STONE ANGEL is a hot new AOR/Melodic Rockband that released their debut on the new melodic rocklabel KIVEL RECORDS. Check out the review I did sometime ago. If you want to hear a mix between STYX and TRIUMPH, then better try this band. In the meantime, read the interview I did with leader...

Please tell us about the beginning of your musical career?

My music career started from a seed that was sewn by my sister when I was only a small child. She was a very gifted singer, guitarist and songwriter and practiced avidly. I remember curling up next to her every night and being lulled to sleep by her beautiful voice as she played.

When did you form STONE ANGEL?

Stone Angel was not an overnight thing. There were many changes in names, songs, and musicians. I am technically the only original member in this evolution. Let me explain this. You see, every time we had a member change, (of course because of musical differences! Ha! Ha! Ha!), we would have a vote to decide if the person trying out would join us or not. One of my votes had allowed them to join, but none of them had voted for me because all of the members today came after me.

Please tell us about your debut CD?

This album is filled with our thoughts, hopes, and spirits. We really mean all of it! It is our honor to have you listen to it and enjoy it! We're so thankful to you, our families, our friends, and especially Kivel Records for their incredible support in helping to play to the world!

Who inspired you musically?

The first three albums I owned were from the classic rock genre: Foreigner, Double vision; Styx, Grand Illusion; & Peter Phrampton, Comes Alive. Those old albums were the start fof me. There are also many modern artists who have influenced me, but there are so many I can't name them all.

Do you think your kind of music (80s AOR/Melodic rock) will ever come back and become as popular as it was in The States back in the 80s?

I think that music and music styles pass through cycles and phases. It's my belief that the heart of 80's rock was a combination of real singers, real guitar players, and great songwriting. The public wants these things, it's inevitable! We're hearing today's version of these things now! No, it's not the old 80's music we're used to hearing, but then again, it's not the 80's any more either!

Did you know your kind of music is becoming very popular in some parts of Europe at the moment?

No, but I thought it would.

Can you tell us about your American recordlabel?

Kivel Records is out of Yonkers, NY, USA. John Kivel IS the company. He has both the vision and imagination to recognize good music and to market it. We owe him lots!

Have you been in touch with and/or are you aware of European labels that are completely based on AOR and Melodic Rock?

Stone Angel has one main goal...To move the world with our music. Anything to achieve this goal is welcome.

Do you also agree with me that the whole Grunge hype is now finally over and people want to hear the melodic rock music of the 80s again?

Yes, I agree. Although I did respect the musicians, I didn't really care for the music.

Have you written any new songs?

We've been writing and re-writing and doing some pre-recording to help refine our new songs. We hope you will like them. We're really putting our sweat and souls into them. You can look forward to songs like: Revolution: an up-beat driving song with the massage of anti-racism.Love Starts Dripping: hard to describe. I guess it's kinda like 'Imagine', 'Turning Point', and 'As I Am'. off our last album, Turning Point sorta melted together. Promises: lots and lots of catchy harmonies!

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!