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#152:Chikorita, #155:Hinoarashi, #158:Waninoko, the 3 new beginning Pokemon for Pokemon Gold/Silver

Welcome to the online POKEMON cheats web page. Here you can find a whole bunch of cheats, tips, Gameshark/Game Genie codes that actually work!!!!! These codes are updated weekly.

If you have any codes that we don't have, write it down in our Guest Book or e-mail them to us!
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P.S : The new pokemon pictures you see on this page are going to be in the new game Pokemon Gold/Silver. Since the new sequal is coming, I have already started to build a separate site for these versions, Yellow(Special Pikachu Edition), Gold, & Silver. And also, please sign the guest book at the bottom of the Web Page when you leave.

#153:Beirifu, #156:Magumarashi, #159:Arigeitsu, the evolve forms for the 3 beginning Pokemon


GET 99 OF ANY ITEM First go back to Viridian City and talk to the man who taught you how to capture a pokemon (he is near the Viridian Gym where Giovanni is). When he askes you if you are in a hurry, answer NO. Then watch him teach you how to capture a Pokemon. Then place the item you want 99 of in the 6th place in your item list. (We recommend the rare candy or the Master Ball if you still have any) Now fly back to Cinnibar Island and start surfing along the east coast of Cinnibar. Now you shall face off against the Pokemon named Missingno. Defeat it but NOT capture him because it will screw up your game! When it is defeated, you will have over a hundred of the sixth item on your list. WARNING : THE CODE WILL SCREW UP YOUR POKEMON LEAGUE HALL OF FAME!!!!!(But who needs that)

GARY'S POKEMON-YELLOW At the start of the game Gary will receive an Eevee. Determining its evolution depends on your fighting performance. In the lab fight if you lose and skip or lose the Viridian battle, Gary will get Vaporeon. If you win the lab battle and skip or lose the battle in Viridian, Gary will have Flareon. If you win both the lab fight and the Viridian battle then Gary will have Jolteon.

HOW TO GET A BULBASAUR-YELLOW After you get Squirtle, go to Cerulean city, and in one of the houses there is a lady, who has Pokemon next to her. Talk to her and she will ask you a question. Choose the top answer and she will ask you another question. Choose the top answer again and you get Bulbasaur!


  • Step 1. Catch a Missingno.
  • Step 2. Teach it FLY.
  • Step 3. Evolve Missingno into Kangaskhan by feeding it a rare candy.

OLD MAN & Missingno - GET ANY POKEMON YOU WANT Fly to viridian city and talk to the man who tells u how to catch a weedle tell him that you aren't busy. After he shows you how, fly to cinnabar and surf along the coastline next to Blaine's gym pressing 'A''B'. yous hould find a certain missingno which name looks like picture'm'picture. capture him with a master ball and name him whatever poke'mon u want, then use a rare candy and he should evolve into that poke'mon.

FLOATING PIKACHU GLITCH-YELLOW First you have to go to Fushia city with Pikachu and go to the pokemon center. When you're by the center, jump off the hedge and don't let Pikachu follow you. Wait until Pikachu starts walking in place and then start walking away. If you do it right should see Pikachu floating behind

EASY DRATINI When you go to the safari zone go to the first pond and use a super rod then if you catch something it will probably be a Dratini then start off with a Pokeball and then a rock and keep on going on that order until you get a dritini.

BICYCLE MUSIC WITHOUT A BIKE Take your bicycle item to the Seafoam Islands. Find a black square (hole), and stand in front of it. Press Start, go to Item, and select Bicycle. The music should start playing as your person gets onto the Bicycle. Ride your Bicycle onto the Square so you 'fall' down the hole. If you land on ground, the bicycle music will continue to play, even if you are walking. Landing in water, pressing Start,or finding a wild Pokemon will end the music.

