Why Jeffrey Douglas?

Well, I guess I'll tell ya why!....

1. He's handsome

2. He has a sexy voice

3. One obsession can go to another

4. He's neato

5. He's 'kinda' young

6. He's on shows that are actually on...BWOC and FJJ!

7. He's funny!

8. His beautiful blue eyes


That's all I can think of right now.

Other explanations:

I guess it was a matter of weeks before I decided I liked him! You may call me crazy but it's true! It all started with an episode from Big Wolf On Campus (Imaginary Fiend). I stared at him from time to time, studying his every move and line. I laughed until I died. He looked so sweet. I just love the way he played the bad guy, in a sexy evil way. But anyway, I later heard that he was on a show called The Famous Jett Jackson. So, I decided to watch it one night. That night, I saw him. I knew it was him 'cause I just did. The voice gave it away. So, after watching it I went to bed and when I woke up, I researched him and found interesting stuff. I've haven't had the time to make a full investigation but I'm getting there. I bet some of you are like, "this girl is crazy"..NO I'M NOT!! I'm sometimes attracted to weird lookin' people. (Shoot, I had a crush on Drop Dead Fred for Christ Sakes!!") So, there you have it!!

Lauren M.