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The Letter "R"

Catawba Language Homepage

rabbit "one who jumps" (animal)($.2)($.7) "belly beast/ancient"    d-p-hwa`'
rabbit (animal)(#.4)     paa`ksai_`'
rabbit (animal)(&.1)     d>p-hwa_kii_t
rabbits, each hunter killed five (+.3)
raccoon (animal)(#.4)     >tci`'ne`
raccoon (animal)($.2)     itciig-ne`'
raccoon (animal)($.7)     tcigne
rain ($.6)(+.5)     ukso
rain (+.3)(@.2)    uks
rainbow ($.1)     ye_ weya_`'         "dead people's road"
rainbow (&.1)     ye_`wey>_` yere  "dead people's road"
rainbow (+.3)(@.2)     uksi`tcika  ,  uksitcika`    "rain bow"
rains, it (+.3)     huksore`
ran away (%.3)     tcirakha
rat (animal)($.7)     enterha_ , wint>
rather , tolerable (#.4)     ku`nihe`re ,  okeru`mitche`
rattle ($.1)     do`p>tce_`'s-re  "something makes ratteling"
rattle, for womans leg ($.1)     ka's-'s-'h-re  "turtle rattle"
rattlebox; sensitive (Crotalaria sagittalis.plant)(&.2)t-p-si_`s-re "something rattles"
rattles  ($.1)  se's-`h-re, tcii'tci`'h-re;  do`p-t-re se's-re`ha "something clear (chain) rattling" 
rattlesnake (animal)($.7)     ya swa_
rattlesnake (animal)(@.4)     yaswa`
rattlesnake (Crotatus horrdus.animal)(&.3)     ya swa_`'  "snake chief", ya migrah-re
rattlesnake medicine (Agave virginica.plant)(&.4)     ya'sua_` wiitiiwa_'
rattlesnake plantain (Epipacus pubescens-plant) "blossum red" ($.2)     sii`wii s-ke_`
rattlesnake, ground(Sistrurus miliarius.animal)(&.3)ya mantu`grere "snakehomeinground"
rattling hard ($.1)  tca'tca`'tcure  (gourd rattle or leaves in wind)
red (#.3)     s-ke_`
red (%.1)(*.4)     s-ka_
red (*.5)     s-k-_`re
red (all shades of red ; purple)(+.3)     ska_re` ,  sik-ka_hre` ,  sika_
red bud; judas tree (Cercis canadesis.plant)(&.2)     y>p pete_`'  "tree flat(seed)"
red horse "fish round head" (animal)($.2)     yiiwatii`'
red mushroom  (plant)"tree grows upon" ($.2)     y>pitu_`h-re
red path (%.3)     oniseca
red root (plant)(&.4)     taktuwia
red root (Salix tristis-plant) ($.4)     t>`ktuwi
red tag alder (Alnus rugosa.plant) (&.2)     y>p sii_wi s-k>`re "tree blossom red"
red, darker (+.3)     si`ka_ hawaktcu  wih-`
red, darkest (+.3)     si`ka_ ka_`h-re`
red-brown (+.3)     si`ka_ hawutuih-re`
refuse (@.1)     hi`yoha`
relatives (very distant)(%.5)     yii_wii_(m)b-ri ke_sa`w-re ,  ke_`sa wi_`b-ri
relatives(distntunspecfdrelton)(%.5)yii_`mb-ri ke_`s-re,ki_sawi_`b-ri,yii_wii_b-ri ke_sa`w-re
resembling; like (%.5)     uks-ra_`'  ,  has-r>_`h-re, s-r>_`h-re, s>`h-re
resin (&.2) has-na`re  ;    tcepta hitcuwe`   "chewed pine"
resin flows down (+.3)     tcuest-pa` tcirika hukutcire` "resin running flows downward"
resmbling; looking like (+.3)     wihere` ,  aike`,  wire
rest, to (&.1)     ...tcawa_...
return, to (%.4)     duga`re
rheumatism (@.1)     s>`p w>ruph>`h
rice (plant)(#.4)     gu`sseraa`k taa`ktce`  "wheat white"
ride, i (#.4)     sa`gnat-de`
right (direction)(#.4)     iksaa`mbe
ring neck snake (Diadophispunctatus.animal)(&.3)yatu_wa`ktciye "snake little black"
ripe (&.1)     ii_`ya
rise (@.1)     mi`'
rising (+.3)     aku
river (waterway)(#.1)(&.1)     iiswa_`'
river (waterway)(#.4)     iswa_'
river (waterway)($.3)     ii`swa_',  iiswa_`re
river (waterway)(+.3)     i`swa_
river across (*.5)     i`swa_tuk
river bank (&.2)     tukse`
river down there (#.2)     iswa_h-r-
river is muddy, the (+.3)     hi`swa sapikut-re` "the river is topped (has something on top)"
river, down the (+.3)
river, shoal of (+.3)
road (@.1)     ya_`'
road; path (%.1)     ya_
roast, to (&.1)     hiimu_`(re)
robin (animal)($.7)     wisp>'p>'
robin (animal)(@.1)     wisp>`kp>`k
rock (#.4)     i_ti`
rock immovable; jimmson weed (plant)(&.2)     i_`tube`
rock; stone (*.5)
rock; stone (+.3)
roll and swing, children (+.3)
rolling (&.5)     para_`para_`
root (%.4)     ...ti
root (of tree)(+.3)     ya`p te`
root; medicine ($.4)     wi_`tii
root; medicine (%.4)     witii`
rope (+.3)     wuya`
round, something (?)(&.3)     w>p
rub another, i cause somebody to (+.3)     ye`pa dep>_raha wawatcinde`
rub each other, to (+.3)     e`tko u_tri`h-re
rub myself, i (+.3)     derii` unatrit-re`
rub, i (am rubbing)(+.3)     unatrit-re`
rubbed by somebody, i get (+.3)     ye`pa_ niwa`ure
run alongside, to (+.3)     sux-re
run he (@.1)     tciri`kh-re
run, i (#.4)     tciriks-de`
run, i ; i chase (after something)(#.4)     dotra_`de
run, to ($.3)     sa`nta, so_`ta
run, to (&.1)     tcii`rik(he`rii)
run, to (+.3)     kru` ,  ku`ru
run, to (.3)     ku`r-re
run, to (flow?) (*.6)     sa_`ta ,  so_`ta
run, to ;to go (&.1)     ore`re
running flows downward, resin (+.3)
running i go, battle into (+.3)
running, the water flowing down is (+.3)
running, the water is (*.6)
runs through; beads (+.3)
russet; lavender (+.3)