Review by Mike Sacco

Diamond were a New York based band whom (to my knowledge) released only 1 album on their Mijems label. They consisted of: Matt LaMour on lead vocals, Alex Lubin on keys, Mitch Diamond on Guitars, Rob Dexter on bass, and Mitch Goldstein on drums. Their style was mostly in the Rainbow/Red Dawn vein. The album was released in 1987.  

Track 1- Lonely In Love begins with one of those classic 1980's intros showcasing the keyboardist's efforts, and segues into a classic AOR style rocker with a nice layered guitar solo.  

Track 2- Remember The Night is an uptempo song with Yngwie styled keyboard passages and harmonies galore! Definetly one of the best tracks on the album.  

Track3-Mirror Mirror is the first of the albums two ballads. I believe this was realesed as a single. This is where their Pomp rock influences come shing through. I could see a band like Prophet doing a song like this. Nice acoustic guitar work laced with keyboards galore. Nice work considering i'm not a big fan of ballads!  

Track- 4 Fight Fire With Fire gets things rocking again in a big way with its "gang vocal" chorus, and a nice keyboard/ guiter duel during the solo.  

Track- 5 Rock The Nation is just that--it rocks!!! Personally, its my favborite track on the album. I had to do a double take because it sounded just like Rainbow! This track grabs you by the neck, and it won't let go!!  A sure fire attention getter if there ever was one.  

Track 6- One From The Heart is the second ballad here, and would have made a fine single / video as well. Typical 80's style "boy loses girl" love song with lush keys!!  

Track 7-The Inatome is an instrumental cut, and the album's closer. I'm assuming they did this to showcase the member's talents. They really didn't have to, as they are clearly evident throughout the rest of the album!  

In conclusion, i'd like to say that these guys desrved a lot more attention then they got. The major labels should have signed these guys instead of garbage like Guns "N Roses!!! I highly recommend this to fans of Rainbow, Red Dawn, Prophet, and the like!   Up until recently, I never thought this album saw the light of day on a disc. But, all the was changed when a firend sent me a copy that Reborn Classics had pared up with Leg's Diamond's "Firepower" LP.  I highly recommend you take the time and seek out a copy--it'll be well worth it!!!