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Ships Pictures...

Below are some of the ships to visit or serve NZ. Hyperlinks are to ships pictures I have placed online, the quality is often poor but they are enough to give you a general idea of the appearance of a vessel. This page will be added to as time and resources permit.

Refresh regularly as I update often

ACASTA 385 tons

ADAMANT; iron barque of 815 ton barque built in Hull, 1858 and later purchased by Shaw Savill. 9 voyages to NZ. Made 9 voyages to NZ, the first in 1873. The arrival of the Adamant in New Plymouth in April 1881 brought passengers for the New Plymouth Harbour Board.

ADELAIDE 683 tons, NZ Shipping Co 1883 - 1906. Built by D & W Henderson in Glasgow. Her maiden voyage in 1884 ranked her as the fasted ship in Australasia. One of the first vessels to visit with electric lights.


AIRDALE; Shaw Savill steamer that made NZ voyages direct

AJAX 767 tons later wrecked at Anjer when voyagind between London and Manilla.

ALCESTIS small iron barque of just under 400 tons. Built Sunderland in 1868 & owned by RH Penney. Purchases in 1882 by Stone Bros of Auckland. 6 voyages to NZ.

ALICE CAMERON. Circular Saw Line, sailing Sydney to Auckland run.

AKAROA, 1298 ton Iron Barque built by Osborne Sunderland. Originally owned by Patrick Henserson Co but came under Shaw Savill after the amalgamation. In 1900 she was sold to Norway and traded between there & Australia. 12 voyages to NZ.

ALASTOR (The) barque under charter to Shaw Savill Co. Made 10 voyages to NZ.



ALGOA BAY 1130 tons;

ALLIANCE, brought passengers to Nelson 1869 dogged by bad luck & bad weather. There was another ship of the same name who sailed London to Wellington in 1901.

ALMA 1070 tons

AMBROSINE 450 tons

ANAZI. small barque of 468 tons formerly owned by Mr J Fleming of London & purchased by Shaw Savill Company. 4 voyages to Auckland; 1 to Port Chalmers; 2 to Nelson; & 1 to Bluff; Built by Turnbull of Portsmouth.

ANDREW JACKSON (The) American built clipper of 1252 tons chartered by Messrs Potter & Wilson and made 2 voyages to NZ.

ANGLIAN Huddart Parker Ltd. 1894 - 1913. built by Aitken & Mansel, Glasgow. 2,159 gross tons, single screw.


ANN WILSON; owned by RJ Wilson & charterd by Messrs James Baines & Co to bring emigrants to NZ. The voyage that arrived Wellington on 29-3-1857 was subject to an investigation due to charges of neglect of passengers.

ANTIOPE Built by John Reid & Co of Glasgow in 1866, originally owned by Joseph Heap & Sons of Liverpool. Changed hands a number of times and eventually used as a hulk by Paparoa Coal Co in NZ. Then she was dismantled in Wellington where she lay till 1915 when she was again pressed into service. She then stranded at Bluff where she stayed for many months before being salvaged, towed to Port Chalmers and at age 51 pressed into service yet again in 1917.

AORANGI built for the NZ Shipping Co in 1883 and sold to the Union Steamship Co in 1900. Accomodation for 160 passengers she remained in service till 1913 when she was then sold to the Admiralty and used as a block ship at Scapa Flow. In 1920 she was raised and used as a hulk.

ARAWA 5,000 tons The first steamship built for the Shaw Savill Line, and launched in 1884. She was regarded as the most beautiful steamship ever built and was also very fast. On her second trip to NZ she established a round the world record voyage.

ASHBURTON 689 tons

ASHLEY came to Auckland with a load of coal and 97 passengers in 1858

ASTERION , barque of 540 tons. chartered by Shaw Saville & Co in early 1880's. Made 15 voyages to NZ.

ASTEROPE 600 tons. Made 11 voyages to NZ between 1861 & 1872.

ATRATO, one of the first steamers to voyage to NZ, arriving Port Chalmers in June 1874 after a trip full of incidents. She was a small vessel yet had 762 immigrants onboard, 250 of whom were children. 33 children died on this voyage, there was much sickness, croup and measles mostly.

AUCKLAND (The) Shaw Savill & Albion Co. 25 voyages to NZ between 1874 & 1902. Built in Robert Duncans yard in 1874. Wrecked on 6 March 1909 during a gale of Possesion Island, South West Africa. All hands lost. 5 voyages to Auckland; 1 to Lyttelton; 19 to Dunedin;

AVALANCHE, 1210 ton iron ship built by Hall of Aberdeen in 1874.

AVON 645 tons

BEBINGTON ; 941 tons, slow ship dogged by ill-fortune. Built in 1859 by Hickson in Belfast, and later purchased by the Shaw Savill Co. Made 2 trips to Wellington, 1 to Dunedin, 1 to Auckland, 3 to Lyttelton & 1 to Napier. An Iron Barque

BALLOCHMYLE, 1,438 tons. First vessel to berth at Gladstone Pier Lyttelton.

