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The Letter

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table (+.3)     ya`psagnuya`  "that which has wood above"
table (@.1)     y>`ps-nuya_`'
table is big, the (@.1)     y>`ps-nuya_`' ki_ pa`tki_re
table, upon the (+.3)     
tadpole (animal)($.7)     watcikumu
tail (#.4)     tu`se`
tail (+.5)     diitusisi'
tail, fish (*.5)
tail, to wag the (+.3)
tail; handle (stem)(@.1)     tuse_`'
tailed  (from comet) ($.1)     tusasa`'
tailed, star ; comet (&.1)
take in the hand, to ; to pick up (+.1)
take it , you (+.3)     ye` ka tcure`
take it, i (+.3)     de`ka tcure`
take these things, i (+.3)     de` ka wintcu`r-re`
take these things, you (+.3)     ye` ka wir-de`
take, he (@.1)     dumara`re  ,   dumara`
take, i (#.4)     tcu`ruhu`de
take, i (@.1)     tcumatca`
take, they (@.1)     yumana`
take, we (@.1)     yumana`  
take, you (@.1)     yumaya`
take, you all (@.1)     yumawa`
takes these things, he (+.3)     o`a ka dapokre`
talk (@.1)     nida`   ,   nida`-he_`'
talk about they (@.1)     akatuke`'ire
talk he (@.1)     nida`h-re
talk,  i (#.4)     nii`das-re`
talking, i commence (+.3)     ninda`setire
talking, i keep on (+.3)     nina`seti depe_`rare
talking, i stop (+.3)     nina`se uki`nsh-re  ,  nina`se kunsa`s-re
tall (from giant) ($.1)     na`mk>_de
tansy (Tanacetum vulgare.plant)(&.2)     ten`siwi
tear (+.3)     it ya`  "eye water"
tear, to (+.3)     s>ns-re` (stretchingout),  s>nseri`
tell, he.we.they (@.1)     hai_`'
tell, i (@.1)     nai_`'
tell, to (+.5)     ...na_...
tell, you (@.1)     yai_`'
tell, you all (@.1)     eai_`'
ten (#.4)     pi`tcine`
ten (%.1)     pitcan-
ten (*.5)     pi`tc-ne
ten (+.3)     pitcin-re`  , pitcine , pitcun'  , pitci
tenfold (+.3)     hapitcinire`
tent (#.4)     h>bne`t>e`
thanks (almost formal)(@.1)     hawo`nai_`'re
thanks (formal)(@.1)      hawo`nai_`'tcure
thanks (unformal)(@.1)     hawo`h
that (#.4)     ku`re`
that (&.1)     m>...
that (*.4)     heya
that (distant)(+.3)     ma
that much (+.3)
that one; those ones (he, she, it)(+.3)     o`wa, o`a, u`wa
that, far away (@.1)     ma_
that, nearby (@.1)     ti_
that...over there (+.3)     ihisee
that...there (+.3)     hire
the (&.1)
the (@.1)     ki_
the (distant/absent)(+.3)     kure
theirs (#.4)     ow>e
them, you hit (+.3)     ye`n kure ka`(h) ne
themselves (+.3)     om>m>
then (@.1)     uni>`t
then where (&.1)     k-pii`kii
then, so (@.1)
theoldmndrumng,comngfromafar,vryfar(&.2)yamusii`k-re tuske_`ha' kebha_wa`re ke_w>re 
there (&.1)     h>dihii`'
there (&.1)     kre`mo_
there are no black people here (+.3)     yuhuktci` pai`hare
there i will be (+.3)     ya`k tciv-re`
there, i was (%.5)     k-11tciih'-re  ,  k>ri`'tci
there, sitting (&.1)     
they (#.4)     a`g-ra`p ,  i`>ka_`-he
they (+.3)     o`wa, o`a, u`a
they (@.1)    owa`'
