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I'm Stretch, a clean and sober motorcycle enthusiast from Phoenix, AZ. My scoot is a '95 883XLH. She's still stock bore&stroke, but I've done a little here and there to make her scoot with the big boys. I recently installed the Screaming Eagle Bolt-In cams and threw her on the dyno at MMI here in Phoenix-58hp at the rear wheel, not bad for a 1200, but pretty kick-ass for the 883 she is!

Click on "dyno" or "58hp" to see dyno sheet!

Click on Picture for more pics of my scooter!

Yours truly kickin'it on the way to Laughlin 2000! Nothing like a little R&R at 90mph!

If you're a local rider(to the metro Phoenix area, that is) that lives a clean&sober life and would like to get involved with others that enjoy the same please feel free to get in touch! If you're just out there in the wind clean&sober anywhere, get in touch!

This is me on my old 750 chopper!

My friends and I do alot of riding, alot of meetings, and generally have a lot of fun. Check out the links below for info on local events, Puttin' Sober Phx, Pix, and Links to many other sites(Not all recovery oriented).

We are not a glum lot!

This is my wife's new tattoo-breaking the chains of alcoholism!

Many out there in the riding community don't know that you can be a biker and be involved in recovery! Please help your bro's that are in the grips of alcoholism or addiction to find that there is another way of life!

If you want to drink and drug-that's your business. If you want to stop that's mine!

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