BALLARAT. 685 ton wooden barque built by Duthie of Aberdeen for Duncan Dunbar in 1852 made several voyages to Australia before being chartered by Shaw Saville for the NZ trade. 6 voyages to NZ.

BANGALORE 877 ton barque

BEBBINGTON 924 tons built in 1859 and later purchased by the Shaw Svill Company. Described as a bit of an 'Old Tub'.


BEN LEDI 1056 tons sailed Jan and arrived Wellington May 13th 1877

BEN LOMOND 986 ton ship

BENARES (The) 4 masted 1,646 ton clipper. built Glasgow 1877 by Messrs H Murray & Co. Owned by Watson Bros of Glasgow.

BERAR 902 tons. 3 voyages to NZ under charter to Shaw Savill (2 to Wgton & 1 to Auck)

BERKSHIRE 582 tons grounded at Nelson feb 1850. Passengers continued on to Welligton and Otago via the Woodstock & the Perseverance.

BERNICA 548 tons

BLACK SWAN (The) fully rigged ship of 976 tons

BLUE JACKET. 1,790 ton ship having made several runs to Melbourne was then diverted to the NZ trade. Razed and sunk at sea, off Falkland Islands in 1869 when transporting 71 passengers from Lyttelton to London .

BOMBAY. A fully rigged ship of 937 tons and owned by Shaw Savill Company. Made 4 voyages to NZ. Bombay, in the south of Auckland is named after this vessel.

BRAEMAR 1008 tons. Maiden voyage was to Port Chalmers in 1885


BRIDE 500 tons

BROOMHALL 1380 ton built at Sunderland by Doxfords in 1874.


BULWARK 1,332 tons wooden ship built at New Brunswick by King, in 1862 for the Shaw Savill Co. Made 1 voyage to NZ (Auckland) arriving Oct 1872

BURMAH 718 tons


CADEUCEUS 1,116 ton wooden barque built by Fletcher of London in 1854, under charter to Shaw Savill. Made 5 voyages to Auckland.

CAMBODIA 806 tons

CANDIDATE (The) Barque owned by J Gambles of Liverpool. Chartered by Shaw Savill Co and came to Auckland in 1884 and Wellington in 1886.

CANTERBURY, clipper of 1242 tons. Built 1874 for Patrick Henderson Co, by Robert Duncan. Made 21 voyages to NZ.

CAPE CLEAR 853 tons

CARMARTHENSHIRE, 872 tons chartered by NZ ShippingCo. Built 1865, wooden vessel. Arrived Port Chalmers Dec 1875 under Captain Thomas.

CARNATIC (The) clipper of 871 tons built at Sunderland by Pile in 1867. Chartered to the NZ Shipping Co. (In the 50's another vessel bearing the same name made 2 voyages to NZ)


CASHMERE 640 ton barque

CATHCART 1,387 ton clipper built 1873 by Robert Steel of Greenock


CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE 1,304 wwoden ship built by Fisher of New Brunswick in 1865, under charter to Shaw Savill

CHIEFTAIN, clipper, 382 tons, built on the Thames, sailed direct to Nelson with passengers for the goldfields

CHRISTIAN MCAUSELAND built 1869 by Scott of Greenock for Patrick Henderson. Iron craft of 962 tons made 6 voyages to Port Chalmers between 1870 & 1874.


CHAUDIERE 470 ton wooden barque by Doxford of Sunderland in 1863. Bought in 1873 by Shaw Savill Co to carry emigrants to Nelson

CHIEFTAIN 382 tons

CISSY 634 tons

CITY OF AUCKLAND. Made 10 voyages to NZ. A composite vessel of iron framing & teak sheathing with copper fastenings. Her maiden voyage arrived in Auckland in January 1870.


CITY OF DUNEDIN : owned by Albion prior to amalgamation with Shaw Savill Company. 10 voyages to Port Chalmers. 1863 - 1875. foundered in Cook Strait in May 1865 with the loss of 40 lives.

CITY OF GLASGOW 1168 ton & owned by Smith & Co. Made 2 voyages to NZ

CITY OF MADRAS 999 tons.

CLARENCE 1105 tons.

CLYDE 1140 tons

COLDSTREAM (The) built 1849 for W Willis & Son., 545 tons, made one voyage to NZ in 1863 with 12 passengers for Port Chalmers.

COLEROON 760 tons. arr Wellington 83 passengers March 1866

COLLINGWOOD 1014 tons.

COMMODORE 562 tons


CORNWALL 580 tons under charter to NZ Land Co

COROMANDEL 849 ton barque built Glasgow in 1875 for John Fairlie of Glasgow. Emmigrants were brought to NZ under charter to Shaw Savill Co. After 7 voyages she was sold to NZ owners in 1884 and then used for intercolonial trade. When retired from that she suffered damage and sunk at the Railway Wharf in Wellington where she lay on her side on the bottom for 12 months. Refloated by Mr Thmas Carmichael, a contractor and converted to a coal hulk which worked Wellington for many years.

