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A Word from Pastor Newman

Pastor Michael Newman
Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church
111 N. Sunvalley Blvd./ Mail: PO Box 6699
Mesa, AZ 85207 / Mail: Mesa, AZ 85216-6699
480-641-PARK (7275)

Excerpts from a message:
"Im Not of my Own" Romans 3:21-26

Until we can get Christians thinking in the correct frame of mind, they will continue to live on the edge and in the shadow of fear. While many are attempting to know Christ and some do already know him, the vacumn of making an error seems to haunt them to the grave. Therefore, we live in the avenue of excuses just in case so that we can use the cliche "nobody is perfect".

What must occur in your soul is a hunger and thirst to pursue righteousness. What we must understand about ourselves is that righteousness with God is the request of the soul. But it's desires cannot be quenched unless, in our own mind, there is a search for God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who has the recipe with the ingredients for soul satisfaction. The bible calls this redemption.

Now, Paul gives us a description of righteousness declared by Jesus Christ. In verse 25, the center stage, the blood of Christ, of whom he declares to be "propitiation" which is the appeasement of God. In the exodus of the children of Israel, when God saw the blood, he would pass over whomever was under it.

I John 2:3 declares that Jesus is to us, "the propitiation". Now what this actually translates to you and I is that Jesus is the mercy seat and the blood sprinkled up on it. What this means, when you bring blood to God of a beast, is when you sacrifice his life, God will let you keep your life. Leviticus says, "and the life of all flesh is in the blood."

This goes deeper because when Jesus died and rose again, you must remember that he did not need blood any longer to live. He was living by the Spirit that bored him in the womb of Mary.

Pastor Michael C. Newman