GALLOGLASS is a hot new sensational German Melodic Power Metal band. Thie recent debut CD on LIMB MUSIC shows they are one of the best bands in this genre at the moment. I had an interview with GALLOGLASS, let's see what they have to say...

Please introduce us your band, when did you form GALLOGLASS and did any of you play in bands before GALLOGLASS?

Galloglass are : Norbert Geiseler and Kai Mühlenbruch on guitars, Dirk Zelmer on bass, Carsten Frank on Vocals and Arnd Lorenz on drums. Galloglass were founded back in fall of 1999.Carsten,Dirk and Arnd started Galloglass leaving their former band Serpent Moves behind, because they wanted to re-discover their musical roots. Kai played bass in a band called Desolation and was looking for a band fitting for him as a guitarplayer and Norbert played guitar in a band that was called Progeria before. He played ther together with the actual bassplayer of Freedom Call! That band split up and he had to look for another band making the music he likes to play.

Please tell us all about your fantastic debut CD...

Well, it is round, red and has a hole in the middle !! .... Seriously: we are very proud of it! It was a long and hard process to produce this album, but the result really was worth all the work and the pain! We gave more than just 150% of our possibilities and actually we can say that every single note is played by ourselves!! We had the chance and we took the chance to bring the highest level of metal-entertainment to the listeners all over the world. Our CD sounds great, looks great and we are very,very satisfied with it!

Are there any stories behind the songs, if so please share them with us...

There is ONE story behind ALL songs! But the storyline got mixed up due to a better running-order of the songs. If you want to get behind the story, start to read the lyrics of "THE QUEST" Maybe you can discover the story!

How did you get in touch with LIMB MUSIC PRODUCTS?

We had sent some of our demo-cd's to some labels and actually LMP was the one showing the most serious interest. After sending him some more rehearsing-demos that Limb asked for, he offered us a very good contract and we signed it. So it was!

Your band is coming out of Hannover, which has been a very important city for Hardrock music, do you feel the Hardrock scene is still alive and kicking in your city area?

The number of Hardrock bands in Hannover is getting smaller and smaller, but there are more Metal bands of many different styles in Hannover. So you can say the Hardrock scene is still alive but not kicking. But the Metal scene is still growing and getting stronger.

Not many bands can say they have released a debut CD which is of a very high level, how much time did you spent in recording this awesome record?

Well, it was a very long time! It took us over one year to record this album, because we had to take several interruptions due to our jobs.

How much of an influence have the new wave of succesful German Metal bands have been( such as EDGUY,MOB RULES,AT VANCE,METALIUM,PRIMAL FEAR, FREEDOM CALL, etc,etc)

None of the announced bands, except for EDGUY, had or have any influence on us. Our influences are old German Metal bands like HELLOWEEN,BLIND GUARDIAN, GAMMA RAY or ACCEPT! And who is etc,etc? :-)

Basically, what are the future plans for GALLOGLASS? A tour? More CD releases?

Both! We hope that we will have the possibility to tour through Europe, but until now there is nothing planned in particular. And of cause we'd like to release more CD's than just our debut!

Finally, do you have anything to add to our readers?

We hope that you will enjoy our album as much as we do!! Stay tuned for more GALLOGLASS!!! This is just the beginning!! By the way: please visit our website: