, Tony Macalpine, Jeff Watson, Shawn Lane and Todd Duane.
The album feature six songs that showcase Matt's music,which is often very good but not groundbreaking.

Songs to listen out for are the subtle mellow ballad "Pieces 6393", "Pyramids Of Mars" which is played with a lot of feeling and blasts out a shower of guitar shooting stars and "Anthem" which is the best instrumental on this cd, this track reminds me of Steve Vai's "Liberty". The final track makes all the difference and an area that i suggest Matt should concentrate on,the song "All Or Nothing" features lead vocals from singer Marcus Allen who has a great voice,this track sits nicely alongside bands like Firehouse,Wildside, The Scream, Ratt and Spread Eagle.

This isn't a bad album, but if Matt is going to make any headway in the world of music he needs to concentrrate more on song orientated material like "All Or Nothing",if he can up with songs of this calibre then he will have no problem in getting signed, definitely a man to keep your eyes on.

Rating: 7/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian)


This BRESS is an American band that is playing various musicstyles. The band has a male and female vocalist and actually I think the male vocalist is much better, but this may be due to the fact that the songs he sings on are better than the female fronted songs. There are 10 songs on their CD and some of them are very weird and hard to categorise. I am talking about the songs “All I know is” and “Numb” on which the girl sings. I am not too impressed about these very strange songs that go nowhere if you listen to them over and over again.

I rather prefer songs like the opener “Hopefully”, a nice uptempo melodic rocker with some very good harmonyvocals. And also the song “Balance” is in this melodic rockstyle. These two songs are the best tracks on the CD and some more material in this style on a future CD would make this band sounding a lot more stable and interesting. For now, they are a bit too diverse in approach. More info on BRESS at: and

Rating: 6,5/10