It was October in the year of 2000 in St. Canard where crime is the only thing happening. People were robbing banks and jewelry stores also. The busiest of all was the Fearsome Five, which were on a high speed chase with Darkwing Duck. Of course, Negaduck had better things to do. They were on Chance Street and Duckpalace Avenue racing down the road. As Darkwing was gaining the Fearsome Five they were gaining more and more away. Suddenly, Sebastiana saw something in the road that looks like a computer busted in the street. She begs for them to stop but they wouldn't. "Please, STOP!!! It could be a very important. It could have secret files and stuff." They didn't listen to her. They only cared about getting away from Darkwing Duck. Megavolt suddenly had a vision, "Hey, I get it. We take the computer with us and then we fix it and keep it for ourselves. Maybe we can use it to send computer viruses to out arch enemies. STOP THE CAR!!!! We need that computer." They suddenly stopped the stolen Volkswagen Beetle. Darkwing was no longer in sight. They sighed in relief. But they didn't know what dangers were in store.

Sebastiana ran over to the damaged computer. It was a Acer Aspire. It was a greyish-blue color. The monitor was still in good shape. "It looked like it was duped not too long ago." she said. Megavolt inspected the peace of machinery and had the greatest idea. "Hey, How 'bout we take it to my place and we can fix it up. Then we can use it for any crime reasons". Bushroot was the quietest one since they left their hideout to rob the Windsoar Jewelry store. He said something that he would have never said, "I will never be normal again. All everyone thinks about is themselves". Everyone looked at him with disgust. They sneered at him, except for Sebastiana, who smiled, and loaded the computer in the car. Quackerjack finally got to say something. "All Megavolt wants to do with that thing is to have it as his toy. He wants to cyber---". Megavolt shut him up by slapping him in the head. Quackerjack wanted to get back at him. But if he did he would not be playing nice to his friend. His best friend. But he wasn't the only friend he had. Sebastiana liked him more than she has ever liked anyone. She had a HUGE crush on him. She also had feelings somewhat for Megavolt. He liked her too in the same way.

They finally got to their hideout and Megavolt inspected it. "Hey, this piece of junk has a disk in it, but it's stuck. And here's a manual. This is going to be great. But the disk won't come loose. No problem, i'll just take it apart and fix it." He took it apart, almost piece by piece. First, he took off the CPU's cover and carefully took the disk out. Then he cleaned it. It was just full of unsanitary dust. Bushroot was covering his face and started to sneeze really bad. He ran outside to get fresh air. Everyone was laughing except for Sebastiana.

She went outside and looked for him. He was standing by a tree with a kleenex in his hand and a sick look on his face. "I bet you hate this idea, huh?" she said. Bushroot looked at her with a kind look on his face, as usual, and love in his mind. "Yes, it is kinda weird and wrong. But we gotta do what we gotta do. Right? Say, wanna go get something at Hamburger Hippo?" She nodded yes and followed him down the street. She really didn't have as many feelings for him as he did for her. She only liked him as a friend. If he wasn't a mutant plant-duck maybe she would have very strong feelings for him.

Megavolt, Liquidator and Quackerjack were wondering where they went. Quackerjack wanted to lighten them up by saying, "They were just jealous of all the fun we were having. Maybe they went to play somewhere. Megs, can I go check the car. The backseat perhaps?" Both Liquidator and Megavolt looked at him with confusion on the last sentance he made. Megavolt finally fixed it. He turned it on and the it was the slowest computer he has ever seen. "This stupid mother f****** piece of junk. WORK!" They finally got to the main menu, where there was a online program called St. Canard Online. They clicked on it and waited for it to load. It took 10 minutes for it to load. When it was loading, Megavolt forgot something. He forgot the phone cord for online connecting. He got back with it and hooked it up. "Dang, this stupid machine is slower than Bill Clinton's grandpa." It got to St. Canard Online and it was ready to dial the numbers. They needed to figure out a password only the Fearsome Five would know. "Hey, how 'bout it can be 123, or abc, or even our name." said the stupidity mouth of Quackerjack. Megavolt shook his head in disgust. "No, we need something that is very clever and creative by the minds of villains. Hey, I got it. Our password is evif emosraef, backwords for Fearsome Five." They all got their own screen name. Megavolt's was MgvltLvr. Liquidator's was IMLqdtr. Quackerjack's was 2BAplayR. They already figured out Bushroot's and Sebastiana's screen names. Bushroot's was rooTtooT (rootie tootie). Sebastiana's was IMNXTC.