they (men) are (+.3)     uw-`
they (women) are (+.3)     ya kure`,  uw-`
they have been (P)(+.3)     munaarure`
they went (&.1)
they will be (F)(+.3)     u`t- unare`
thief, a (+.3)     ye` hinukire`
thigh (#.4)     t>su`
thigh, his ; hip (+.2)(3)     hi`tu'su'
thing alone, to let a (%.4)
things, take these (+.3)
third (#.4)     du`gar-he`
thirsty, i am very (+.3)     ya`ye d-pangiara` tcu`re
thirteen (+.3)     pitcin' no`mn-re haksare
thirteen(#.4)     pi`tine` na`omene` oksa`
thirty (#.4)     pi`tcinina`omene`
thirty (+.3)     pitcin' no`mn-re
thirty (@.1)     n>`mn-re pii`tcine
this (#.4)     ha`re`  ,   here
this (&.1)     hanii`'
this (+.3)     h>
this (@.1)     ha
this (close by) (+.3)     ki
this bucket of water (+.3)     ya`ye ya`sku h>ye`
this dog is as large as the other one (#.4)     ta_se here taro okesera_he hertcne
this is my hoe (+.3)     yuma_` nda`rire
this one; he, she, it (+.3)     ku`n ,  ku`nk-
this side of (#.4)     h>mitco
this woman is as good as that (#.4)     n-ya here konehore ku`re` okesera_he (+.3)     hare 
thisknifeisalmostaslongasmyarm(#4)simpa here ha`pre ahneredere okesera_he eksa d-de
thorny (+.3)     nu(h)tu`
those ones; that one (+.3)
three (#.4)     na`omene`
three (%.1)     nam-ne
three (*.1)    naa`mna'
three (*.4)     nam-ne
three (*.5)     na_`p-re
three (+.2)     na`mna'
three (+.3)     non-re`  , no`mna , no`mn-
three (+.5)     no`mna
three dollars (#.3)     m-m-n> tcure`  "three  much"
three times, i have been there (+.3)     tcepatcaatcu nomin-re`
three-hundred (#.4)     pi`tciha`re naomene`
throat, his (+.2)  (4)   hi`pak
through (#.4)     mos-rete`
through (@.1)     ...wo`h
through the river by fording it, i walk (+.3)
through, runs ; beads (+.3)
throw down (&.1)     huka`i'
throw he (@.1)      huu`kih-re
thunder (#.3)     ha'tiirire
thunder ($.1)     tii`riiri` hatcu`re  "tii`riiri` great"
thunder (&.3)     tiri`re
tick, to (+.3)     kaka`re
tie, to (+.2)     wee'
time, along towards noon (&.1)
to play cards (&.5)     t-pi_sa_taa'a`we  "the paper act we"
toad (animal)($.7)     d-pe tcikp> "ancient/beast stops"
toad (Bufo?.animal)(&.3)     watcik>mu` "?suck"
toad, one (animal)(%.5)     n-p-tcikpo`'
toad, one (animal)(@.3)
tobacco (plant)($.6)     umpa
tobacco (plant)(%.1)     i_pa
tobacco smoke (+.3)    umpa` pukare`
tobacco, indian (plant)(+.3)     nieye`umpa-re`
toe (#.4)     impoy>tca`
toe, my (+.3)     ni`mpa yi`tca  "my foot, its finger"
toes of my feet (+.3)     ni`pa i`tca
told him, he (&.1)
tolerable, rather (#.4)
tommorow (+.3)    ya`wa_
tommorow, i will eat (+.3)
tomorrow (#.4)     y>we`(h)
tongue (#.4)     so`muse`
tooth ($.6)     yap
tooth, his (+.2) (2)    hi`yaap
top of barrel (+.3)     ya`pk>_ hissumo`
top, lying on (+.3)
top, what is on the (+.3)     sapiku
torn, the coat is (+.3)
touch-me-not, wild (Impatiens?.plant)(&.2)     t-p-sii_`wi su`re  "flower wild"
