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The Letter

Catawba Language Homepage

saddle (#.4)     haa`kpa)'su`
saddle the horse, go (#.4)
said (&.1)     ut>`'
said (@.1)     uta_`'
said, it is (@.1)
said; any noise heard (coughing; shooting)(+.3)     uti`
salt (#.3)     tas
salt (#.4)     tus
salt water; ocean (waterway)(%.4)     iswa_`sigri`
salty; spoiled; stingy (%.4)
sampson's snake root (plant) ($.4)     dep_`w`' yisi no_ne'i;  po_wo_yasina`
sampson's snake root (plant)(&.4)     depo_`wa_` yisi no_ne' ,  po_wo_ ya_sin>`'
sand (#.4)     y>wota`
Santee river "river is there, the river" (waterway)($.3)     iiswa_tii
Santee tribe ($.3)     sa`nta, so_`ta
Saponi tribe ($.3)     ye_ pa`n>
sapsucker (+.3)     y>nderepa`
sarsaparilla root(Aralia nudicalulis.plant)(&.2)  t-p-tii`s-ke_`'  "root red"
sassafrass (plant)(#.4)     gu`stupe`
sassafrass (plant)(@.1)     k>stuu`pi
savage, wild; singing (@.2)
Savannah river (waterway)(*.6)(@.4)     isundiga
saw this tree down, i (+.3)     yo`p tci`yuhuktuntcire`
saw wood with a saw , i (+.3)     dapaioh-re ya`p tcekais-re`
saw, a (+.3)     dapaioh-re`
saw, cross-cut (+.3)     dapaio` tarokure  "large saw"
saw, hand (+.3)     kuni` mtciyure`
sawing wood, i am (+.3)     yo`p tc- ka`is-re
sawing wood, i am (@.2)     yo`ptce ka`is-re
sawing, i have done with (+.3)     matci`yu kiindsh-re`
sawing, i have finished (+.3)     tci`yu kiindsh-re
say (@.1)     u`d
say ?, what do you (#.4)
scaffold (for outside shelves)(&.1)     hii`a' ,  hii`ya'
scorpion;bluetailsink(Eumecesfasciantusanimal)(&.3)w>pire_`' hisk>_`s-k>_`re"lzrdrdhed"
scratch each other, to (+.3)     etkoi sure
scratch myself, i (+.3)     di`ha k>_k>_shire ,   ki_ki_shire
scratch somebody standing (here), i (+.3)     yi_` kuse` ki_ki_s-re`
scratched, i get (+.3)     diri sure
scratching you, the cat is (+.3)     hapke` ye`re sure
seat; chair (&.1)
second (#.4)     deke`he`
secure, catch ($.2)     web'
secure, i catch (*.5)
see, he (+.1)     kaani'
see, he (@.1)     hi`'ni`
see, i (+.1)     naani'
see, i (.4)     d>n-re`
see, i (@.1)     da`'ni`
see, they (+.1)     yaani'
see, they (@.1)     hi`'ni`
see, to (&.1)     kaa`nii
see, to (stem)(@.1)     ni`
see, to go (+.1)
see, we (+.1)     haani'
see, we (@.1)     ha`'ni`
see, we shall (&.1)
see, you (+.1)     yaani'
see, you (@.1)     ya`'ni`
see, you all (+.1)     waani'
see, you all (@.1)     wi`'ni`
seed (&.2)    hi_tu
seed (*.4)     tcu
seed; dust (+.3)
Senecio (plant) ($.4)     ite`w>ra_p we`tere (could be: it-w>ra_p w-tere)
sensitive plant; rattlebox (plant)(&.2)
seven (#.4)     wa`signi`u
seven (+.3)     wassignur-re`  , wassignu`re
seventeen (#.4)     pi`tcine wa`signi`u oksa`
several (+.3)     agre` ,  yak>_
several (@.1)
several ; few (+.3)     agre` ,  kre`
several; many (+.3)
Sewee tribe "playing people" ($.3)     ye_ s-wii`h-re
shadow (&.1)     hii_`da
shadow, spirit, soul, picture ($.1)     hii_da`'
shadow; soul; picture (@.1)     hi`'da
shake, to (+.6)     tcina`...
