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Welcome to Lorna's Homepage

These pages are my first attempt at a web site. I will update and improve them as I learn more.

If you are using Netscape, these pages are best viewed with 800 x 600 HiColour (16 bit)

I think I have improved these pages a bit since my holiday in July 1999. Rob, who has a page on Men Who Like Women, is teaching me lots, and I am having fun trying out what he has taught me. So visit him too, and sign his guestbook; you'll find his link on the 'About Me' page, and check out the link below too. It's my special tribute to him

It's now the year 2000 and as we know all the hype regarding the Millennium Bug has come to nothing. We are all still here, our computers all still work they way they did on 31 December 1999 and all services are available as normal. In celebration of this fact, I have made a new page with pictures of Mercury Bay so that you can have some small idea of the kind of place in which I live. Go visit and enjoy! Of course, if you find this short visit just enough to whet your appetite, plan your next holiday to include New Zealand and the Coromandel Peninsula. I would love to meet you.

Updated Nov.2009: About Me; In My Spare Time; Cat-alogue; My Working Life

Welcome to Lorna's Homepage

About Me
My Working Life
In My Spare Time
Rob: My Teacher, My Friend
Goldmine Story
Waitomo Caves Story
Beautiful Mercury Bay