COSPATRICK 1,220 ton; burnt with 473 sould aboard and only 3 survivors;

COSSIPORE 834 ton wooden ship built in Dundee 1851 & chartered by Shaw Saville.


COUNTESS OF KINTORE , an Aberdeen clipper built 1866 by Duthie. Chartered to Shaw Savill Co. 11 voyages to NZ.

CRESSWELL 671 tons. The first of Willis Gann Co ships to come to Port Chalmers.

CRUSADER ; Fast Shaw Savill Albion Company; made 13 trips to Lyttelton, 4 to Auckland, 3 to Wellington, 1 to Bluff & 7 to Port Chalmers. She was sold to the Norwegians.

DALLAM TOWER, 1499 tons under charter to Shaw Saville Co

DERWENTWATER barque of 522 tons was built in Sunderland in 1852 and chartered by Shaw Savill Co.

DINAPORE 789 ton

DONA ANITA Barque, London to Nelson in 1867. The captain died on the voyage.

DOVER CASTLE 1,003 ton wooden ship built 1858 in Sunderland. Chartered by Shaw Savill Company.

DRIVER (H.M.S.) Was the first steamship to sail in NZ waters. Was the ship that held Te Rauparaha captive in Wellington Harbour.


DUNEDIN (the) Buuilt to order by Robert Duncan of Glasgow, for Patrick Henderson Company in 1874. 1250 tons specially designed to carry emigrants. 5 voyages to Lyttelton & 12 to Dunedin;

DUNCRAIG 669 tons

DUNSCORE 1000 tons

EAGLET 396 tons

EARL DERBY; barque

EASTERHILL 890 ton barque. Launched Dundee in 1878. Her maiden voyage was to Port Chalmers.


ECHUNGA (The) 1000 tons

EDEN, barque


EDWARD P BOUVERIE 997 ton ship built in 1864 by Hall of Aberdeen, Chartered by Shaw Savill Co

EDWIN FOX 836 ton wooden barque built 1853 in Calcutta. Chartered by Shaw Savill Co.

ELECTRA 668 ton ship built 1866 by Hall of Aberdeen. Under charter to Shaw Savill Co

ELECTRIC,(The) built in California in 1854. Made 2 voyages to NZ. 1863 to Port Chalamers with 120 Scot immigrants and 1867 with 55 passengers for Auckland.

ENGLANDS GLORY, wrecked at Bluff 1881.

ENSIGN 431 tons. On a voyage i 1865 the captain died at sea.

EQUATOR 480 tons

EVENING STAR; 811 tons, under charter to Shaw Savill Co. Made 4 voyages to NZ.

EUTERPE (Star Of India) 1,197 ton Iron ship built 1863 on the Isle of Man. Chartered by the Shaw Savill Company.

EXCELSIOR . 683 tons originally a fast China tea clipper she was chartered in 1859 by Shaw Saville Co for NZ trade and made 5 voyages to Auckland & 2 to Wellington




FLYING FOAM voyage to Auckland in 1864 arrived with amateur crew due to a mutiny by seamen

FORFARSHIRE (The) 1238 ton ship. built 1867 by Morrison of Sunderland. Chartered by Shaw Savill Company for the first voyage out in 1873. Made 6 voyages to NZ.

FORMOSA 915 tons


GARELOCH, clipper of 1177 tons built by Dobie in Glasgow & chrtered to Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Launched 1873 and made 3 voyages to NZ. Not to be confused with the Gairloch.

GEELONG, brould miners to the goldfields, Otago 1862. Not a comfortable voyage.

GEORGE HENDERSON; wrecked at Henui Beach, New Plymouth on 16 August 1860.

GIPSEY barque of 426 tons

GLEANER 485 tons

GLENDOWER (The) 911 tons formerly belonging to the Blackball Line

GLENMARK (The) An Aberdeen Clipper 958 tons left Lyttelton in 1872 with full cargo for London, 50 passengers and crew and 80,000 pounds sterling in gold and was never heard from again.

GLENLORA 764 ton. Shaw Savill Albion Shipping Co. Barque, 1873 - 1897 26 voyages to NZ, of which, 9 to Auckland; 4 to Wellington; 3 to Lyttelton; 2 to Port Chalmers & 8 to Nelson;

GOLDEN SEA 1418 ton wooden ship built 1864 by Oliver of Quebec. Chartered by Shaw Savill Company.


GUINEVERE ; 879 tons built Glasgow in 1868.


HALCIONE built 1869 for Shaw Savill Coo. An iron ship who made 26 voyages to New Zealand from 1878 to 1894.


HANOVER 1,000 ton Clipper-ship owned by George Marshall & Co, under charter to Shaw Savill Co.