shaking (from earthquake) ($.1)     tciina(h)tcure
shall go, we (&.1)
shall see, we (&.1)
sharp-sighted person, a (+.3)     ye` hitui`'h tce`re
Shawnee tribe (#.1)     sa`wa`na  ,  sa`w-ne  "partridge"
she has been (P)(+.3)     ya` burare`
she is (+.3)     ya` u-`
she; he (+.3)
she; it; he (@.1)
sheep (animal)($.7)     wude
shell; inclosure; skin (+.3)
shirt, i wash my (+.3)
shirt; garment; coat (*.6)     ha`ksup
shoal of river (+.3)     inti` iswa musa`waare`  "rock river jutting out "
shoe, i burnt my (+.3)
shoes (+.3)     witii
shoot a deer tommorow, you will (+.3)     yawa` widabu`i mbus-re
shoot a deer, you (+.3)     wiabu`i mbu`hiendo`
shoot,  (#.4)     bo`sode`
shoot, to (with blowgun)(+.1)     pu`su`'
shooter, cane (springgun)(&.5)     wa_sa bokhi_h-re
shooting (+.3)     mboo`sa
shooting star : comet ($.1)
shooting the man was (not heard)(+.3)     ye` mbo`hati`ka
shooting, but i did not hear it ,, the man was (+.3)     ida`nisare (i do (did) not hear)
shooting, the man is (heard) (+.3)     ye` uti` mbo`hatki`re`
shooting, you are (+.3)     yi` buhie'hndo`
short arrow,a (+.3)     wanhi` tc-ri`ri
short; low (#.4)     mu_ekisa`-re
shot a deer yesterday, you (+.3)     sunda`wi widabu`i mbos-re`
shot a deer yesterday, you (@.2)
shoulder, his (+.2)(4)    hi`riit
shout, to , noisy (+.3)     ha`tkire
shout; holler; bark (+.3)     wuxha`tkire
Shugaree not bad (@.2)     shigare wahre
shut ones eyes, to (+.2)     mit...
shut, to ; to close (+.1)     dupa_' 
sibling-in-law (%.5)     mb>ra(n>) uks-r>_`  "brother resembling"
sibling; friend; brother (%.5)
sick (@.1)     waresa`
sickness, disease (seizing, gripping) ($.4)     w>ru`ph>
side (body part?)(#.4)     haa`kpe`
side of, this (#.4)
side, his (+.2)  (2)   hi`haa
sieze, to; pain (@.1)
sifter, the coarse sifter (for ground up corn)(&.4)     no_so' ka`ttcigne
sifter, the finer sifter (for ground up corn)((&.4)        ku`s ompa
sighted, sharp (+.3)
sing (stem)(@.1)     mowa`
singing (&.1)     mo`w>_
singing all the time, i am (+.3)     namu` me`h-re
singing; wild, savage(@.2)     imo_`tce
sister (man's) ($.6)     hatcu
sister, younger (+.3)     ya`ha wuri`kure
sister-in-law (%.5)     hatcuna has-r>_`h-re  "sister resembling"
sister; older sister; friend (%.5)     hatcu`
sit down we (@.1)     wa_`'a`re
sit up (@.1)     ka`ho_wa_  ;   ka`ho_wa_re
sit, to ($.6)     wa_
sitting (or?) jumping (*.5)
sitting or standing, to be (&.1)     ...>nk...
sitting there (&.1)     k-wa_
sitting/standing in position (&.1)     ...>nk...
six (#.4)     dipkre`
six (%.1)     dipk-re
six (+.3)($.6)    dipkrare`  , dipkara , dipkr-r
sixfold (+.3)     hani`pkanire
sixteen (#.4)     pi`tcine dipkre` oksa`
size of, of the 
skin of man (+.3)     y- hagiu pi`s
skin; shell; inclosure (%.1)(+.3)     pis
skin; tree bark; animal hide (@.1)     pi`s
skirt (+.2)     hu`kse'
skirt, my (+.2)     hukse`'na'
skunk "wild cat" (animal)($.2)     hapke_`sure    , hapke_`su`ri
skunk (animal)(#.4)     ihnsui
skunk (animal)($.7)     d-pe kesumi`ka  "stinking beast/ancient"
sky (#.4)     w>pi`t
sky (%.3)     wapit
sky (*.4)     wahpeeh
sleep, i (#.4)     namore`
sleep, to (+.5)     hiima`re
sleepy (#.4)     imere`
sleepy (+.3)     himbori ,  hambori
sleepy, he/she is (+.3)     oa himboritcure
sleepy, i am very (+.3)     namboritcu`re
sleepy, the dog is (+.3)     to_`si himboritcure
sleepy, they are (+.3)     o`wa wamboritcure
sleepy, we are (+.3)     do`wa hamboritcure ,  hamborire
sleepy, we two are (+.3)     hina`pre hamboritcu`re
sleepy, you all are (+.3)     nire (di`r-) hamboritcure
sleepy, you are (+.3)     yeti` yamboritcure
sleepy, you two are (+.3)     wina`pri hamboritcure
sling (shot)(+.3)     wuya`a kaikuri
sling stones, i (+.3)     wuya kai`is-t-re`
slip/slippery elm (Ulmus fulva.plant)(&.2)     y>p tcu`wiikare  "tree slipping (slimy)"
slobber (&.1)     hi`tc-pa_`
slope (+.3)     so`k hakutci`rire  "mountain slanting down"
slow (#.4)     wo_`'s-ri`
slow, go (@.1)     umbaa`nire
slowly, going; going downhill (%.4)
small (+.3)     tu`ho
small (smaller, smallest)(#.4)     tu_he ,  taroha
small; little (+.3)     taro`a ,  taro`ha  "large not"
smaller (small, smallest)(#.4)     tu_he meraaede ,  taroha meraaede
smallest (small, smaller)(#.4)     tu_he mera`he,  taroha mera`he
smallpox (@.1)     waresa`' ki_ ii`ne_`' s-ke_`'
smart, capable, expert, clever ($.3)     pii`h-re
smell i (with nose) (@.1)     hakee`s-re
smell when, fish (*.5)     
smell, i (emit an odor)(#.4)     su`nwe
smell, i (with nose)(#.4)     ha`kes-re`
smells, it (emits an odor)(#.4)     sunwertc
smoke (verb)(@.1)     poke`
smoke they (@.1)     poke`hire
smoke, i (#.4)     po`k-sude`
smoke, tobacco (+.3)
smoking, the fire is (+.3)     impi` sukso tcure`
smut (card game)     t-pi`sa henwo'ta`re "card face-smut make"
smut; soot (&.5)     i`cature
snail (animal)($.7)     watkut
snake (animal)(#.4)     d>` ,  y>`
snake (animal)(&.3)     ya
snake (mythical) ($.1)     wii`ya ha_`mo_`'   "snake coming into water"
snake doctor (animal)(plant?)($.7)     ya tcu`wu
snake, black  (animal)($.7)     ya waktci
snake, glass  (animal)($.7)     ya katkatu`re  "snake breaking into pieces"
snake, type of (Cemophora coccinea.animal)(&.3)     ya tu_ n-mo`musa`re
snake, type of (Natrix sipedon.animal)(&.3)  ya ya_yamo_mu`re "snake in water lies"   
snake, water  (animal)($.7)     ya hamo'  "snake water"
snake, whip  (animal)($.7)     ya yiha_' hawa  "snake whip"
snakebite "american aloe"(Agave virginica-plant)"snake chief root"($.4)ya iswa`_ wii_tii`re
snakes, no (+.3)
snakes, poisonus (animals)(&.3)     ya sigrii` "snake mean, polluted, unfit, spoiled, dirty"
snapgun; springgun (&.5)
snapping turtle "turtle big head" (animal)($.2)     kaya`' ska_t-ro`
sneeze, I (#.4)      h>o`p-si`npe`re`
