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Jean's Homepage and TBI Exchange

Welcome & This Is Where I Live, Arizona,USA

This is a site of hope after TBI

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This is a time to reflect

With another New Year about to start I can not help but think what might have been

If I had stayed home that fateful day in December many years ago

But still at the end of every year there is a sadness I just can't shake

Reminders everywhere that brings a lump and a tear to my heart and soul

Is this normal? I have moved on and accepted the changes I have had to make.

Good has come from having to endure hours of therapy, years of dizziness and fatigue and learning new ways to get things done or not done at all because I just can't anymore

Or because I forgot how

I can't bare it at times and wonder how I will get though another day when anxiety overcomes me and fills me full of doubt

I am trying to keep up the best I can and sometimes the hardest thing to say is No I am not going to do that because I am just too tried and it isn't fun anymore

I need to be alone and left alone at times

There are new challenges ahead and I must soon be prepared to accept them. It won't be easy but I will have help and the rewards will be great


Reflection of a brain injury survivor

Jean Anderson-Dec. 17, 2005

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