HARKAWAY 658 tons

HASTINGS 519 tons

HARVEST HOME 547 ton barque under charter to NZ Shipping Co. Made 3 voyages to Port Chalmers and one to Nelson.

HAWARDEN CASTLE 1101 ton, Shaw Savill


HELEN DENNY Glasgow built; 728 tons and a member of the Shaw Savill Fleet. Built by Robert Duncan of Glasgow & sold sold to Messrs Turnbull & Co of Christchurch. It subsequently became a hulk in Wellington harbour belonging to Paparoa Coal Co. 2 voyages to Napier, 4 to Nelson; 2 to Bluff; 6 to Dunedin; 2 to Lyttelton; 3 to Wellington; 2 to Auckland;

HERMIONE . Shaw Savill Albion ship 1,120 ton & built by Hall Shipyards in Aberdeen. 21 voyages to NZ. Later sold to an Italian firm & renamed Mantova. Broken up in Genoa in 1913.



HIMALAYA over 1000 tons. Built 1863. sold to Shaw Savill Co in 1865. Made 24 voyages to NZ. In 1880 her rig was changed from ship to barque. In 1896 she was sold to Alaska Packers Co & renamed Star Of Peru. 7 trips to Lyttelton, 2 to Auckland, 8 to Wellington & 7 to Port Chalmers.

HOWRAH (The) 1098 tons built at Sunderland in 1864 by Pile. Visited Wellington Nov 1876 with 86 emmigrants after dropping 200 at Nelson.

HUDSON, 848 ton iron ship built in 1869 by Pearse of Stockton & chartered to Shaw Savill Company.

HUIA. Topsail schooner

HURUNUI , 1012 tons, built by Palmer & Co in 1875.Having been renamed Hermes she was Sunk on 4-5-1915 off St Catherines Point, Isle of Wight by a German Submarine, whilst flying Russian colours. Made 19 voyages to NZ. In 1883 she collided with the Waitara in the English Channel & sunk her.

HYDASPES 2092 tons. After her last voyage to NZ in 1878 whilst in the channel heading for England she collided with another vessel & was sunk.

IDA ZIEGLER belonged to Messrs Wattenbach, Heilgers & Co, chartered by Shaw Savill. Eight voyages to Auckland.

INDIANA 852 tons

INDIAN QUEEN 1050 tons


INVERCARGILL built for Patrick Henderson Co by Robert Duncan, especially for the New Zealand trade. 1265 tons launched in 1874.

INVERNE 912 tons under charter to NZ Shipping Co. Formerly called Atlanta Banfield. She was lost off the coast of Java having struck a reef whilst carting coal. Made 3 voyages to NZ.

IRONSIDES; built in 1838 was the first large vessel built of iron. The second Ironsides, an 899 ton vessel was built in 1862. She made several voyages to NZ.


IVANHOE. Travelled from England to NZ in 1864 with 25 deaths occuring on the passage out. She was quarrantined in Lyttelton due to Low Fever.


JAMES NICOL FLEMING; ; built 1869 by Duncan of Glasgow & sister ship to the Otago. Made 12 trips to NZ. In 1878 her name changed to Napier (last 2 voyages);

JAMES WISHART. 4 voyages to NZ. an iron barque of 775 tons under charter to NZ Shipping Co on the first voyage, Shaw Savill Co on her second

JESSIE OSBORNE ; under charter to NZ Shipping Co. 1,058 ton, fully rigged. A comfortable passenger ship.


JOHN WESLEY 237 tons



JOSEPHINE WILLIS; 1,000 tons, under the flag of Willis, Gann & Co. Suffered a collision with a steamer in 1855 and many lives were lost.

JUBILEE 764 tons

KAIKOURA. New Zealand Shipping Co 1884 - 1899. Built by John Elder & Co, Glasgow. Launched in July 1888

KATE, Circular Saw Line

KELSO 500 tons


KILLOCHAN 1,300 tons built 1874 by McMillan of Dumbarton, owned by J Kerr & Co of Greenock. Chartered by Shaw Saville in 1888 for a voyage to Auckland. She later sank after a collision off Dungeness with the loss of many lives.

LA HOGUE chartered by Shaw Savill, a handsome buff-bowed Blackwall frigate, traded with India and the East. 1331 tons

LADY ALICE arrived NZ in Sept 1858 from Gravesend. She was new but slow.

LADY EGIDIA. in 1861 was the largest wooden vessel to enter Port Chalmers. Built in Scotland and owned by Messers Potter, Wilson & Co of Glasgow. Brought 400 passengers to Port Chalmers in 1860 and in 1862 another 217 for Launceston and 83 for Otago.

LADY JOCELYN ; Originaly built for the East India Tea Trade & fitten with auxiliary steam engines which were dumped when the suez canal was opened. 4 trips to Lyttelton; 6 to Auckland; 2 to Wellington; 2 to Dunedin;

LADY NUGENT 668 tons.

