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A long history behind the 3 members of this band, but until now they were not able to release a CD on some label. A big shame, because RUBY FAITH AND THE WAITING WORLD is playing awesome 80s AOR in the style of WITNESS, HEART, AVIATOR, NIGHT RANGER... In other words, this is Classic 80s AOR! The band released a wonderful Tape Album several years ago that contained 16 tracks. Now the band has put 8 of the songs ona mp3 CD which is also available from there. The songs of this band are really superb.

The songs got everything you need to hear in a Classic 80s AOR sound. Keyboards, melodic lead vocals, hooklines and over-the-top catchy singable choruses. I can not understand why this band never got signed to any label. But it's never too late, the only hope for now is Europe, because this kind of AOR can not be missed by any fan of the genre. Especially if you like Classic 80s Female fronted AOR (like WITNESS, HEART, first ROBIN BECK, TANE CAIN...). I had the chance to do an interview with the lady who fronts this wonderful undiscovered AOR band. Let's see what she's got to say...


Please introduce us your band, when did you form RUBY FAITH AND THE WAITING WORLD and did any of you played in bands before RUBY FAITH AND THE WAITING WORLD?

The core of Ruby Faith & the Waiting World have been playing together since 1985. Tom DaPrato, Jay Ahl and I first played together in an 80's cover band named Workin' Class. We were pretty popular on the Long Island, New York club circuit. We started doing original material and got signed by Slatus Management in the late eighties. Unfortunately, we burnt out quick. Workin' Class broke up in the winter of 1988 due to the infamous "conflict of interests". Tom, Jay and I continued to write sporadically for a while before we decided to reform as Ruby Faith & the Waiting World in spring of 1990.

A short time after we regrouped, Wish Management in New York signed us up. Our demo tape sparked some interest and a few record labels, including Columbia and Epic, came to see us play a few times but a deal was never signed. We all got pretty frustrated and in the fall of 1993 we broke up for the final time.

Since our break up, we released a 16-song compilation cassette in 1995 called "the world as we know it". Copies of the tape are now long gone. Our recent discovery of MP3.COM has allowed us to issue our eight best songs on "The Best of Ruby Faith & the Waiting World." Available at

Can you tell us all about your recordings?

The songs on "The Best of Ruby Faith & the Waiting World" were recorded at Wish Studios in New York City (24-track), Imagination Studios in Brooklyn, NY (8-track) and in our home studio (4-track.) The songs were recorded at various times between 1990 And 1994. All the songs were self-produced with a some help from our good friend and sound wizard Tony Ungaro.

Where can people get something from your band?

Our new CD, "The Best of Ruby Faith & the Waiting World", is available at It has eight songs on it - more of a mini-CD really, so we've kept the price real low - $5.99.

Your music is 80s typed AOR, which bands influenced you?

As far as vocals, Pat Benatar is definitely my biggest influence with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart a close second. I would sing daily to Benatar's "In the Heat of the Night" and "Crimes of Passion" records. That was my
version of "vocal practice". I also loved Journey and Styx. They had great musical arrangements with killer vocals by Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung.

I think your music is fantastic, have you been aware this kind of music now is becoming pretty popular here in Europe and Japan, have you got any contacts with the European AOR labels?

Actually, I had no idea that AOR was so popular overseas. It's kind of reassuring actually. This is the type of music we play but unfortunately most record companies in America wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.
It's great to know there is an audience for AOR.

We don't currently have any contacts with record companies in Europe or Asia but welcome the opportunity to speak to them. If you know of any labels that might be interested in our music, please pass on our website address.

Are you popular in your area?

Well, we were. As I mentioned we broke up in 1993. It's funny but we run into people who inquire about the band all the time. Maybe its time for a reunion?

What are the plans for the next coming months? Any new songs written and if so, please tell us all about them?

Recently, Tom, Jay and I have begun writing again. We have quite a few songs written but nothing recorded yet. Most of our new songs are in the same vein as what's on our CD. We just finished a song called "Walking with Spirit". It's about coming to terms with your changing ideals. The "Spirit" in the song is actually the ghost of who we used to be.

In the coming months we're just going to try and get our CD out there and see what happens. We've been real happy with the reaction to it so far. On MP3.COM "Cry Alone" has been the #1 Classic Rock song for the last 2 weeks. The CD has been selling too. Not to mention the great review we received from Strutter'zine! Thanks guys.

Finally, do you have anything to add to our readers?

Yes. Thanks for your interest in AOR/Melodic Rock music and don't forget to check out our website. You can email us directly from there so please contact us if you like our sound. And again, we'd like to say a special thanks to Strutter'zine and Gabor for including us on their great website.