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Skinhead Pride
There is no greater pride in my heart then that of being a Skinhead. Looking sharp in boots and braces with a freshly croped hair cut, walking down a crowded city street on a weekend night as I am staired at by people with a look of fear or hatred in their eyes. I'm hated by a good portion of society. Hated and Proud that is. "I don't give a damn 'cause I'm Proud of what I am!" I love that shock factor and that people know what I am(or think they know what I am aka a bonehead) as soon as they set their eyes on me. They know I'm A Skinhead and I love that feeling.

I am proud to be a Working class American Skinhead and When I am an old geezer I will be proud to say that I was a part of The greatest youth sub-culture ever to be born and nobody will ever be able to strip that pride from me. I know in my heart that the Skinhead movement will never die. We are stronger now then we have ever been and It makes me proud to know that we have come this far since the 60's and we're still alive and kickin'!

Skinhead is not something you call yer self if you beleive in white power. Its not a fashion style or anything like that. Skinhead is an attitude and a way of life and I live it every day of my life. I may not be able to live that life the way I do now for ever but I will ALWAYS be proud to be a SKINHEAD and nobody can take that pride away.

Our culture will carry on-
This web site was created to carry our culture into the future. Its for the next generation, the new blood, so the music and traditions of our culture may be passed on...& on & on. We will fight to survive! We will Unite to Fight in the war against the people in society who want to bring our culture down and destroy it. Dont they know?......We will always stand our ground and hold our heads up high! We will never Surrender of our own free will. We are SKINHEADS!!! Proud American Hooligans!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

"We're all Skinheads through & through, We're all Skinheads-Who the Fuck are you"!!!
Skinhead is a way of life.Oi! Oi! Music and Skiheads will last forever. United we stand, we shall not fall!. Since the glory days of 1969 Skinheads have survived through generation after generation on the streets of so many countrys. We have survived because proud Skins everywhere have been KEEPING THE FAITH. Keeping the faith in our music, our culture, our way of life, and-Our selves. 30 years ago the greatest youth cult ever to happen was born and we're still here, HERE TO STAY! WE WILL NEVER DIE! Oi! Oi! SKINHEAD!

Visit this site for all yer Hooligan needs Oi! Oi!