LAIRA 492 ton built at Sunderland in 1870 by Pile & owned by R Hill. Chartered to Shaw Savill then sold to Stone Bros of Auckland & chartered then to NZShipping Co.


LANGSTONE 746 ton iron ship built in 1869 by Pile of Sunderland and chartered to Shaw Savill Company

LARKINS 770 tons

LAUDERDALE barque 857 tons; Collided with a vessel at Dungeness in 1873 whilst en route to Auckland. She was repaired in Ramsgate & continued the voyage. Damaged by a storm at Auckland wharf 1874;

LEBU (The) Used by NZ Shipping Co. Made 3 trips to Auckland, 1 to Wellington and 1 to Dunedin;

LIGHT BRIGADE (The) built 1855 at Boston USA and initially called "Ocean Telegraph". She was then sold to the Black Ball Line who changed her name. She transported troops to the Maori Wars. Brought women and children from Calcutta, Rangoon & London. Retired in Gibralter as a coal hulk.

LITTLE CELAENO 700 tons chartered by Shaw Savill Co. Made 11 voyages to New Zealand from 1870 to 1879.

LIVERPOOL (The) built in Quebec, 1454 tons


LORD ASHLEY, Shaw Saville Steamer. Made direct voyages to NZ



LORD WORSLEY, Shaw Saville Steamer. Made direct voyages to NZ

LUTTERWORTH iron barque 883 tons,Built by Denton Gray & launched at Hartlepool in 1868 & purchased in 1872 by the Shaw Saville Co for the NZ trade. In 1906 after sustaining some damage she was sold to the Union Steamship Co of NZ and used for some time as a coal hulk. 4 trips to Port Chalmers; 4 to Auckland; 7 to Wellington; 2 to Lyttelton; 6 to Nelson;

MAIRI BAHN ; Patrick Henderson Co., iron clipper 1,315 tons built by Barclay & Curle of Glasgow for Capt PJ McIntyre of London. Her name is Gaelic for 'Bonny Mary'

MAORI; 174 tons, 1875-84 and 1888-1902. Union Company

MALAY; 328 ton barque. First merchant vessel direct from London to enter the Wanganui river in 1872

MALLARD barque of 637 tons built 1857 in Liverpool and chartered by Shaw Savill Co for 3 voyages to NZ. A 4th voyage out was under charter to The NZ Shipping Co.

MANDARIN 650 tons.


MARGARET GALBRAITH (Old Maggie) 841 ton. Travelled NZ run from 1873 to 1900. Was lost in 1905 after leaviing from the River Plate with a load of grain, heading for England, stranded and became a total loss. 10 trips to Port Chalmers; 3 to Auckland; 1 to Napier; 5 to Wellington; 2 to Nelson & 1 to Lyttelton;

MARIA 747 tons

MARLBOROUGH, owned by the Aberdeen firm of Shirres Leslie, and under charter to Shaw Savill Co.

MARY LOW 855 tons

MATAURA launched 1868 as the Dunfillan, built by Aitken of Glasgow. Purchased by the NZ Company in 1874. Fully rigged 853 tons. First ship to be filled with Harkins Dry air refrigeration. Sold late 1890's to a norwegian captain & later abandoned in the Pacific ocean. 15 voyages to NZ.

MATILDA WATTENBACH a British built clipper-ship of 1000 tons owned by Wattenbach, Heilgers & Co of Mincing Lane, chartered to Shaw Savill

MATOAKA 1323 A Willis Gann & Co trader, wooden ship built in1853 in New Brunswick & purchased by Shaw Savill Co. 8 voyages to NZ, and her after leavinf Lyttelton on her 8th in 1869 she was never heard from again.

MELLOWDALE 1,289 tons owned by Messrs T & O Hunter. Made 2 voyages to NZ with both passengers and cargo. One in 1878 to Lyttelton another 1880 to Port Chalmers.

MEROPE clipper 1,050 tons built 1870 for Shaw Saville; Made 18 voyages then destroyed by fire when on a return voyage from Lyttelton in 1890. In the early 1880's was re-rigged as a barque. Mostly ailed from London but two of her trips were from Glasgow. Destroyed by fire in1890 off the Western Islands. One trip to Auckland, 3 to Wgton, 2 to Port Chalmers, 1 to Timaru & 12 to Lyttleton;

MERSEY 1226 tons

MERWANJEE FRAMJEE; built on the Clyde by Reid in 1863 for Johnstone Company of Liverpool. 1079 tons.

MICHAEL ANGELO 1,174 tons. Came to Nelson in 1875 with 244 Government immigrants. Several births and deaths on the voyage, including the captain who was then interred in the new Nelson cemetery.

MIDLOTHIAN 1084 tons

MINERVA 600 tons

MONTMORENCY ship of 668 tons built inQuebec for the Black Ball Line and after transporting many hundreds of emmigrants she was destroyed by fire at Napier on 27-3-1867.

MONTROSE 987 tons

MOOLTAN 560 tons

MORNING STAR 1327 tons sent out by the Black Ball Line.