Unfortunately, this is more of a glitch than a code if you try it, I want to make a note that it can only be done once and it can very easily erase your game so DO NOT SAVE after you have entered the 'Town'. To begin this trick I recommended catching six weak pokemon, such as level 2 Pidgeys. Carry your super rod with you. Enter the Safari Zone and then walk to the first pool of water and save the game. Turn it off and then back on. Do not save after this!! Try to leave the park and the man at the gate will say "Welcome to the safari Zone etc..." Answer his question, saying no. you will be able to leave, only now the game lets you take 500 more steps. Once the 500 steps are used up the PA will call you, but instead of the safari zone, you are in the middle of a huge glitch. If you are able to Surf north, You will see a wall dividing you from the Seafoam islands. The only way I could find to get out of there is to use your Super rod to fish, then eventually black out. I made the mistake of doing this trick with level 100 Pkmn, and it took me a very long time to get out of there, so do not save like I did. *This trick works best on Blue. Red version just shows a rhyhorn when I did it...

To get Raichu, trade the Pikachu you started with to a Red/Blue version after It gets to be about Lv. 50-60. Then use a Thunderstone on the Pikachu you traded. After it evolves, trade it back to Pokemon Yellow. Now you will have Raichu. Be careful, though. Pikachu will no longer follow you around if you do this. You may be much better off just trading a Pikachu caught in Red/Blue and evolving that one.

FIGHT SAFARI POKEMON SOMEWHERE ELSE To fight and capture Safari Pokemon outside of the Safari Zone, first go into the Safari Zone. Look for the area of the Pokemon you wish to capture. When you run into it, try capturing it first with a Safari Ball, if that doesn't work, walk around until you run out of time. Now exit the Safari Zone, and fly to Cinnibar Island. Now start surfing along the east coast of Cinnibar, and you will run into the Pokemon you have encountered in the area you were last in.

CLONE POKEMON First you need a friend to do this. Trade the Pokemon to be cloned and have your friend trade a pokemon they don't need. When the reciever of the good pokemon's screen says "waiting", turn off the Game Boy that's getting the bad pokemon. When the other Game Boy says "trade complete", turn that one off too. When you turn your games back on, you should both have the powerful pokemon, but the weak pokemon will be gone. WARNING : THIS COULD DELETE A SAVED GAME!!!!!!(But it very rarely happens)

DUPLICATE POKEMON WITHOUT TRADING Okay but watch out this will erase one of your pokemon in your 6.Have the pokemon you want to duplicate in your top 6 then put one of your pokemon in the PC then you should have 5 pokemon then catch a missingno, then go to the Unknown Dungeon then get into a wild Chansey.Then wait until chansey does minimize then go to "pokemon" then take a look at the stats of the pokemon that you want to duplicate.Then when you go back to the screen you will see the pokemon you wanted to duplicate but the name will still be "chansey" then catch it it will erase one pokemon. then release the missingno.

START WITH ALL 3 POKEMON This code requires : 2 Linkable Game Boy systems, two pokemon games, and a game link cable.(Make sure Game Boy B takes Bulbasaur to start with and then you'll see the rest of the code below.

  • 1. Start a new game with Game Boy A
  • 2. Go to Prof. Oak and get a Squirtle
  • 3. Go to the nearest Pokemon center and trade Squitle to Game Boy B
  • 4. Start a new game with Game Boy A
  • 5. Repeat 2,3 and 4 but this time get a Charmander
  • 6. Now repeat the whole process
  • 7. Go get a Bulbasaur
  • 8. Game Boy B now trades 1 Squirtle and 1 Charmander to Game Boy A
Now both players will have all three pokemon!!!!!

THE PHANTOM PC Enter the motel in Celedon City. Walk north until you hit the shelf, then walk east until you hit the wall. Right now, yes now, you should be standing on the PHANTOM PC. Now walk down 2 spaces, then walk up 1 space. Then press A, and you should be logged on the PHANTOM PC.

