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The King's Magician

It's not just a magic show... it's the King's Magician! Hysterical comedy! Crazy magic rabbits and birds! Insane comical surprise guests! It's nothing you've ever seen before!

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To find out if we will be available for your special occasion, please call (602) 820-6988 or (602) 230-4353.
Daniel Kopf



Since the age of seven, Daniel, The King's Magician has been performing an extraordinary show that has taken him across the States and around the world! His magic is just as much fun for adults as for children, making it ideal for any all-ages family event. His most popular show is the Mini Illusion Show, a theatrical act designed to fit inside a large living room. The birds and bunny are the stars of the show, and Daniel is just their pet magician. This is a highly audience-interactive performance that culminates in a child from the audience (often the birthday kid) floating in the air! Daniel also offers a scaled-down Parlor Show that's much like the Mini Illusion Show, without the fancy backdrop or levitation. Either show works for a small audience from ten people to several hundred. The King's Magician also performs theme shows, like a Harry Potter wizard show or a pirate magician. Ask about any theme you may have in mind. Please don't forget to browse this site and see some of the animals and goofy characters that bring Daniel's magic to life! Then give us a call to find out if we're available for your special engagement!

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