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The Letter

Catawba Language Homepage

pace, to (horse like)(+.3)     kapokapo`hare
pain; grab (&.1)     a>`rup
pain; to sieze(stem) (@.1)     w>ruph>`h
painful (#.4)  d-ne`p>h>y>ge`   "it pains"
painter (+.3)     yee hindatakire
palate, his (+.2)(5)     hipee`te_'
pale yellowish/redish (+.3)     si`ka_ wi`here
Pamunkey tribe (#.1)     ma_kiis
panther (animal)(#.4)     n-p-tu`s-haa`pre
panther (animal)(+.3)     n-pe`tu`seha`pre "something bieng tail long"
panther (animal)(@.2)     n-pe`tu`seha`pre "beast tail long"
panther; bob-cat (animal)($.7)
pants, my (+.2)     di`sap
pants; leggings (+.2) (3)    i`sap
paper (&.5)     pisa_`
paper (+.3)     ipaisa bis ,  n-paisa` ,  nepa`isa
parents of son/daughter-in-law (%.5)     ye_tcu`h-re
Parthenium integrifolium (plant) ($.4)     wits>gua_i sk>mpatci`'a
partridge (animal)(&.4)     ip>ka(h)
passenger pigeon "dove ancient" (animal)($.2)     itu`sibe`'
path, red (%.3)
path; road (%.1)
peach (plant)(#.4)     ye`
peach (Prunus persica.plant)(&.2)     turiiye`'  "fruit"
peach fruit (plant)(#.4)     triye`
pebble; gravel (+.3)
Pedee tribe($.3)     ye_ pii`h-re
peel it, tree (&.2)     y>p hi_be disto`de
peel, to (+.2)     kaawa...
pemmican (jerky) "meat pounded" ($.2)     wiidyo` titi`h-re
penis (#.4)     e`ya_
people (&.1)     ye_`ye
people present, now ($.3)     ye_ k>
people who never die (%.4)      yenwaha`ri    (angels?,  spirits?)
people; family; folk; kin (%.5)
people; indian  (#.1)     iiye_ ye_
people; indians (#.2)     niya ,  niye,  nie,  ye
perch "fish wide" (animal)($.2)     yiiwehe`
perhaps he digs (+.2)
perhaps; maybe (#.4)     o_`-tce`
persimmon (Diospyros virginiana.plant)(&.2)     edree_`
persimmon (plant)     yedere`'
person ;male (#.1)(&.1)(%.4)     ye_
pick at, to (woodpecker like)(+.3)     tcutcu`s-re
pick up he (@.1)      dura`'re
pick up, he (+.1)     dura'
pick up, he (@.1)     dura`'
pick up, i (+.1)     duna'
pick up, i (@.1)     tcuna`'
pick up, some i (@.1)
pick up, they (+.1)     dura'
pick up, they (@.1)     yura`'
pick up, to ;to take in the hand (+.1)     dura'
pick up, we (+.1)     duha'
pick up, we (@.1)     yuha`'
pick up, you (+.1)     duya'
pick up, you (@.1)     yuya`'
pick up, you all (+.1)     duwa'
pick up, you all (@.1)     yuwa`'
picture, soul, shadow, spirit ($.1)     hii_da`'
picture; soul; shadow (@.1)
pierce, to; stick (&.1)
pig; hog (animal)($.7)
pigeon, passenger (animal)($.2)
pimple (+.3)     ye hak pi`s ni`mitnimit'ha
pimple (on human skin) (+.3)     nimit imit ha ye` pis
pinch each other, to (+.3)     etko intcire
pinch myself, i (+.3)     dehak tci`tci`re
pinch somebody on the arm, i (+.3)     i`ksa yee tcetcire`
pinched, i am (get) (+.3)     di tcire`
pine (plant)(#.4)     itcwe`
pine (plant)(&.2)     -tcuwe  (cedar?)