Megavolt forgot about the disk and looked at it with curiosity. "Hey, I wonder what is on this disk. It has a sticker on it that says suriv. I wonder what it means. Let's look at it. Maybe it has secret files or something." He popped it in the drive and clicked on OPEN. Then suddenly, while they were online, the screen went dark and something weird was going on. The screen kept scrolling numbers and letters and heard a faint voice laughing through the speakers. They panicked. They had no idea what was going on, who was doing this and why they were doing it. All they could think about is how much trouble they will be in. Then, out of nowhere, the screen went blank and they sighed for relief. Then they all jumped when the voice was still laughing and then the computer crashed and had a little last message before it turned off for good. It said SYSTEM FAILURE. VIRUS DETECTED. They knew they were in big trouble. Suddenly, Bushroot and Sebastiana came in and looked at them weirdly. "Well, whiz boy, where is the computer?" The three looked at each other and said silently "It crashed and had a virus in it." Sebastiana looked at Megavolt with dusgust, "Nice going, Sparky."

Soon enough, they whole world was in danger. The whole computer and internet systems were infected with this virus. They had no hope but to find whoever did this.

It was the morning on the 16th of July and everyone woke up to go to work. The first person to go to work was Agent Julio Fernandez of S.H.U.S.H. He worked from 4 a.m. to midnight everyday. He never got a break. He was a tall man. He was about 30 years old and was born in Mexico City. He moved out on his family when he was 20 to work in the US. He loves his job to death. But he never seemed to crack any cases, except for the one where Steelbeak stole a diamond for a ray gun. He was the first one on St. Canard to notice this terror awaiting them.

He turned on his computer in his office and could not get on. The computer screen read SYSTEM FAILURE VIRUS DETECTED. He was puzzled because he never went on the internet. He wen't to J. Gander Hooters office and asked if he can see his computer. "Mr. Hooter sir, something is going wrong with my computer and I have not gone on the internet before on it. It says it has a virus on it. May I have a look?" J. Gander looked at him oddly and invited him to his computer area. Julio turned it on and it said the same thing. "Is this some kind of joke, Mr. Fernandez? I hope your happy. uh, did you do this?" Julio was surprised on his statement. "I didn't do anything wrong. I just turned on the computer and this just happended. Should we check all the computers?" J. Gander had this puzzled look on his face that no one even saw before. He sat down on his chair and called security and all that worked there. "All staff and security, be sure to check all the computers in the offices and make sure nothing is going wrong. If something IS fishy going on, they let me know as soon as possible. Thank you." Julio sat down on the closest chair he could find and J. Gander waited for results. If this was happening, they had a really big case.

Julio reported to J. Gander that all the computers were not working properly. They all said the same thing when they turned it on. "It's no use sir, whatever this thing is, it will never go away. We got to do sonething. We got to tell the police". J. Gander had a different idea, he was going to call Darkwing Duck on the case. He soon got to the phone and dialed 838-2289, Darkwing's number. The first try was a dial tone and the next dialed in. Drake Mallard finally answered it. "Hello, Mallard residence"? "Hello, Darkwing. This is J. Gander Hooter and we have a serious problem. We need you to come to S.H.U.S.H. Headquarters and to help solve this problem". "Sure J. Gander. I'll be right there".

Back at the Fearsome Five's headquarters the 4 were arguing about who did it. Bushroot, of course didn't do it because he wasn't there at that time. Sebastiana also wasn't there because she was with him. "It was all SPARKY's fault", Quackerjack said. Megavolt denied it and blamed it all on Sebastiana because she was the one who found the computer. They all started to fight. Megavolt, Quackerjack and Liquidator were in the fight. Sebastiana and Bushroot were watching and got bored. "Hey, Bushroot. Let's go outside. We are not a part of their quarrel".

"It is all my fault. If I would have never found the computer none of this would have happened". Bushroot looked at her and found out that he wasn't really listening to her, just staring at her beauty. "You know, you have the prettiest eyes. And your hair is just... splendid. I think I like you. A lot". Sebastiana wanted to thank him but she only liked normal people, not mutant plant-ducks. "I guess for all those years you have grown on to me. And now you hit on me. I do like you Bushroot, but I like Megavolt". He looked at her and had this feeling in his stomach that his only chance was a fake. He only thought of one thing to do, kiss her. He leaned over and gently kissed her. She tried to break away but she couldn't resist. Their kiss became more passionate. She took his hand and put it around her waist. She didn't know what to do but kiss him and dream about him. She backed away and he frowned and walked away. She didn't chase him. She let him go. She knew he would come back to her.

