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Testimonials from Students


Student Testimonials

WARNING you will never look at anything the same again!
Ann’s commitment and excitement for photography is contagious; her teaching style gives you both the confidence and inspiration to use your camera and creativity to their full potential. The course is structured in a practical easy to follow sense, with each subject leading on to the next. After each class you are left with the excitement of putting what you have just learnt into practice and the anticipation of what the next class will bring. Ann makes sense of all the technical facets and isn’t afraid to share trade secrets, giving you the key components to put into action.
I was another one of those with a SLR camera, all the tools and functions at my fingertips and never venturing away from the automatic mode. Now I have a whole new exciting world at my fingertips!

Syke Rettke - Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course - 2003]

This course provided a great insight into basic knowledge in photography as well as helpful guidance and insider advice. Ann’s course has given me a great headstart in this field and has given me the confidence to continue my pursuit in a career in photography. I found the classes easy to follow and understand, and enjoyed learning in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Thanks Ann, for a fun & informative course, I hope to see you at another course in the coming months.

Monique Clews -Sarina
[6 week General SLR Photography Course - 2003]

Had a great time learning how to be in charge of my camera. Every lesson was as important as the other and kept it interesting. Haven’t got a bad word to say . FAB.. I’m excited about my photography now. Cheers Ann

Joanne Barby - Sarina
[6 week General SLR Photography Course - 2003]

Great 6 weeks, lots of fun, very well presented!! I will and have been recommending to my friends – Thanks Ann

Tracy Pirie - Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course - 2003]

Informative, easy to understand, fun! I would recommend this course to anyone with even a slight interest in photography. Inspirational and motivational.

Lauren Dionysius - Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course - 2003]

Course met and surpassed all expectations, have been interested in Photography, but now have a renewed interest to go into it further. All subjects were quite easy to understand as they were explained very well. I have a better understanding of my camera and can finally utilize all the additions I’ve had sitting in a cupboard [Flash, tripod and 100-300mm lens]

Lisa Sawyer Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course]

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. It was great to learn so much – great value. Would have loved to have the course go for longer, though I now will continue to click, click, click and learn learn learn. I feel confident I will be able to take the next step in photography and benefit from my hobby professionaly. Very informative and very much fun.

Carleen Hargreaves, Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course]

When I first called Ann I had already done another photographic course prior. I found that course didn’t help very much. But my passion to keep talking Photos made me call Ann. After doing this course my best comment of it was I wished I had done this one first. I did gain a lot from it and now have a much better understanding of the Magic of Photography. I found Ann’s approach to the course light hearted but also very disciplined. Thanks Ann

Steven Jenner, Mackay - student of 2002
[6 week General SLR Photography Course]

The SLR course was very beneficial for me, I learnt what the buttons on my camera meant and how to achieve the best results when taking a photo. My photography ability has definitely improved though I hope I can improve even more with more practice and hopefully get into Wedding and Studio photography. Thank you for the past 6 weeks of very informative information that I have benefited from extensively…Thanks

Carissa Russell, Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course]

Excellent course – great range of information. Learnt more in 6 weeks than in 6 years!. Hands on and experiential learning included. I would certainly recommend this course.

Sue Kiemann, Mackay
[6 week General SLR Photography Course & 6 week Darkroom Course]

Hi to future students and other camera enthusiasts,
The SLR photographic and Dark Room courses were instrumental in opening my own creative 'lens'. I found the programs both informative and practical. Both courses were offered in a way that utilised all learning modes - listening, seeing and TOUCHING. We even had assignments!!! NOT TOO DIFFICULT - to assist us integrate theory and practical work that we were learning each week. This is ideal learning - but you got out of it what you put in. Both Ann and Greg were extremely helpful and there was always smiles when questions were asked and information sought. In addition to the programs, Ann was and continues to be a never ending source of information and is happy to share, not only information about how to take a great piccy, but also on product choices and ranges and how to use them.
At last, for me, the mystery of photography is being unveiled. And, the pleasure and pride I feel when others comment on my photography is enlightening. I can't wait to see what Ann has to offer in 2002

Lorraine Meech, Mackay - student of 2001
[6 week General SLR Photography Course & 6 week Darkroom Course]

Much better than the TAFE course I previously did.
Good size class, good class location, great information to take home and great to be able to purchase things we are told about and excited about.
I had a great time!

