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Contravene formed in the fall of 1999 and disbanded on August 21, 2005 after our final show with Resist and Exist @ the Showcase Theatre. We were an anarcho/peacepunk band with metal influences and political lyrics. We shared strong beliefs about equality, animal rights and (still are) strongly anti-racist/anti-homophobic. Even though there was a lot of negativity in our lyrics, since most of them were about problems and concerns that affect most of us on earth on some level, we hope that becoming aware of these subjects allows people to make changes in their own lives to help improve conditions for everyone, to increase solidarity among one another and to make the world a better place. Thank you to all the people who touched our lives over the years - people who gave us places to stay while on tour, booked shows for us, cooked us food, listened to our records, wrote us inspiring letters, came to our shows and who were/are our friends - we love you and will never forget. Thanks for everything! Love, Contravene

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"The Ways of Oppression" Full Discography

"the ways of oppression" is a 29 track, full discography release compiling all of our releases from 1995 - 2005 onto one release.

the limited edition 2xCD version is now currently SOLD OUT!

the digital download version is still available through our Bandcamp Site for $3

For more information on this release click here.

Webpage redesigned and updated

a complete overhall/redesign of the webpage has been done. A few things are still being finished up (getting all the lyrics, reviews and such posted up for all the releases) but the majority of the work is done. When time permits we'll be uploading a bunch of pictures, making some of the out of print releases available for free download off of here, as well as, hopefully, getting some videos posted up.

Contravene s/t 7" Repressed

the first Contravene 7" has been repressed by Feast of Freedom Records and is available now. 800 copies were pressed on clear vinyl and 200 on red. To order or for more info click here