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The Virtual Songbook

Well, here it is...the bulk of our repertoire! Enjoy....

Songs from Rubenesque

Rubenesque Future Memory Even the Eagle
Listen to Me Turn Me Off Ivanova's Lament
Cardassian Days The Creature Messages from Earth
The Jester's Waltz Trick of the Time Profit Margin
Nine Voices Yesteryear Midnight Lullaby
Pretty Dove
Crossover, In Fugue Mizpah
Adrift In Time

Songs from Masquerading As Human

Masquerading As Human I'm Your Friend Waltzing the Stars
The Fool's Prayer Imzadi Battle Lines
How Can I Keep From Singing? Fossil Fever Forsaken
The Mama Dax Blues What She Said Beacons
Life Cycle Built for Two Relics Bella Chow
Twilight Falls on Holodeck 3 The Clockmaker The Stars Are Ours

Miscellaneous Songs

Maiden Song Morphing (Is So Hard to Do) Trill Starting Over
Harmony Heifers Androids Bride!
Children of Time Heart's Path Somewhere