CATCH LEVEL 15 POKEMON WITH JUST A POKEBALL Press Start, A, B (requires precise timing) to catch a Pokemon at level 15 with the Poke Ball.

TELEPORTING OLD MAN (Note this trick does nothing useful, but it is very interesting)
This trick is similar to the old man on roof trick. Go to Celadon City. Store your bike in the PC, then go to the building that leads to Cycling Road. When you try to go past the guard, he will tell you that no pedestrians are allowed on Cycling Road. While he is telling you this, look at the wall behind him. The old man will be on top of the wall. When you move back by one little square, go down toward the stairs and try to get past the guard again. He will tell you the same thing again, and this time the old man will be a little to your left. The old man isn't program to move.

OLD MAN ON THE GYM TRICK (Note this trick does nothing useful, but it is very interesting) Fly to Cinnibar Island. Go to the bottom right hand corner of the Gym. Surf out and surf back to the shore and go to the Cinnibar Gym door. Make sure you don't have the key for the gym. When you see the message "the door is locked," you should see the old man on the Gym's roof.

HOW TO GET A KANGASKHAN - (Thanks to David Beglin -
To get a Kangaskhan, you must catch a "M" (Missingno) and give it a Rare Candy. Then it will evolve into Kangaskhan. Make sure that you have an empty space where your pokemon are. Evolve the Kangaskhan first before saving though or you might be risking getting your game deleted!

HOW TO GET A RHYDON Capture a Missingno Pokemon and store it in Bill's PC. It will eventually turn into a Rhydon.
WARNING: Doing this code might be risking getting your game deleted! If you do capture a "Missingno" or "M", and you don't want your game to be deleted or wreck, DO NOT SAVE GAME!

STOPPING EVOULUTION At the evolve screen, press B.

GET RID OF THE HARDEN ATTACK FOR KAKUNA / METAPODCatch a wild Kakuna or Metapod. Put them to the day care center near Cerulean City. Wait for them to increase at least one level up. Then, pick them up and they will have the same attacks as their former evolutionary stage, but not harden.

Note: This code requires six badges, Fly, Cut, Surf, and may only be done after the Elite 4 are defeated.

Use the "Infinite items" trick with Rare Candy. Then, fly to Cerulean City and go to the end of the Nugget Bridge. Turn left to where there is a long strip of grassy area bordered by water. Then, surf through the water path to the hidden dungeon. Fight various Pokemon and find a Rare Candy, then save the game. Turn off the game, then load the previously saved game. Fight another Pokemon or two, then press Start, go to items, two slots of Rare Candy should appear.

Note: This trick may not work every time, and may also be done on Victory Road.

GO ON CYCLING ROAD WITHOUT A BICYCLE Walk up as far as you can in the building to Cycling Road. Walk forward and the guard will say that you cannot go on cycling road without a bicycle. While he is saying that, hold Left and quickly press B several times until you are across from the guard.


  • Get HM01
  • Get into fight
  • Lose the battle
  • You are now in a Pokemon Center and out of the SS Anne

    ITEM BALL ON A WALL After you get the Card Key in Silph Co., go through the warp and come right back. Go straight upwards and pass the first door you see. When you come to the second door, enter through the part of it that is closest to the bottom of the screen. While it says "Bingo! The card key opened the door!", an item ball will appear on the wall above you. As you enter, it will disappear.

    STAND ON AN ITEM BALL First find someone who drops an item ball. Let's use Giovanni in Rocket Gaming Corner basement as an example. Stand where he drops his item ball (to his back) and talk to him. Then battle him as usual. When you have beaten him, he will disappear, and you will be standing on the item ball.

    MAN ON POST On route 6, just north of Vermilion city, go up till the left row of posts are across the top of the screen. Hit start, there should be a man on the post, try on both the left and right, it may take a few trys before you get it.