At S.H.U.S.H. Headquarters J. Gander Hooter sat down in his chair. Launchpad, DW, Julio, and Rebecca Stern were there. Rebecca Stern was Sebastiana's best friend. She was the best female agent there. They all sat around his desk and he started his speech. "We have ran into a problem. This morning, Agent Julio turned the computers on and it said something of a virus. We tried all the computers and it said the same thing. I was wondering, Darkwing and Launchpad if you turned on any computers in you area. If you have, please tell me now. I need to know. We need to fix this problem".

The Fearsome Five were fellin' a little own. They had no idea what had REALLY happened. They didn't know what will come later. The only thing they knew is whos fault it was. "you know, you are getting on my nerves!!!", said Megavolt to Bushroot. Bushroot was bothering Megavolt and Quackerjack about what to do now. They really didn't know what to do. Sebastiana looked at all of them and realized it was her fault and she went outside to cry. They should have been fighting her. But they knew it was her fault. They just didn't want to hurt a girl.

Bushroot followed her outside and she noticed. She didn't care what anyone thought, just as long as the problem gets fixed. "I thought you might need some company. I am so sorry. Do you...uh...do you love me?" She really didn't know what to think. She wanted to tell the truth, but she also liked Quackerjack and Megavolt. She just didn't know who to pick. So she told the truth. "I really don't know what to think now. I don't know who I love. I DO like you but, I don't know if I love you. You have been a good friend to me. I hope you are not mad at me." He looked at her with a little disappointment. They just stood outside looking at the stars while the world was in danger.

Back at S.H.U.S.H Headquarters everyone phoned their relatives, police and friends telling them what had happened. Darkwing, Launchpad, J. Gander, and Julio didn't know what to do except call the police. The police had already known what was going on. "J. Gander, this is an outrage to know that my citizens are in danger, the world too. This has to be someones fault. It could be some villainy villain or something," Darkwing said as he sat down at his desk. Darkwing was right, it was a villain; they just didn't know who. They sat and waited to see what happens.

In the Luminous Laboratory in Duckberg a mad scientist named Dr. Hootie Hiperdrive was working. He was the one who put the virus into the computer and dumped it in the street. He came to St. Canard to look for Sebastiana to propose to her. He found that she was working for the Fearsome Five and that she like Megavolt and Quackerjack. He finally got his revenge. He hated the world so badly. He figured that if he downloaded a virus it would spread to every computer in the world, leaving everything ruined. He sat in his chair in his desk, wondering if his plan had worked. He turned on his computer and found out that it did work. He made the most evil laugh there ever was and made plans to have revenge on Sebastiana and others.

Scrooge McDuck was happily playing in his money bin when he got a phone call. he loved his money so much that he was pretty angry for the call. He answered it. "Hello? Ah, yes this is him. Okay. But, how can I get more money if the back computers are broke. How can anyone get more money. How can everyone live.... Yes, I see. Send him in as quickly as you can. Bye." He finally heard what happened. He didn't know what to do but cry. He also heard that since he has a bank account in the computer, he can't have his money for long. They also told him about J. Gander Hooter and that he was coming to visit him.

It was Saturday morning and Sebastiana had a hangover from the stress. Negaduck hadn't been seen in days and everyone felt like they wanted to kill each other. Everyone was still sleeping, as usual. Sebastiana went out for coffee and when she got to the coffee shop, Dr. Hiperdrive was waiting for her. "Hello, Sebby!!!'' "What are you doing here, you a-hole?" "I was here to ask you some questions." "Oh, is that all?" "No, it's not, my dear. I want to ask you if you would marry me? but you really don't have a choice?" "Marry you?? Why?? But you are so ugly, stupid, mean, old, hairy, stinky..." "ENOUGH!!!! You will marry me. If you don't I will kill your friends and take you by force, if you know what I mean" "Get away from me, you a-hole!!!!! How could you do this!!!! She ran away and he almost caught her. She ran into an old hotel room and he lost her. She spent the night there. She didn't know what to do. She had to get away. She needed protection. She needed the Five.

End of Part 1 and 2. More coming soon.