snow (%.1)(*.4)     wa',  wa'w-
snow (+.5)     wo'
snow, it may (%.1) 
snowbird (animal)($.7)     kutcin wawu "snow bird",  senu suri "wild money"
snowbird (animal)(+.3)     tcintce(h)ru`p
so then (@.1)     kunk>`h
soap type ($.2)     ta`ye
soiled; spoiled; stingy; sore (@.1)
some (&.1)     ...p>
some (@.1)     p>`
some are crying (+.3)
some are laughing (+.3)
some day (&.1)     ya`ponii(he`ri)
some day (@.1)     ya`b agre`
some i pick up (@.1)     p>`tcuna`'
some they (@.1)     p>`iha`re
some; a few (&.1)     agree`
somebody (+.3)     yepa_`  "man one"
somebody (plural)(+.3)     dapokre` , depa`kre`  "several ones"
somebody is crying (+.3)
somebody is laughing (+.3)
somebody standing , i scratch (+.3)
somebody to rub another, i cause (+.3)
somebody; one (+.3)     di`pe, d-p>_   ,   nu`pa ,  n-pe` ,  nep>_
somebody; someone; something (+.3)     d-pa`, n-pa`, nep>`
someone; something; somebody (+.3)
something (+.3)     ne`pa_ ,  nepa_`
something i play ; games  (&.5)
something; someone; somebody (+.3)
sometimes (#.4)     kura`pe
son (#.4)     kuri`de`
son (%.5)    kurii`
son (+.2)     ku`ri
son, my (+.2)     kuri`na'
son, my (@.2)    kore`hahare`
son-in-law (%.5)     kurii(n>) has-r>_`h-re  "son resembling"
son-in-law; stepson; nephew (%.5)
songsparow (animal)($.7)     kutcin hitu`'
soon (#.4)     u`tka`n>
soot (%.1)     itisi
soot; smut (&.5)
sore is (*.5)     si`gr-re
sore; spoiled; soiled; stingy; sour (@.1)     sigri`
soul (@.3)(+.3)    ye mukasankure`
soul, shadow, spirit, picture ($.1)     hii_da`'
soul; picture; shadow (@.1)
sour (#.4)     hi`'t>
sour (&.2)     hiita`re ,  hita`
sour (sourer, sourest)(#.4)     hitta
sour, very (+.3)     hita tcure
sour; bitter (+.3)     hitare`
sour; bitter (@.2)
sour; stingy; spoiled; sore (@.1)
sourer (sour, sourest)(#.4)     hitta meraaede
sourest (sour, sourer)(#.4)     hitta mera`he
sourwood (Oxydendron arboreum.plant)(&.2)_     y>p hiita`re  "tree sour"
south wind (+.3)     hie` sut sa`ure
sow weed (Oxalis violacea.plant)(&.4)     nu`pai_tare
spank, to (+.3)     kaka`s-re
speak, i (&.1)(@.4)     niida`sere
speak, i (+.3)     nindas-hire`
speak, i do not (+.3)     ninda`sare
speak, to (&.1)     ut...
spider (animal)($.7)     chuwu suke` ,  chuwu tasak "poison insect"
spinning wheel (+.3)     dapatar-rohe`
spinning, i am (+.3)     napatarero(h)s-tere`
spirit, soul, shadow, picture ($.1)     hii_da`'
spit on it (divination)(@.3)     istcu`hade
spoiled; salty; stingy (%.4)
spoiled; stingy; sour; sore (@.1)
spoon (%.1)     yukse
spotted (&.3)     wii_tu`p
spotted (+.3)     tuptu`pure
spotted sandpiper (animal)"chickadee" ($.7)
spreads (&.3)     kwa_tcere
spring snare trap ($.2)     "string down in" wii`ya huktu`k-re,
spring snare trap ($.2)     "tree the bent down tied"  y>pki_ ha`tkut>'nuwii_`h-re
springgun; snapgun (game/toy)(&.5)     wa_`sa bokhi_h-re  "cane shooter"
sqaure box, a (+.3)     hitcu` parparesare`
square (+.3)     pareparesare`
squaw weed (Senecio aurcus.plant)(&.2)     h>n>tcuwii`h-re "make(child)come quick"
squirrel (animal)(#.4)     pa`y>_`'
squirrel, flying (animal)($.7)    tu`ra_toh-ri,  tu`-ra_' ,  pru_turi` ,  pru_tu  
squirrel, gray (animal)($.7)     paya`,  peawa_yi`',  peawa_ "jumper?"