    GET VERY WIERD MUSIC Fly to Cinnibar island (by the way, you can only use this if you beat the Elite Four) and trade with one of the people in the lab. Now, go to the right side of the island and surf. Keep on goin' till you get a Missingno. Now, you have to catch it (it isnt that hard..) and go into the Poke Center. Go on the Pokemon leauge site. Keep on scrooling till your music gets really weird.

    Bike music without riding a bike This trick is easy and works on both versions.

  • 1.when you are in the caves on the seafoam
  • islands, ride your bike and you will hear the bike music.
  • 2.Now fall down a hole while still on the bike.
  • will be of your bike but you will still hear the bike music! It stops if you press start


  • 1.Go to the Northern part of Cerulean City.(where there are bridge, but don't go in route24 yet.)
  • 2.Go to left side of the bridge and walk forward to route24.
  • 3.When you see a land on the top left, press start fast as you can.
  • 4.And there should be person standing on the half land and water on the top left.

    GLITCH CITY First you have to know how tosurf.

  • Go to Saffary Zone (in Fuschia City)and say yes to the guy who asks you if you want to join the hunt for $500.
  • 2.Then go to the first house you see and talk to the guy who has glasses.
  • 3.Then you go out of the Saffary Zone and the guy will say ''Leaving early?''. You say ''no''.After that go back to the guy and say ''no'' again.
  • 4.When you are back in the Saffary Zone save the game and shut your Game Boy off..
  • 5.After that go to the guy one more time and he will ask you a dfferent question which will be ''Will you join the hunt for $500 make sure you say ''no'' and go out of the house.
  • 5.Next go to Cinnabar Island and surf on the right side 50% on land 50% on water up and down till you hear ''ding-dong'' and you will be in the Saffary Zone.Then go out of the house again and you will be in glitch city.
    Note:This will not mess up your game.If you want to exit Glitch city you have to fly to another city and save. It is really hard to move there but if you can go to the bottom you will recieve a price.

    STANDING ON WATER Here's how to stand on the water:

  • Go to Cerulean Gym. SURF on the water.
  • Go to Misty or the Jr. Trainer Female then, while facing them, select SURF again to get off. However, since they're in the way, you'll stand on the water! It also works in Pallet Town if you can get that guy in front of Prof. Oak's Lab to stand next to the water.

    THE GUY TAKING A SNOOZE ON TOP OF HOUSE In Saffron, go to the street with the Silph Co. building. (Go when the guy is taking a snooze.) Go to the top of the houses and walk right. The man taking a snooze might be on top of the houses on the bottom. If he is, it only lasts for about 2 seconds.

    GHOST ALAKAZAM When your Alakazam is Critical, Send him in to battle and he makes the cry of a Gastly! It is a weird bug!!!!

    ABANDONED CYCLING ROAD Item you need:????
    Go to Fushia city. Then go to cycling road. Then go right to the middle front part of the water thats above you. Use ???? to surf up till you find a brick wall. Surf to the left till your back to cycling road. It will be abandoned.

    #154:Meganiumu, #157:Bakufun, #160:Odairu, the last evoulution form for the 3 beginning Pokemon

    CUT TRICKS 1.If you have a Pokemon that has Cut, you can actually cut down high grass that would normally cause you to fight battles. (This is a good trick if you have only weak pokemon or you can't afford to lose a battle!)

    CHEAP POTIONS When you reach Celadon city, go to the top (6th) floor of the pokémart and press A next to the machines and chose Lemonade, get about 50 and they replenish 80 HP on a pokemon, and it only cost 350 wich is a lot less than hyper potion.

    WHERE TO FIND THE MOON STONES There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not.

