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Team Rocket's Hideout

Team Rocket's Hideout

Ahhhhh! You've discovered our hideout! Or rather, my hideout. Hi! I'm Angela D. I'm actually pretty friendly. Welcome, welcome, welcome to Team Rocket's hideout. I'm constantly fixing up the place and adding new stuff to the site. If anyone would like to help feel free to e-mail me! make sure you put TR's Hideout in the subject somewhere. So, uh, come on in, ignore the mess, grab a donut and look around. Can I sing you a song? Ok, thanks!

Jessie, James they call Team Rocket. Don't forget meowth 'cuz you know he can sock 'em. We'll catch that Pikachu someday. But every time you try you get blown away. Ooh ooh, just cry a little. Ooh ooh, get fried a little. Ooh ooh.. um.. I couldn't understand the rest of the lyrics. Heh heh...

2/5/00- AHHH!* Faints at date of last update* I'm still here! I'm alive! I have Fanart!

3/6/00- Ok, I'm trying to update once a month. Like the sticker? I bought it. Don't steal it. Unless you ask. I'd update Notebook Doodles, but I dont wanna forget my notebooks at home. I hae a messload of tests this week. Anyway, I'm working on a section on Mondo and Meowth, (And maybe one on my fave Anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, which is where this song comes from.)C-ya later, guys!

Rooms in the Hideout!

Team Rocket- Nothin' But Smiles
Team Rocket- More Smiles!
Famous TR members who stayed in this very hideout!
Looks like team Rocket is blasting off again!
The Music Room
All About Me!!!
Mystery Rocket theater 3000- TR's comments on Pikachu Shocks back #3
Stuff I Adopted
Notebook Doodles
Angela D's Halloween!

A cool piece of fanart by Cristan02. A GPS member!
These three were drawn by forgot your name... heh heh.. sorry...
Awww... a little Chibi James!!!
Awww... a little Chibi Jessie!
Very cool black and white sketch of Jessie!

click for what is easily the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Giovanni Protection Society!

how to use the Missingno glitch to your advantage! How to "glitch it!" Buy item or use one you already have and put it in the 6th spot on your item list. Talk to the Old Man in Viridian City (the one on the path to the forest) and have him show you how to catch a Pokemon. Fly down to Cinibar Island and surf along the side (it would be the one to your right) when you run into a Missingno (this is the important part) the graphics on your Hall of Fame list will be screwed up, but the item 6th on your list will be tottally multiplied!! (Small price to pay, huh? Now the really important part) RUN FROM MISSINGNO!!! DO NOT CATCH MISSINGNO! IT WILL SCREW UP ALL YOUR GRAPHICS EVERYWHERE!! Now, how to use the glitch to your advantage and use it well!

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