MYRTLE 621 tons.

NELSON (The) a clipper of 1247 tons built in 1874 by Robert Duncan, for, Patrick Henderson Co. Built to carry passengers & excellent accomodationn offered. Travelled to NZ until about 1902. Later sailed under a Chilean flag as a barque. 7 trips to Wellington, 1 to Lyttelton, one to Bluff and 14 to Dunedin.

NORFOLK 349 tons

NORTHFLEET 896 ton clipper built on the Thames 1852 by Duncan Dunbar Co. Served the China Trade, & Hong Kong & then brought emigrants to NZ. Anchored off Dungeness she was hit by a Spanish Steamer and sank. 253 souls lost.

NOVELTY Auckland built barque, also a clipper. Made fast voyages to Sydney. Built by Messrs Nicol & son, Mechanics Bay

OAMARU; sister ship to the Timaru, built for Patrick Henderson Co., 1,300 tons by Scott of Greenock in 1874. Sold and renamed Fox and rigged as a barque in 1905. Eventually abandoned at sea of Pensecola USA; 25 voyages to NZ.


OLIVE MOUNT 583 tons, made longest voyage ever recorded at that time, 1865, to NZ. Spent 2 months of the voyage in Mauritius for repairs. Voyage took 205 days.

OLIVER LANG 1316 ton built at Deptford owned by the Black Ball Line and as a result of a collision, she was driven ashore and stranded in Wellington Harbour. Subsequently buffetted by gale force winds and wrecked.

ORARI Built in 1875 by Palmers for the NZ Shipping Co. Made 18 voyages to NZ

ORPHEUS, one of the first maritime disasters inNZ waters that involved a great loss of lives, on the Manukau Bar in Feb 1863 taking 189 lives

OTAGO; sister ship to James Nicol Fleming. Did 14 trips to Port Chalmers & 2 to Lyttelton. Later was sold to Peru and renamed Ermilla. Subsequently torpedoed and sunk in the 1914-18 war.

OTAKI built 1875 by Palmers Company, Jarrow-on-Tyne for the NZ Shipping Co. After 17 trips to NZ was eventually sold to the Germans and renamed Dr Siegert. Wrecked in 1896.

OWEN GLENDOWER 911 tons, made only one trip to NZ. Auckland in 1863

OXFORD (The) 1287 ton ship brought out by Shaw Savill Co. MAde 6 voyages to NZ



PARIA barque.



PEGASUS ; made one passage to NZ in 1865;

PEKIN 562 tons

PENGUIN 749 tons, 1879 - 1909

PENSHAW 740 tons


PETER DENNY Owned by Albion & Co, built 1865 by Duthie of Aberdeen. Made 7 trips to Port Chalmers.


PHOEBE DUNBAR 471 tons. Last sgip to be despatched to Port Chalmers by the New Zealand Sgipping Company

PIAKO built by A Stephens of Glasgow in 1877. 17 voyages to NZ. Posted missing by Lloyds in 1900 after sailing from Melbourne for the cape.

PLEIADES iron, fully rigged ship of 1020 tons built at Dumbarton in 1869 by A McMillan & Son. Owned by Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Wrecked at Akito beach (NZ).

PLEIONE Built 1876 for the Shaw Savill Company, 1092 tons. Maiden voyage 1877 & made 20 trips to New Zealand.

POICTIERS 756 tons.


PRINCE OF WALES, brought to NZ by the Nelson Brothers after being fitted with twin propellors which were driven by a pair of 30 hp engines, from which the steam fed the boiler of the refrigeration plant.

PUNJAB; 570 tons. In 1873 brought out 200 British and 112 Danish emigrants.

QUEEN BEE, 726 ton fully rigged ship.owned by the firm of Shires Leslie of Aberdeen, chartered by Shaw Savill. Superior passener accomodation Wrecked on voyage in 1877 at Nelson.

RACEHORSE The) 1,077 tons formerly named the Matilda Wattenbach brought lots of settlers to Albertland.

RAKAIA fully rigged 1022 ton. Built by Blumer & Co in 1873; 7 trips to Lyttelton; 3 to Port Chalmers; 5 to Wellington; 2 to Auckland; 1 to Timaru & 1 to Bluff;

RALPH BERNAL 400 tons barque

RANGITIKI; NZ Shipping Co. 1,225 tons. Her maiden voyage was made in 1864 under the name of Scimtar. Owned by the NZ Shipping co she made 24 voyages to NZ.

RANGOON (The) 374 tons

RED JACKET (The); White Star Co chartered this to use on the run from Melborne to Auckland.


REULLURA 292 tons

RIALTO 1165 tons

RIMUTAKA NZ Shipping Co. 1884 - 1899. Built by John Elder & Co of Glasgow. Launched in October 1884

ROBERT HENDERSON (The) 552 tons, an Aberdeen wooden clipper built 1857 for J Hay & Co. Made 10 trips from Glasgow to Dunedin direct. Luxury accomodation vessel.