    • 1)In the upper-left hand corner of the first floor of MT MOON
    • 2)In the basement of the game corner
    • 3)In the bottom-right hand corner of Route 2 (CUT).
    • 4)In MT MOON, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide. Walk to the end of the corridor. Press A.
    • 5)In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnibar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the right-hand side near the entrance, hit A and you will have a Moon Stone.
    The Sixth Moon Stone - (Thanks to Billy -
    The sixth one is in Cerulean City to the left of Nugget Bridge. Go into the house where the man explains the 8 badges. Go to the backyard and walk straight up until you hit the rock, then you go 5 spaces to the left and ON the 5th space go down one space first ,then press A and you have yourself another MOON STONE.

    HIDDEN COINS Inside the Team Rocket Game Corner in Celedon City, there is about 210 coins lying around on the ground. They can be found in groups of 10, 20, or 100. Just walk around pressing the A button and you should pick up coins.


    • Route #22: #50 Poliwag; #118 Goldeen
    • Celedon City/Route #10 : #79 Slowpoke; #62 Poliwhirl
    • Routes #12,13,17,18 : #72 Tentacool; #98 Krabby; #118 Goldeen; #129 Magikarp
    • Pallet Town : #72 Tentacool
    • Cerulean City/Routes #4,24,25 : #118 Goldeen; #54 Phyduck; #98 Krabby
    • Viridian City : #72 Tentacool; #50 Poliwag
    • Vermilion City/Routes #6,11 : #98 Krabby; #90 Shellder
    • Safari Zone : #54 Phyduck; #98 Krabby; #79 Slowpoke; #147 Dratini
    • Fuchsia City : #98 Krabby; #118 Goldeen; #129 Magikarp; #119 Seaking

    FISHING IN STATUES It's wierd, but you can fish in statues! Simply use the rod. Sometimes you can find rare pokemon this way!

    HARDER HITTING ATTACKS Just hold the A button while your attacking and it will do more damage than if you didn't hold A!!!!

    EVEN THE ODDS AT THE TEAM ROCKET GAME CORNER In the game corner casino above the guy with the glasses that you usually find in gyms is a slot machine with great odds. Save the game when you hit the jackpot. After a while the game is fixed and you will either get multiple wins, or hit the jackpot-doing that you will eventually you will start to win several hundred at a time. By hitting the A button repeatedly, it makes the slot machine slow down a bit.

    ALL POKEMON (Game Boy emulators)
    Have any Pokemon saved game inside the "battery" folder (e.g. PokeRed.sav). Then, rename the saved file to the opposite version (e.g. PokeBlue.sav). Run the emulator and catch all the blue version Pokemon. Rename the saved file to the original name (e.g. PokeRed.sav). You should now have the Pokemon from the other version of the game.

    GETTING THROUGH VICTORY ROAD NOTE : You need a pokemon that knows thew strength technique to move boulders. Go to the left and move the boulder onto the switch to the right, the switches look like round things. Now go up the stairs onto the ledge and get of the ledge using the stairs on the left side. You will now see a ladder with a trainer standing next to it,go down this ladder. After going down the ladder, walk down and you will see another boulder and switch, move this boulder over the switch. Now go up onto the ledge and follow it, on the other end get off. Once off the ledge move right and you will see a wall, now move up all the way, then move left. Go down the ladder. You should now be on a new level and you should see a boulder, do not move the boulder yet. Go up and then move left, keep going until you see a little room with a switch and a ladder on it, this is the switch that you are suppose to put the boulder on. After putting the boulder on the switch, go back to the ladder you came from. DO NOT GO DOWN THE LADDER!!!!! What do you need to do then is walk on the ledge that you see and follow it and go down thew stair on the other end of the ledge. After getting of the ledge, go all the way left and you will see a boulder with a hole next to it (like the kind you find in the Seafoam Islands). Drop the boulder into the hole and then go down the hole yourself. Now go onto the right side of the boulder and begin pushing the boulder all the way to the left until you can't go any further. Put the boulder on the switch that you see. Now go up onto the ledge and you will see a ladder, go down this ladder. Now move up and go down the other ladder and you should be at the victory road exit!!!!!!


