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What do you sell, precisely?

We sell: 3Speed Spindles for PCB milling

Instant Z Axis for routers and PCB millers.

Router Holders for any cylindrical bodied router.

PCB cutters (when we have them.)


What can you tell me about the Spindles?

The spindles are about 5" long, so as to get an idea of scale from the picture.

Speed range in an ideal universe would be 7500, 15000, and 30000 rpm's.

The drive motor is a Johnson Electric DLG651, new old stock from the Black and Decker Mouse sander. It runs on 120 Volts ac or dc. It cannot be reversed, it has an internal bridge circuit. Replacement motors can be obtained from HSC Electronics, usually.

If you experience electrical noise from the spindle, remove the motor mount screws and place plastic insulating washers such as you would use for isolating transistors. Replace the screws and your problem may be diminished or gone. Thanks to Iain in Canada for this idea.

The spindle bore is usually within .001"-.0005" TIR.

The spindle bore is .1253", nominally 1/8", and will take all .1250" circuit board drills and Dremel accessories. The setscrew to hold the bit in is a 4-40 x 1/8". It takes a .050" Allen wrench. We include some extra of both, as they are easily lost. The spindle is available with a 3MM bore for an extra $20.00

The bearings are virtually identical to those you would find in a Dremel Tool.

The spindle mount uses a single 10-32 screw, which we have included. To mount on your machine, drill a 5/32" hole and tap it 10-32. Taps are available from Ace Hardware for reasonable, or borrow from a machinist acquaintance. Use oil when tapping.

The spindle is designed to mount to the Instant Z Axis but will adapt easily to most others. We make an adapter for the Fireball V90 mill.

Before you use your spindle, we recommend you spray down the belts with Armorall protectant, wait a few minutes, then wipe them down. This will help protect them from the ozone produced by the motor brushes. The belts are 1 15/16 ID, 3/32 .NOTE: We now furnish the spindles with EDPM belts, they have excellent immunity from the effects of ozone.

Many customers have asked us why we use two belts; for extra torque, better vibration characteristics, etc? The answer is very simple: If one breaks, you can finish the job or section you are doing without scrapping your board or piece. This happened to me once or twice, that is why I changed the design.

The spindles are designed to engrave and drill PCB materials but can be used to engrave many things. Please use discretion; it's not a mini Bridgeport mill. One customer wrote us to complain that it bogged down taking heavy cuts in Titanium!