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Masquerading CD cover

The Duras Sisters, a Phoenix-based filk trio, are named after those daring Klingon entrepreneurs, Lursa and B'Etor Duras, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Rather than blowing up starships and staging coup attempts, the singing Durases (Durii?) pursue Universal Domination through a combination of music, mayhem, and merriment.

The groovy picture you see above is the cover to our first CD, Masquerading As Human. It was designed by Larry R. Warner, who also co-wrote several of the songs on the CD. (For those of you whose browsers do not support pictures, it is an image of three masks on a mirrored dressing table. One is a jester's mask; the second, a red-white-and-black Kabuki mask; and the third, a ribboned Carnival mask.)

While the Duras Sisters are no longer singing together officially, CDs are still available. Check out the News! News! News! section for what's up with our Klingon sisters.

We Are The Duras Sisters.
Biographies, filk, and ordering information.
We Come In Peace.
Convention appearances.
The Virtual Songbook.
Updated Format! Lyrics from our CDs and performances.
News! News! News!
Updated 1/25/01
Pictures, con reports and more.
Miss Alainia's Links!
General interest links for the bored at heart.

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