    GAMESHARK CODES WARNING: USING THESE MAY ERASE YOUR SAVED GAME. You need a GameShark cheat device to enter these codes below.

    • To start off with mew-01151ED1 or 0115d8cf
    • To fight mew in every battle- 0115D8CF
    • Get a Porygon for free- 01AA1ED1
    • INFINITE MONEY 019947D3 019948D3 019949D3

    POKEMON CODES:Here is a code to catch all the Pokemon for the Blue/Red Version. Enter the code, then you can find that Pokemon in any field.

    01xxD8CF (turn the xx into the numbers and letters)

    99 Bulbasaur | 09 Ivysaur | 9A Venusaur | B0 Charmander | B2 Charmeleon | B4 Charizard B1 Squirtle | B3 Wartortle | 1C Blastoise | 7B Caterpie | 7C Metapodi | 7D Butterfree 70 Weedle | 71 Kakuna | 72 Beedrill | 24 Pidgey | 96 Pidgeotto | 97 Pidgeot A5 Rattata | A6 Raticate | 05 Spearow | 23 Frearow | 6C Ekans | 2D Arbok 54 Pikachu | 55 Raichu | 60 Sandshrew | 61 Sandslash | 0F Nidoran(female) A8 Nindorina | 10 NidoQueen | 03 Nidoran(male) | A7 Nindorino | 07 NidoKing 04 Clefairy | 8E Clefable | 52 Vulpix | 53 Ninetales | 64 Jigglypuff | 65 Wigglytuff 6B Zubat | 82 Golbat | B9 Oddish | BA Gloom | BB Vileplume | 6D Paras | 2E Parasect 41 Venonat | 77 Venomoth | 3B Diglett | 76 Dugtrios | 4D Meowth | 90 Persian 2F Psyduck | 80 Goldduck | 39 Mankey | 75 Primeape | 21 Growlithe | 14 Arcanine 47 Poliwag | 6E Poliwhirl | 6F Poliwrath | 94 Abra | 26 Kadabra | 95 Alakazam 6A Machop | 29 Machoke | 7E Machamp | BC Bellsprout | BD Weepinbell | BE Victreebell 18 Tentacool | 9B Tentacruel | A9 Geodude | 27 Gravelern | 31 Golem | A3 Ponyta A4 Rapidash | 25 Slowpoke | 08 Slowbro | AD Magnemite | 36 Magneton | 40 Farfetch'd 46 Doduo | 74 Dodrio | 3A Seel | 78 Dewgong | 0D Grimer | 88 Muk | 17 Shellder 8B Cloyster | 19 Gastly | 93 Haunter | 0E Gengar | 22 Onix | 30 Drowzee | 81 Hypno 4E Krabby | 8A Kingler | 06 Voltorb | 8D Electrode | 0C Exeggcute | 0A Exeggutor 11 Cubone | 91 Marowak | 2B Hitmonlee | 2C Hitmonchan | 0B Lickitung | 37 Koffing 8F Weezing | 12 Rhyhorn | 01 Rhydon | 28 Chansey | 1E Tangela | 02 Kangaskhan 5C Horsea | 5D SeaDra | 9D Goldeen | 9E Seaking | 1B Staryu | 98 Starmie 2A Mr. Mime | 1A Scyther | 48 Jynx | 35 Electabuzz | 33 Magmar | 1D Pinsir 3C Tauros | 85 Magikarp | 16 Gyarados | 13 Lapras | 4C Ditto | 66 Eevee 69 Vaporeon | 68 Jolteon | 67 Flareon | AA Porygon | 62 Omanvste | 63 Omastar 5A kabuto | 5B Kabutops | AB Aerodactyl | 84 Snorlax | 4A Articuro | 4B Zapdos 49 Moltres | 58 Dratini | 59 Dragonair | 42 Dragonite | 83 Mewtwo | B6 Missingno.