towards noon time, along (&.1)
towhee (animal)($.7)     kutcinj je`,  kutcin y>p suri "wild wood bird"
town ($.6)     we`
track; line (+.3)
trash (%.4)     supii'
trash (@.1)     supi`
travel "to go somewhere" ($.2)     d-p-ho`h-re
tree (%.1)     yana
tree (%.2)     yune
tree (&.1)     iisu`'
tree (*.5)     y-p
tree (@.1)($.6)     y>p
tree ; wood (*.2)(&.1)(@.4)     yap ,  yop
tree bark"tree skin" (%.1)     yanapis
tree; stick ; wood (+.3)(&.1)     ya`p ,  yo`p
tree; wood (#.4)
tree; wood; forest; a piece of wood (@.1)     y>`p
trot, to (+.3)     tcotco`hore
trout, big, (shad?)(animal)($.7)     pa'kane`'h-re
true (@.1)     ure`ere
tuckaho (Pachyma cocos.plant)($2)"buzzardbread"is-ne`' kusta`', "wood dead" y>p we`ye
tufted titmouse (animal)($.7)     kutcin pr>m,  kutcinpr>_'r>_'
turkey (animal)($.7)     wa`tka t-ro
turkey (animal)(+.3)     wa`tka_ tru`  "chicken large"
turkey (animal)(@.2)     wa`tka_tui`
turkey vulture (animal)($.7)     isu_e` sebe` rurit tup>  "the ancient one(?)"
turkey, wild "chicken big" (animal)($.2)     watka_`t-ro
turn my head, i (+.3)     di`ska nigwandd-re`
turn our heads, we (+.3)     do`wa hi`sga_ digwandare`
turn their heads, they (+.3)     o`a i`ska_ digwandare`
turns (circles(?))(&.5)     wi`h-re ,  wi`he_'
turns his head, he (+.3)     hi`ska_ (i`ska_) nigwand-re`
turtle (animal)(#.4)     ka`iy>
turtle (animal)(&.3)($.7)     ka ,  kaya`
turtle (animal)(*.6)($.3)     ka`ia
turtle, box (Terrapene carolina.animal)(&.3)     ka_`i  "turtle" "scratcher?"
turtle, cooter (Malaclemys,Chrysemys,Pseudemys.animal)(&.3)  kaya`  "turtle snake"
turtle, loggerhead  (animal)($.7)     kaya` ska`turo "turtle big head"
turtle, mud  (animal)($.2)     kaya`'
turtle, mud  (animal)($.7)     kaya`tcire "turtle small"
turtle, mud (Kinosternon subrubrum.animal)(&.3)     kaya tcii`re'  "turtle mud"
turtle, snapping (Cheldra serpentina.animal)(&.3)     kaya` sk>_tero "turtle head big"
turtle, stink  (animal)($.7)     kaya` kasure
turtle, type of (Amyda ferox.animal)(&.3)     kaya` s-mii`'  "turtle soft"
Tuscaroratribe(#1)taskaro`ni, ye_a_t-ra dote`"Cherokeemixed",ye_mbarayii`re"peoplebad"
twelve (#.4)     pi`tcine` naopre` oksa`
twelve (+.3)     pitcun' na`p-re ha`ksare
twenty (#.4)    pi`tcinaopre`
twenty (+.3)    pitcune na`p-re
twenty five (#.4)     pi`tcinao po`ktre oksa`
twenty one anda half yearsold, i am(+.3)yemuanu` pitcin' na`p-re d-pe` haksa` d-ra`k>_he
twice a week (+.3)     yabsigre` nap-re`
twisting, i am (+.3)     tci wandsh-re`
twisting, you are (+.3)     yi wandsh-re`
two (#.4)      nao`pre
two (%.4)     na`mpere
two (*.4)(+.5)(%.1)       na_pre
two (+.3)      na`p-re ,  na_`pr-re ,  no_`prere
two (+.3)      no_pr-re` , no`pre , na`p-re , na`bre
two (@.1)     na_`'pre
two hundred (+.3)     pitci ha`re no_`p-re
two-hundred (#.4)     pi`tciha`re naopre`