RODELL BAY 1080 tons

RODNEY 1,447 ton chartered by Shaw Savill carried first class passengers only. She had bathrooms with hot and cold running water, a smoking room for the men, Lavatories in all cabins


ROTOMAHANA, served with the Union Steam Ship Co from 1879 till 1925. Considered one of the finest of her class. First merchant ship in the world built of mild steel



ROYAL CHARLIE. In 1862 brought 90 passengers. 40 of which were female servants

RUAHINE New Zealand Shipping Company, built by William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton, Scotland. A single screw steamer.. Launched October 1891.

RUAPEHU 4,200 tons was one of the first 3 steamers built for the NZ Shipping Comapny. Launched in 1884 she had accomodation for 61 first class passengers, 40 second class, and 205 migrants. She was sold in 1899 to make way for faster vessels.


SCHIEHALLION; ; iron barque 600 tons built 1869 for Shaw Savill Co. Wrecked in the English Channel when en route from Auckland in 1879;

SCIMTAR; see Rangitikei


SEA KING, Auxiliary Screw steamer under charter to Shaw Savill Co. completed her maiden voyage in 1863, to Auckland before returning to Britain via China with a cargo full of tea. One her second voyage to Bombay she was hi-jacked in Madeira by the American Confederate State Navy and renamed Shenandoah, their marine raider. Eventually became the private yacht of the sultan of Zanzibar.

SEVILLA, barque of 598 tons built in Jersey for G Turnbull & Co of Glasgow and chartered by the then new firm of Shaw Savill Company. Made 3 voyages to NZ.

SHALIMAR 1591 tons sent by Liverpool White Star Co.

SIAM (The) 745 tons. 4 voyages to Auckland

SILISTRIA 642 tons, made 4 voyages to Otago with most passngers being from Scotland.


STAD HAARLEM, Dutch vessel, made a direct voyage from London to NZ in 1879 unassisted by sail

ST LEONARDS served the NZ Trade 1873 to 1882. An iron ship built by Pile, Hay & Co of Sunderland in 1864 for Shaw Savill Company.

STAR OF INDIA; 1045 tons built by Stephens of Dundee in 1861. 2 trips to NZ under Shaw Saville charter. One to Lyttelton, one to Wellington.


STRACATHRO iron clipper 1,159 tons. In 1881 the saloon fare was 42 pounds stg. second class 25 pounds stg and steerage 15 to 18 pounds, with2nd class supplying all own linnen, bedding, crockery, utensils etc. Carried a crew of 28. Made 4 voyages to NZ.

STRATHALLAN 548 ton wooden barque built 1857 in Dundee. Shaw Savill Co.



TARANAKI built by Duncans. The 1,126 ton Clipper made 25 voyages to NZ. She was launched in 1877 and was one of the last sailing ships working for the Shaw Savill Albion Co. Her length was 228 feet. She was eventually sold to Italy for 2,900 pounds stg. in 1900. She was still afloat in 1914.

TEMORA 418 tons

THURLAND CASTLE arrived Auck 8-12-1877 from Gravesend; Captain Anderson

TIMARU, sister ship to the Oamaru. Built for Patrick Henderson Co by Scott of Greenock in 1874. After 16 trips to NZ was sold to Norway & wrecked after being stranded at Fjaltring in 1907. The crew of 20 drowned and the cargo lost (There was another vessel of the same name)

TINTERN ABBEY, sister to the White Rose. A trip arriving in Lyttelton 3-5-1875 brought 309 Governemt emigrants and many birds for the acclimatisation society.

THOMAS STEPHENS clipper owned by Thomas Stephens & Co to carry passengers to Australia. Built in 1869 in Liverpool, served 10 years on the Melbourne run then came on to NZ. Later sold to the Portuguese and was posted missing during the 1914-18 war, probably sunk by a German Submarine.

TONGARIRO NZ Shipping Co 1883 - 1899. built by John Elder 7 Co, Glasgow. Single screw steamer. Launched August 1883.

TREVELYAN 1042 tons built 1863 b and purchased by Shaw Savill COmpany. Made 6 voyages to New Zealand.

TRUE BRITON 685 tons;

TURAKINA (The) 1,189 tons built by Connel & Co on the Clyde. Originally named 'city of Perth' but changed after having been blown ashore in a gale in Timaru. At that timne she was refloated, towed to Port Chalmers, docked, re-fitted and sold to the NZ Shipping Co and renamed. Later sold to the Norwegians and renemed Elida.

TWEED The) originally built for the East India Co and named Punjab. 1,760 tons built of teak and copper.

TYNE 500 tons

UNICORN 449 tons

VICKSBURG 1,100 tons. . Built 1863 and owned by W Thomson & of Leith Co but chartered to Patrick Henderson & Co. She travelled from the Clyde in 1864 to Port Chalmers with 46 passengers and again in 1867 with 210 passengers.

