An Interview with Dan Varrone Of Hot New Sensations 2ND NATURE by Nicky Baldrian

Nicky:- When did 2nd Nature get together,and what did you do musically before this?

Dan:- 2nd nature was formed in 1993. We all played in local cover bands in the Waterbury, CT area prior to that. Players from 3 of those bands ended up together through the funnel effect. Dan & Steve were together in a Band called Last Call. Troy, Andy and Greg were in a Band called Wells Run. Dan and Andy had also played together in a band called Animation While Troy and Greg were in a band called Suspense.It was all very competitive then but were also friends. Our common goal however was to make it big with our own music and that was the reason for starting 2nd nature.

Nicky:- What are your influences?

Dan:- Our music can speak for itself but we seem to focus on songs that go for the heart. Not all songs are from personal
experience's rather "What If that happened to me?" situations.

Nicky:- Tell me about your latest album "Rain"?

Dan:- "Rain" was our follow up album to "Will to Survive". We have been told that we have an 80's sound. Well with the recent 80's rebirth what perfect timing. Does anybody in Rock have harmonies anymore? We recorded the CD at Long hill
Studios in Derby, CT. We put forth our best effort on this one as we felt it would be the one that would get heard by the world. Specific song meanings?

Nicky :- What equipment do you use?

Dan:- Steven Plays Jackson Electrics through Marshall Amps and Ovation Acoustics.Troy plays Fender Guitars through Peavey Amps. I can't remember what kind of Bass Greg plays, Sorry but its late . Andy plays Noble& Cooley Drums. We all sing through EV microphones.

Nicky:- Have you done any shows at all?

Dan:- We have done plenty of shows. Our most mentionable to note are at Toads Place in New Haven. With John Cafferty, Joan Jett, 38 Special, Night Ranger, Blue Oyster Cult, Jefferson Starship, and The Tubes.

Nicky:- WOW!What was it like playing with such acts as Nightranger,38 Special and Joan Jett? Those are some of my favorite bands.Were you nervous and how were you recieved by the audiences?

Dan:- It was very cool playing withthose bands. It was the culmination of many years hard work. You know when you start off playing music and develop that first band it is all uphill steps/goals from there. (1st step) At first your goal is to play a song that sounds like the one played on the radio. You throw together a band with musicians from school and that first step is to
learn a song. The you want to learn a set of songs and finally you want to go to the next step which is playing to an audience. (2nd Step) The first audience are some freinds frm the neighborhood which leads to school dances and town fairs. Then you get older thinking that you are really good and you get to go to a bar or a wedding and witness the third step which is playing
live in that very atmosphere. (3rd Step) Opening for a Band in a local club which means talking the headliner in to letting you open. This of course is on a Thursday night. (4th Step) Headlining on a Thusfay night. (5th Step)

Opening on a Friday or Saturday night. (6th Step) Headlining on a Friday or Saturday night with someone opening for you and remembering what is was like to be the opening band. Then this continues for years as you develop a following and a mailing list and those prove to be very memorable times. (7th Step) Getting together with the best musicians from all the competing local bands to form a new band with aspirations to write and perform original songs. Then you repeat steps 3 through 6 all over again renamed steps 8, 9, 10, and 11. (Step 12) is to record your own CD and sell the resultant product to an audience that came to here you play your own songs. This is a very cool and gratifying step. Now with all these steps under your belt you dare to attempt (Step 13) this step in Cannecticut was to play at Toad's Place in New Haven Ct. This is a 2000 person standing room only venue that brought in national acts and used local all original bands for openers. This is an honer in my estimation is only experienced by 1 and 5000 bands making it to step 6.

We of couse again did the wednesday 1st band in a 4 band lineup, to to 2nd band to 3rd band to headliner and so on for thursday and eventually we found ourselves playing on friday night just before the likes of Night Ranger, 38 Special, Joan Jett, Blue Oyster Cult, The Tubes, Foghat etc. And you know every step as you looked up seemed so far out of reach. You were always saying Wow! What would it take to be in their shoes. But when you reached that step it was hard to imagine there were others saying the same about you. But they were there I know they were.

So now we have reached a step that takes more than our own efforts to rise to. We have saleable music a great Band to perform this music but no record contract or promoter. Step 14 requires the assistance of others with power and connections only attained from being in the business, We have given it a hell of a try. We went to NY and visited with record companys, have had Major labels review our material, but the general consensus from those labels was simply,"Great songs, great vocals, too bad you were'nt around in the 80's. So thats where we are now , except the internet has found us new freinds from around the world who have re excited our potential and has resulted in this interview.

Nicky:-How will 2nd Nature be celebrating the Millenium?

Dan:- We will be enjoying the millenium with our familys


Nicky:- If you could play wth one band on New Years Eve who would it be?

Dan:- I think every band member would have a different answer to that question but I don't think anyone would complain about playing with Aerosmith

Nicky:- Any plans for playing over in Europe and the UK?

Dan:- Europe would be cool if the right opportunity came up.

Nicky:- Finally what are the bands future plans?And is their anything that you would like to say to the fans out here in Europe?
Dan:- Our future plans are to continue writing and recording and sending material to those the have said no in the past but were polite enough to say no. You know one of the most gratifying things that we have achieved was getting letters from Arkadia Records, Nel James Productions, Polygram Records, Columbia Records, Atlantic Recording Corporation, and MCA Records saying NO. We got to the point where A&R reps listened to our music. That was worth all the years and all the goals and all the Steps.