    Here is lots of Gameshark codes for ALL of the items: use 01xx7ccf and replace the xx with the item you want to buy: the list is below

    Items List

    01 Master Ball | 02 Ultra Ball | 03 Great Ball | 04 Pokéball | 05 Town map | 06 Bike 07 Surf without pokemon | 08 Safari Ball | 09 Pokedex | 0A Moon Stone | 0B Antidote 0C Burn Heal | 0d Ice Heal | 0F Parlyz Heal | 10 Full Restore | 11 Max Potion 12 Hyper Potion | 13 Super Potion | 14 Potion | 15 Boulder Badge | 16 Cascade Badge 17 Thunder Badge | 18 Rainbow Badge | 19 Soul Badge | 1A Marsh Badge 1B Volcano Badge | 1C Earth Badge | 1d Escape Rope | 1E Repel | 1F Old Amber 20 Fire Stone | 21 Thunder Stone | 22 Water Stone | 23 HP UP | 24 Protein 25 Iron | 26 Carbos | 27 Calcium | 28 Rare Candy | 29 Dome Fossil | 2A Helix Fossil 2B Secret Key | 2D Bike Voucher | 2E X Accuracy | 2F Leaf Stone | 3A Dire Hit 3B Coin | 3C Fresh Water | 3D Soda Pop | 3E Lemonade | 3F S.S Ticket | 30 Card Key 31 Nugget | 32 PP Up | 33 Pokédoll | 34 Full Heal | 35 Revive | 36 Max Revive 37 Guard Spec | 38 Super Repel | 39 Max Repel | 40 Gold Teeth | 41 X Attack 42 X Defend | 43 X Speed | 44 X Special | 45 Coin Case | 46 Oak's Parcel | 47 Item Finder 48 Silph Scope | 49 Poké Flute | 4A Lift Key | 4B Exp. All | 4C Old Rod | 4D Good Rod 4E Super Rod | 4F PP Up (for free) | 50 Ether | 51 Max Ether | 52 Elixer | 53 Max Elixir C4 HM 01 | C5 HM 02 | C6 HM 03 | C7 HM 04 | C8 HM 05 | C9 TM 01 | CA TM 02 CB TM 03 | CD TM 04 | CE TM 05 | CF TM 06 | D0 TM 07 | D1 TM 08 | D2 TM 09 D3 TM 10 | D4 TM 11 | D5 TM 12 | D6 TM 13 | D7 TM 14 | D8 TM 15 | D9 TM 16 DA TM 17 | DB TM 18 | DC TM 19 | DE TM 20 | DF TM 21 | E0 TM 22 | E1 TM 23 E2 TM 24 | E3 TM 25 | E4 TM 26 | E5 TM 27 | E6 TM 28 | E7 TM 29 | E8 TM 30 E9 TM 31 | EA TM 32 | EB TM 33 | EC TM 34 | ED TM 35 | EE TM 36 | EF TM 37 F0 TM 38 | F1 TM 39 | F2 TM 40 | F3 TM 41 | F4 TM 42 | F5 TM 43 | F6 TM 44 F7 TM 45 | F8 TM 46 | F9 TM 47 | FA TM 48 | FB TM 49 | FC TM 50 These Codes Work on ANY Pokémart ! :-)

    You need a Game Genie cheat device to enter these codes below

    The code for Mew....(you must have game genie)...FOR THE AMERICAN VERSION is.....type in

    • For RED pokemon game: 151-91a-7fc/ 151-93a-f7e/ 151-9ba-5db
    • BLUE 151-91a-7fc/ 151-93a-f7e/ 151-9ba-6eb/
    Then got to the field west of Cerulean City...He'll be there.

    • Get Rich Quick if you put in 996-11B-E6A it will make the pokeball (not any other sort of ball) worth $990200!! So turn off the code and buy 2 or 3 then turn it back on and sell them to be rich!
    • Fight Missingno 001-91A-7FC + 001-93A-F7E + 001-9BA-5DB

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