The Swedish band FALCONER has 3 CDs out and they sound different than most other Power Metalbands, so I had to found out what makes them so special...

Please introduce us your band, when did you form FALCONER?
I started Falconer as a solo project in 99. Then we got a record deal so Mathias and Karsten joined me. After the 2:nd CD we wanted to tour and pplay more live and Mathias couldn't do that so we got someone who could, also we needed more people to play live so we got to be a 5 piece band. Now we have our 3:rd album out and are about to promote it with a tour.

Please tell us all about your 2 previous CDs...
The first “Falconer” was simple melodic Heavy Metal with a lot of folkish tones. The second “Chapters from a vale forlorn” was abit more complicated in the songwriting and less speedy and aggressive, I had learned more about how to use verse/bridge/chorus.

Your new CD has just been released, please tell me all about it
It's a concept album about a true happening in the Swedish history, a bit like Macbeth. The music is more adapted to the music than it has been before. More aggressive than the 2:nd and more complex than the1:st. More dramatic changes in the music also with a more variable and adaptable singer. Very interesting songs to play.

So, it's a concept album, please tell me some more...
It’s like a Swedish kind of Macbeth but it’s a true story. It’s about 3 brothers in early 14:Th century. One of them becomes king, leaving the 2 brothers not too satisfied with the situation. It’s a lot of intrigues, deceits, murders and wars to obtain the crown. All three of them play a dirty game but as the title says, they strive to get the sceptre of deception....

What makes your band different than the other Power Metal bands?
We concentrate on the melody instead of being “Metal” and virotouse all the time. Music is melody not showing off or a competition in coolness or speed. We also have our national roots in our music.

Which bands influenced you?
Jethro tull, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Queen, Simon and Grfunkel, Mike Oldfield and Dio.

Do you feel there's a lot of competition in Sweden between all the bands, because there are quite a lot of bands playing your kind of style?
I haven't felt any competition between the bands. I'm not that involved in what's happening within the scene. I'm just doing what pleases me musically, so what others do or like don't bother me.

How does the future look like for FALCONER? Touring plans? More CDs?
First of all we'll do out first tour which is about time, then we'll try to get as many gigs as possible. Music is always on the make, no direct plans though. But I would guess we have a new album out in the next winter.

Thanks for answering the questions, anything to add for yourself?
I hope that we can see all our fans on tour soon, and if not I hope you will all enjoy the new piece we have out filled with intrigues and Scandinavian tasting Heavy Metal