Gina Taulani – Mackay [6 week General SLR Photography Course]

I believe I have learnt so much on chosing film and looking at what you are taking. I feel that I know my camera a little better now and in time with practice will be able to control it a lot better instead of it controlling me. I had a great time, even though sometimes it felt like I didn’t grasp it, it seems to come together when you relax a litte and have fun....Thanks Ann

Lisa Singelton – Mackay [ 6 week General SLR Photography Course]

Fast, but very informative and thorough. Learnt a good deal from the Photography Course, then was blown away with the Darkroom Course.
Very rewarding Thank YOU!

Colin Austerberry – Mackay [Weekend Three Day Intensive Photography & Darkroom Course]

A great course!!! Just what I needed for that boost in my photographic education. I now definitely have a better understanding of how to use my camera and take advantages of all its functions.
Ann is a great Photographics teacher with a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed the course and I believe that it has certainly extended my horizons.
Thank you very much Auz Vizions.

Jake Docker – Clermont [Weekend Three Day Intensive Photography & Darkroom Course]

I'm a student (both SLR and Darkroom courses), and can I just say that anyone who ever says "one day I'd like to learn more about photography..." DO IT NOW! You will not regret it and you could not find a better course or instructor for that matter.

Simone Dingle - Mackay [SLR Course & Darkroom 12 week Course]

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the SLR Course. Ann, you showed understanding with your teaching and you were easy to listen to and understand.
I learnt a great deal and looked forward to going to classes every week. The classroom atmosphere and the company of other students was happy and relaxed.
I would also like to thank you Greg, for your patience and the use of your camera when I commenced the course and to Ann for you help, when I was purchasing my new camera. I highly recommend this course to other photographically minded people

John Rucker – Sarina [SLR Course & Darkroom 12 week Course]

Extremely a great learning experience. I have really learnt a lot. I can now buy my photography magazines and know exactly what they are talking about. I am very glad I have carried on with the darkroom course after the photography as it just tops off everything you learn in the SLR course. I have gotten books out of the library before, to try and learn a little bit, but could never understand it. I now known what it all means. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in SLR and Darkroom.

Kellie Cherry – Sarina [SLR Course & Darkroom 12 week Course]

I had a great time! It was so much fun. It’s a great feeling when you do your own film and develop the print yourself. This was a cool course to do and if you were ever thinking of doing a course on Photography or Darkroom – this would be the best to do. I learnt so much in this 12 week Photography & Darkroom course and I would love to go on and do other courses.

Mirrian Ebner – Alligator Creek [12 week General Photography & Darkroom Course]

This Photography course has been very interesting and fun, I have learnt so much also I’d like to learn more in the future in the darkroom. Thanks a lot Ann. I am looking forward to taking photos in the studio.

Joyce Ebner – Alligator Creek [6 week General Photography Course]

Great course! Very dedicated and thorough instructing in all facets i.e. taking the shots all the way through to developing & printing. Ann has been so helpful and has taught me in such a way that makes me think for myself first, with her guidance when necessary. Thanks for ‘developing’ my love of photography

Simone Dingle – Mackay [6 week Darkroom Course]

The Darkroom course has been an eye opener, learning about the enlarger, chemicals, film processing, printing and the contents of a darkroom. Looking forward to be able to go further with future courses. Thank you Ann, good stuff.

Joyce Ebner – Alligator Creek [6 week Darkroom Course]

I enjoyed doing the darkroom course and seeing the difference in photos taken in B&W. It certainly adds to a different perspective and lends to creativity using different effects with shadows, lights and filters. It has enhanced my creativity and artistic talents/ability because I am now looking at objects and thinking/seeing how I could arrange them in a creative way to make an interesting photo. I can now appreciate the preciseness of using chemicals in the darkroom to develop film. Ann thank you very much

John Rucker – Sarina [6 week Darkroom Course]

Really good info. Enjoyed doing photos by using B&W negatives. For anyone who wants to do Photography – you should do a darkroom course. Now it’s on to do the General Photography course to get more info! I enjoyed the practical more than the theory but everything was still informative and enjoyable.

Denise Gray – Mackay [6 week Darkroom Course]

It was awesome! I loved learning about the darkroom. It is fun and B&W photography has so much emotion in it. It is easier to show what you feel when you look at the scene in your photos. I can’t wait to for the other half of my course [general photography] I can’t wait to practice all my new knowledge at school in our darkroom. (Once I get it all set up with chemicals & paper etc}

Erin Gallant – Mackay [6 week Darkroom Course]

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