LOVE HUNTER is a great new Melodic Rockact out of Florida, USA. Their same titled debut CD contains some great AOR/Melodic Rock with influences of 80s DOKKEN, 80s BON JOVI and a lot of times I hear similarities to other newcomers such as PHIL VINCENT, JOE ROBINSON, 8084 and NORWAY. I caught up with leader Kelvin Fischer...

Please tell us about LOVE HUNTER?

The mythological creature "Love Hunter" was created after a song, "Lonely Night" became an instant local favourite. A name was needed, and thus it was given. The song "Love Hunter" materialized shortly thereafter along with 7 others and was destined to become the opening track for the 8 song debut CD.

Did you do anything before LOVE HUNTER?

No... I played drums with several original and cover bands on the Florida Bar circuit. Songwriting and guitar followed along with a move to the front of the band.

Can you tell us more about your recordings?

The music was recorded in several different studios using a skeleton crew of back-up musicians to fill in here and there. It's a great feeling when you get to hear the music you've written as a finished product.

LOVE HUNTER is only one person and that's you, isn't this hard and how do you play live and what is the future going to look like, many bringing in some additional musicians?

No, Gabor... that isn't necessarily true. "Love Hunter" is the musical concept, it is the band, and it is an entity all its own. There were other musicians that co-wrote and played on some of the tracks. As for playing live, I've been performing these songs acoustically in coffee houses and various other venues. But I am always looking for musicians to collaberate with.

I first read about your band on, how did you get on that site and when did you discover it and what do you think of

Someone who believes in what I do brought MP3 to my attention and before I knew it, the site was up and running. I had read about the site long before I was an MP3 artist, through music magazines and advertisements. I think it is a great forum for musicians to display and share their work. For example, my second CD "LOVE HUNTER www.tour2000" was put together with the help of, is available through them at and is doing very well.

Your music is very 80s based AOR/Melodic Rock, which bands inspired you?

I am inspired by a great variety of music and artists. In the 80's Melodic Rock category, I would have to say Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, Aerosmith, Journey, Triumph, Styx, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Great White, Dokken and Kansas.

Do you think your kind of music (80s AOR/Melodic rock) will ever come back and become as popular as it was in The States back in the 80s?

You know, Gabor...I don't think it ever really went away. A slight decline, perhaps, but I think the media has a great deal to do with what we are all trained to like and accept at any given time. Most of those bands are still out there touring and selling a lot of records.

Did you know your kind of music is becoming very popular in some parts of Europe at the moment? And have you been in touch with and/or are you aware of European labels that are completely based on AOR and Melodic Rock?

I have heard that European people are receptive to a wider variety of music, and that Melodic Rock is what can be heard in the clubs and coffee houses all throughout Europe. As for the European record lables, I haven't been in touch with them, but would certainly welcome that opportunity. Many people have told me that my music would be well received in Europe.

What are the plans for the next coming months? When can we expect new material? Have you written any new songs, please tell us about them? Hopefully still the same musicstyle?

I am currently wrapping up some tracks from the "1999 SIDEWALK TOUR" CD, which will be available on my MP3 site soon. And yes, there are several new songs that will be featured on the "1999 SIDEWALK TOUR" CD in the same classic melodic style. One song that has been well received is "Never Say Never", which is kind of like a sequel to "In My Heart You'll Stay" from the debut CD, "LOVE HUNTER".

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and for reviewing my CD, Gabor. Keep up the great work on Strutter 'zine.