VICTORY 426 ton iron single screw steamer built 1849 in Dumbarton Scotland and owned by the Intercolonial Mail Packet Co., Ran between Melbourne & Otago and Canterbury. A 3 masted vessel but had a refit in 1860 that saw her tonage increase to 737. Wrecked in Wickliffe Bay, South Otago. Passengers landed safely.

VILLALTA 876 tons

VIOLA (The) 1,134 tons, brought out by Patrick Henderson & Son.

VISCOUNT SANDON 600 tons. A Black Ball Packet Ship

VISION, brig, Australia, NZ in the 1890's

WAIMATEsister to the Waitangi; NZ Shipping Co, 1,123 tons built by J Blumer & Co, Sunderland. Sold to the Russians in 1896 and renamed Valkyrian. Eventually lost on a run between New South Wales & Chile in 1899. Never heard from again. 22 trips to NZ.

WAIPA built by Palmers Iron Shipbuilding Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1875 for the NZ Shipping Co. Made 19 voyages to NZ. Originally fully rigged but subsequently converted to a barque.

WAIROA built by Palmers for the NZ Shipping Co in 1875.

WAITARA built by Reed of Glasgow. first vessel owned by the NZ Co. Was originally called The Hindostan. 10 voyages to NZ. Suffered a collision with Hurunui in the English Channel & sunk in 1883.

WAITANGI 1,128 tons, built by J Blumer & Co, sister ship to Waimate, owned by Shaw Savill Co. Sold to the Norwegians & renamed Agda. 9 voyages to Auckland, 9 to Lyttelton; 2 to Wellington; 5 to Dunedin & 1 to Bluff;




WARRIOR QUEEN 988 ton traded to Dunedin from 1865 to 1874 making 9 voyages.

WAVEQUEEN 853 tons chartered by the Shaw Savill Co for 15 voyages to NZ.

WEATHERSFIELD on 1888 grounded on Otaki beach for 4 years before being refloated in 1892.

WELLINGTON (The) 1,250 tons built by Robert Duncan at Port Glasgow in 1874; This ship had an adventurous career & in 1904 was sold to S.O. Stray of Norway. Then on 3-12-1906 when she was being towed from Gulport USA to Argentina she had to be abandoned. 1 trip to Auckland; 2 to Wellington; 1 to Nelson; 5 to Lyttelton; 12 to Port Chalmers;

WENNINGTON 882 ton built 1865 for the Lancaster Ship Owners Co and came Wellington in 1874 with 299 passengers. 1875 to Otago with 137 and again to Wellington in 1877.


WESTLAND est a record London to Port Chalmers run in 1888. 72 days. 1,116 tons & fully rigged built by Duncans. One of the last ships ordered for the Shaw Savill & Albion Co. 14 voyages to Port Chalmers; 5 to Wellington; 3 to Nelson; 2 to Lyttelton; & 1 to Bluff.


WESTRALIA 2,884 tons built for the Huddart Parker Line in 1897 and first used on the Sydney Hobart run. Later transferred to the Trans Tasman service. 1928 saw her converted to a storeship at Rabaul & she was then bombed and sunk by the Japanese in 1942.


WILD DUCK 735 ton fully rigged wooden ship built 1859 by Robinson of Sunderland. chartered by Shaw Savill Co. Made 13 voyages to NZ, mostly Wellington.

WILTSHIRE one of the George Marshall & Sons fleet. 1,461 ton built in 1869 by Barclay of Glasgow, chartered for 2 voyages to NZ, one to Otago in 1875 and one to Port Chalmers in 1876.

WHITE ROSE ; 1,556 tons sister to Tintern Abbey, chartered to the Shaw Savill Co.

WILD DEER , 1016 tons built Glasgow in 1863 for Albion Shipping Company. A China Tea Clipper. All NZ Voyages originated in Glasgow. 11 voyages to Port Chalmers and on the 12th she was wrecked off Cloughey, County Down.


WILLIAM DAVEY 841 tons built by Stevens of Glasgow for the Albion Shipping Co. Made 13 voyages to Dunedin and one to Bluff.

WILLIAM MILES, 1,250 ton passenger ship.

WINTERTHUR 2 voyages to Auckland, one 1865 with 126 passengers, one in 1866 with 59 passengers.

WOODLARK , chartered by the Shaw Saville Co for 3 voyages to NZ. A Clipper of 867 tons built in 1870 and owned by A Stephens & Son of Dundee.

WORSLEY brought 90 passengers from Gravesend to Otago arriving October 1858.

ZAMBESI 1089 tons

ZEALANDIA; iron clipper, 1,116 tons built for Shaw Savill Co in 1869. She collided with the Ellen Lamb, cutting it in half and sinking it taking 8 crew down. Zealandia managed to rescue a further 7 men. She made 31 voyages to NZ then was sold to Russia in 1902; She stranded in 1911 and sold to a company in Nova Scotia.