PASSION RISK is a new melodic rockband and in fact they released their debut CD in 2000, so this band is very hot. The band is playing pure 80s cheesy melodic rock, kinda like the first DANGER DANGER and old BON JOVI.

Click here to read the review of their same titled debut CD. I had an interview with the guys and here is what they had to say...

Please tell us about PASSION RISK:

JC (Bass): The band formed while we were all still in high school during the late 80’s.  Our goal was to put together a group that WE'D enjoy watching and listening to. We figured if WE liked it, hopefully everyone else would!!

KEVIN (Vocals, Guitar):  From the beginning, we always wrote our own songs… the whole "cover-band" thing never appealed to us.  As soon as we had enough material and perfected our live performance, we took it out on the road.  After that, things just started to snowball and we found ourselves playing in the top clubs in New York, usually being billed with the hottest national acts of the day.

GREG (Drums):  Unfortunately, the timing was just a little off and the whole fickle music industry turned its back on our style of rock and roll before we could secure our major label deal.  In the mid-90’s we took some time off until we saw that there was an interest sparking up again for this genre of rock and roll.

JC: So two years ago, we pretty much picked up where we left off and had the opportunity to finally record the album we always wanted to make.  As soon as we finished it, we quickly secured a U.S. licensing deal with Metal Mayhem Music and it looks like things are starting to snowball again!!

Was PASSION RISK your first band?

KEVIN: It was our first REAL band.  Greg, J.C. and I have known each other since childhood.  Once we decided to form a band, Matt was an obvious choice… the chemistry was perfect.

Your music is very 80s based Melodic Rock, which bands inspired you?

GREG: Growing up, we obviously all listened to pretty much the same great classic rock & roll: we all loved KISS, early Van Halen, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Alice Cooper.

JC: Later on, we also loved a lot of the great 80’s metal bands like Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison, White Lion, Dokken, Queensryche, Black N’ Blue, Faster Pussycat, Kix, Warrant…  We could go on… but there’s just too many.

Do you think your kind of music (80s AOR/Melodic rock) will ever come back and become as popular as it was in The States back in the 80s?

KEVIN: There’s definitely a void in the American music scene left by the record companies for melodic rock to fill.

GREG:  I think the whole underground movement of fans who have stuck to this style of music is healthy… it sends a message to those who turned their backs on it.

JC:  With all these great independent labels, it proves that there’s a constantly growing market for our genre.  As far as how popular it gets… who knows… no one knew it would be as popular as it became back then!

Did you know your kind of music is becoming very popular in some parts of Europe at the moment? And have you been in touch with and/or are you aware of European labels that are completely based on AOR and Melodic Rock?

GREG: We were aware that it never went away in the States from magazines like Metal Edge who always carried the torch.  As for Europe, we’re always amazed at the loyalty of European fans…

JC: Many acts we know have sustained themselves on their European fan-base.

KEVIN:  We’ve been so lucky with Metal Mayhem Music distributing our CD in the U.S.  As we learn more about the European markets, our next goal is to find a label overseas to license our album to…  one that can effectively get our music out to as many rock and roll fans as possible outside of America!

Can you tell us more about your recordings?

KEVIN: Well, this is our first official release… our self-titled CD "PASSION RISK" on Metal Mayhem Music.  Some of the finer import stores may be carrying it… or you can order it directly from the Metal Mayhem website at

GREG: Hopefully, it’s that great summertime party album we all grew up with… the one that puts a smile on your face and makes you drive a little faster!!

JC: A lot of people say it takes them back to that time in the 80’s when everything was a party and people just wanted to have fun and get laid!!

What are the plans for the next coming months?

KEVIN: We were fortunate in that, when the time came to do the album, we already had tons of material ready to go.

JC: Since the album just came out, our goal for 2000 is to get the CD out to as many fans as we can.  As for a second CD, we have more than enough material for it… and obviously, anything we put out as PASSION RISK will not stray from the melodic style of rock we all know and love… otherwise it wouldn’t be PASSION RISK!  But right now, we’re so proud of this CD and these songs that we just want to concentrate on promoting it.

GREG: We’d love to hook up with some of the bigger AOR acts in Europe and finally get a chance to come over there and do some shows for all the great rock & roll fans! I just know we’d have a blast!

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future!

JC: And thank you Gabor for all your hard work & thanks to all the loyal AOR fans who keep this great style of music alive! Hopefully we’ll see you all in 2000! CHEERS!