pine (plant)(+.5)     itciwe`'
pine resin ($.2)     itcipa`', "pine fat (rich) very" i`tciiwe nu_`wiitcu`re
pine tree (plant)($.3)     itawa
pine, chewed ; resin (&.2)
pine, long leaf (Pinus palustris.plant)(&.2)     -tcuwe nu_`re  "pine fat (rich)"
pine-tree (sand?) (plant)(%.3)     eutaw
pipe (#.4)     wa`mesu`
pipe (%.5)     w>misu`'
pipe (@.1)     wamesu`h
pipe the four stemmed (@.1)     wamesu`h ki_ tusa` paa`pre
pipe, stem (%.5)     w>misu`'tusa
pipes ?, am i making (#.4)
pipes, i am making (#.4)
place (@.1)(arrange/position)     ba`k
place, he into (@.1)
plank crushing fall trap "wood flat mashing" ($.2)     y>pite_` tii`h-re
plant "blossuming medicine" ($.4)     wi`ti si_w>re
plant type of  (Salvia lyrata)($.4)     do`pa si`ri`here
plant type of (Prunella vulgaris)(plant) ($.4)     waswa`_ w-ti`w>re
plant unknown($.4)"opossumear" w>k duksu`'h-re,"fourthemedicine"pa`rp-re wii_tiikii_`ya 
plant, type of  (&.2)     wi_tiware`
plant, type of (&.4)     wiiti si_w>re  "blossoming medicine"
plant, type of (Cucurbita pepo.plant)(&.2)     wa`taphanu_`'  "pumpkin seeds"
plant, type of (Erigeron ramasus.plant)(&.4)     haastu`k
plant, type of (Glycera obtusa.plant)(&.2)     isda` w>rup wii`ti  "backache medicine"
plant, type of (Hypoxis hirsuta.plant)(&.4)i_yab w>p(w>rop) krii_here "good for toothache"
plant, type of (Oenothera fruticosa.plant)(&.4)     serak w>ru`we`
plant, type of (Parthenium integrifolium.plant)(&.4)     wits>gua_i sk>mpatcii'a
plant, type of (Prunella vulgaris.plant)(&.4)     waaswa_` weetiiw>re
plant, type of (Salvia lyrata.plant)(&.4)     doopa siigriihere
plant, type of (Senecio smallii(?).plant)(&.4)     iteew>rap weetere
plant, type of(Asclepias tuberosa. plant)(&.2)     t-p-n-ne_`' wii_ti(re)  "butterfly medicine"
plant,type(Arnica acaulisplant)(&.4)isdaw>r>phere weetikrii_are"itsgoodmed.forbackache"
play ! (you)(#.4)     wasui`
play games, i want to (&.5)
play, he will (F)(#.4)     awoka suitc here`
play, i (#.4)     i`sowe  ,  isowe`
play, i shall (F)(#.4)     dasui` retcde
play, something I (&.5)     
play, they (#.4)     wasowitcnu ,  iakanehe(r)
play, they will (F)(#.4)     wewe(r) wasuiretcn-do`
play, we (#.4)     hasuire
play, we shall (F)(#.4)     hiakaneasuitchere`
play, you (#.4)     awoka hisuide
play, you all (#.4)     wasowitcnu
play, you all will (F)(#.4)     wiakanehe wasuitcretcn-do`
play, you will (F)(#.4)     wasui retcne
played, he has (P)(#.4)     yasui_ tado
played, i have (P)(#.4)     dasui_ tare`
played, they have (P)(#.4)     iakan-he suitc here`
played, we have (P)(#.4)     dowoka hasuitc
played, you all have (P)(#.4)     heakan-he(r)
played, you have (P)(#.4)     dapai_' suide
plays (&.5)     yusuwi`
plays, he (#.4)     hisuide
plenty; enough (#.4)
plum (plant)(#.4)     tcikne`
plum (Prunus ameridana.plant)(&.2)     turii`tcine`  "fruit bitter"
plum fruit (plant)(#.4)     tri tcikne`
poison "? wild" ($.2)     wii`suri
poke berry red  (plant)(+.3)     si`ka_ warete_` wire
pop; popgun(&.5)     ta`'ha
popgun (game/toy)(&.5)     wa_`sa ta`'ha  "cane pop"
poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera.plant) (&.2)     y>p s-ke_`  "tree red"
possum haw (Polystichum acrostichoides.plant)(&.2)     turo` hita`  "fruit sour"
pot (&.1))@.1)     itu`s
pot (@.4)     itus "pot drum"
pot drum ($.1)     tus kehe_`',  tus ka`h-re  "pot striking"
pot drum (&.1)     iitu`s...
potatoe (plant)(#.4)     witeke`
pound, to ($.6)     himi'
pour, to (&.1)     mutce_`(re)
pray (@.1)     wa`riwe nida`re ya`were  "talk with god"
preach he (@.1)     yaps-nda`tare
present (&.3)     y>
present; now (#.1)
pretty (#.4)     to(r)h-re`
pretty (@.1)     b-ri`
pretty well (I am)(#.4)     konehede`
printed matter (paper?)(+.3)     isa`kuri`
prostitute (+.3)     ya` nepumurikire`
pull up (motion towards body)(@.1)     s-re`t
pull up we (@.1)     s-re`ta`awe
pull, to (+.1)     dutce_'
pumpkin (plant)(%.4)     waa`tap
pumpkin (plant)(+.3)     wata`b
pumpkin, dried (plant)(+.3)     wata`b yire
purpose of hitting, for the (+.3)
put (@.1)     mab-ra`x
put, i (*.5)     ke`s-re
put, we (%.3)     
putting, down in (I) (*.5)