squirrel, ground (animal)($.7)     d-p- andotaksoso     
st.john's weed (Hypericum?.plant)(&.2)     y>pha tacig-ne "tree leaves racoon"
stalk; something standing; corn (+.3)
stand (@.1)     isa`he_`'
stand on one leg, i  (+.3)     ye`pa d-pe` kusa`tkide
stand up (@.1)
stand, to (&.1)     ...kusa`(re)
stand, to (+.6)     rare
standing (&.1)     kusa`
standing (here), i scratch somebody (+.3)
standing (low) on the ground (+.3)     manugisa  ,  manuki`sa
standing , to be sitting or (&.1)
standing, something; stalk; corn (+.3)
standing/sitting in position (&.1)
star (#.4)     wa`pitno`
star (%.1)     wapitnu
star (%.3)     wapitno
star (&.1)     wa`pitnu`'
star grass (Aletris farinosa.plant)(&.4)     wa_`sa haone' ,  wa_`sa hawinon
star grass (Panicum?.plant)(&.2)     wa_`sa wii_`ti  "cane medicine"
stars ($.1)     wapi`tnu
stay untill night (&.1)     kurii'kiiwiitca`ude
stay, to (&.1)     kree`(re)...
stays never, home (@.3)
stays, home never ; name (%.5)
steals (+.5)     hin_...   ,     hiinu`yeta`
stem (of pipe)(+.3)     wam-su` hitusa` "pipe tail"
stem (tail) (@.1)     tusa`
stem of soul, spirit, shadow ($.1)     da'  (in glass, footprint)
stem, verb ($.2)     de_pe_  "going for/quest"
stepfather; father-in-law; uncle (%.5)
stepmother; mother in-law; aunt (%.5)
stepmother; mother-in-law (%.5)
stepson; son-in-law; nephew (%.5)
stick, i hit somebody with a (+.3)
stick, to; pierce (&.1)     kiip(h)(h>)
stick, tree (+.3)
stingy; spiled; sour; soiled; sore(@.1)
stingy; spoiled; salty (%.4)     sigrire
stomach ulcers (@.1)     ha`su sigri`
stone (+.3)     iti  ,  i_ti
stone little (*.5)     ii_tiitu_`h-re
stone; rock (*.5)     i_`tii
stone; rock (+.3)     inti`
stones, i sling (+.3)
stop (I)(+.3)     uki`nsh-re
stout; strong (*.5)     tii`'h-re
stream "water branch" (waterway)($.2)     ya_`tca'
stretch, to ; draw out (+.1)     dutce_t
stretching out (something), i am (+.3)     tcu tc>`nts-re
stretching out , you are (+.3)     yi utc>`nts-re`
strike, to ;  hit (+.1)
strike; to hit (+.3)
string (+.3)     wuya`
string games (&.5)     e`hi_p>  "crow his foot"
strong (#.4)     i`mero`
strong (+.3)     mirure`
strong; stout (*.5)
stupid (@.1)     k>duu`mitcu`re
sturgeon (animal fish)($.2)     yiihipa`
sucker "fish suck" (animal)($.2)     yiiw>sii`'
suddenly (@.1)     nii`tcik>`h
suffer, i (+.3)     de`ru wina_`tare
suffer, we (+.3)     du (do`wa) wina`are
sugarberry;hackberry(Celtis laevigata.plant)(&.2)y>p nyu`stciwe'"tree sweet" 
Sugeree creek (waterway)($.3)     iswa_`'sigrii`
Sugeree tribe ($.3)     ye_si`griih-re
sumach (Rhus typhina.plant)(&.2) y>p wiiti` "tree shoe",  y>p wiiti` tah-re"treeshoemake"
sun (#.4)     nute`
sun ($)     nu_`tii'
sun ($.1)     nu_`ti'
sun (%.1)     nu_ti
sun (&.1)     nyu_`tii
sun (@.1)     nu`ti
sun is hot, the (+.3)     nuti` hopi`tcu wa`repe tcure`
sun is hot, the (+.3)     nuti` wike tcure` (wiktcure`)
sunday (@.1)     ya`pse`
surely; for certain (&.1)     -nus>`k
swan  (animal)($.7)     atter(?)
sweating, i became wet by (_+.3)
sweep away (@.1)     k-ba_`' ta_`'bok-re
sweet (#.4)     itcow>
sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua.plant)(&.2)     kum has-na`re
sweet potatoe (plant)(#.4)     witeke` tcu`w>
swelling (in body?) (&.2)     hi`sure
swing, children (+.3)
swinging (game)(&.5)     hop-ra_`'h-re  "hang back and forth"
sycamore (plant) (&.2)     y> bwe
Sycamore (plant) (&.2)     y>p taktce` hii_tcuwii` h-re "tree white many burrs"
Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis.plant)(&.2)  y>p hii_tuwii` "tree of burs"