Here's a glimpse into a Collector's Collection...



Well, I think you already know me from my website, but I thought I would show you a few photos of items from my collection...Most of my games are not with me, but the ones I have I try to display as well as I can. I collect a lot of things, including Toys, Records and Music Memorabilia, Monster items, Disneyana, Ceramic knick knacks, Christmas and Halloween items, Antiques in general, and of course, Board Games....

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This nifty 360 degree viewer will continuously circle my living room (pardon my mess) unless you touch the image with your mouse.   By putting the mouse on the right or left side, you can forward, reverse, speed-up or slow-down at your leisure.   You can also right-click with your mouse to access more settings, like "zoom in"...

I have some of my favorite games displayed on the walls in my home...   I think they make a pretty interesting visual, and I get to look at them all the time.  My most prized game is probably my CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON MYSTERY GAME, but THE MUMMY MYSTERY GAME runs a close second.   I finally got an insert for the THAT GIRL game after buying 3 copies!  I love the BIG 6 SPORTS GAMES, and you can see the MICKEY MANTLE BASEBALL GAME to the right, which was included in the re-packaging of BIG 6.   I have all my games wrapped in plastic to keep dust off them, but it makes them hard to photograph.

More games in the back room...   As you can see, I have lots of multiple copies of some games, and those are what I sell.   On top of the shelf, you can see some of the Halloween Costumes I collect.   I haven't really found an effective way to display them yet.   That's a very large stuffed Donkey Kong my Brother gave me.

You can see my all time favorite game, VOICE OF THE MUMMY, along with MYSTIC SKULL and CRAZY CLOCK.   I'm also fixated on MONOPOLY, and I have a bunch of obscure versions, including a 1968 Commemorative edition in a wooden box given to a high level Parker Brothers (or General Mills) employee.

I've got a lot of Christmas stuff for some reason, as well as Disney collectibles.   Most of it is not displayed.   On the glass display case on the right, you can see an old Magnavox portable record player that I use to play my records.   Beneath that on the floor you can see a supercool 1933 Mickey Mouse Toy Box...

I like plastic, ceramic, and styrofoam Santas and Snowmen from the 60's and 70's...   I have a lot of battery-operated toys, including a rare "Giant" bell-ringing Santa.  I also have one MIB...   It's very hard to find Santas and Snowmen by Royal with their original implements (Christmas tree, bubblelight, etc) intact.   Most of the times they're broken or missing.

I started out collecting Disney bisque pieces from the 1930's, but you can see it's expanded a little bit.    The giant hanging Pinocchio puppet is a Pelham Puppet promotional display...   I particularly like the early 1930's Japanese Mickey Mouse chinaware.

These 2 1940's Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Halloween Costumes are some of the few I've succeeded in displaying.   To their right you can see an old Mickey Mouse chalkboard from 1939, as well as a MICKEY THE XYLOPHONE PLAYER battery operated toy in it's original box...

Some more Halloween costumes, including a cheesecloth Skeleton costume and a very rare CLANKY THE ROBOT costume in it's original box.

I've got a LOT of albums, 45's and EPs...   I especially collect Elvis, The Beatles, and Punk.

For reasons I don't fully understand, I collect these Chinese "Lucky Cats"...   I prefer the ones that have a moving, waving arm, and the larger ones.   My Sphynx cat is trying to determine whether she can eat them...

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the things I collect...   Don't forget to check out the other "Collectors and their Collections"!

For further information, or to order, contact me through my "Questions?" link, or E-Mail me at